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31 / F / In the Snow Queen...
Posted 6/20/08
You are so melodramatic
a King of your own drama
A servant to your pain
a slave to your fears
a corpse all the same

You assume for what you don't know
Always expecting the worst
never giving in to rest
always stuck in some kind of sorrow

You condemn all around you
So you wont have to feel
So you wont have to see
The face that is real

You condemn all the world
But in truth you want to hurl
All that is real
All that is you

For your thoughts
Are a reflection
A reflection of you
Of a past that you would forget
Of a past to be forgotten

Your Words of disdain
Aren't for the world
Aren't for a God
Aren't even for me
But the pain in those eyes
Are for those who have failed you
And those who have left you
Yet most of all for you
And what you see as your failings

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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 6/20/08
Really really nice
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25 / Neptune.
Posted 6/24/08
Very nice. Good poem.
Posted 6/27/08
great job, great poem. =)
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