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Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
Last Friends to hit the Big Screen

Osaka Sports reported that the decision to make a movie-version of popular J-Dorama "Last Friends" has been made! The dorama's themes are concerned with modern-day social problems like child abuse, domestic violence and homosexuality, and started out with a viewer's rating of 13.9% (for the first episode) and peaked at 20.7% in the second-last episode last week, pulling ahead of KimuTaku's CHANGE. (The last episode airs tonight.)

Related personnel commented that "nobody had thought that Last Friends would be able to rake in higher viewer's ratings than KimuTaku's CHANGE. Although the 19th (of June) was meant to be the last episode, we suddenly had a phone call asking us to add on a special episode/version of Last Friends, in the way that KimuTaku's HERO was made into a movie."

Apparently plans for the movie are already underway. Following in the steps of "Journey to the West" and "HERO", it's been said that the transition from the small-screen to the big-screen has rarely seen failure.

source: Entame
translations: myfirstgossipblog

thanks to asianfanatics.net
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Posted 6/20/08
I think you accidently made two of the same thread lol :P
But it sounds interesting
Posted 6/20/08
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