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Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
Project Coordinator: mgfcortez
Timing & Redubbing: mgfcortez
Translator: MissJade
Translator: Yuen
Translator & Timing: Flick

my Translator named me as Project Coordinator
i don't know if i feel right being called the lead man tho

anyway to the point the story how this started i've been wanting to see this show forever.
first i started looking for English Subs like anyone then for years i wanted to make Subs but me not knowing Chinese i had no hope until i could find a Translator.
well after many topics asking for a Translator's help that never got one
at D-Addicts i met my first Translator Flick in April she offered to help out some at first then became full on Translator for the Group thats when Sun WuKong Fan Subs was born
heres the topic where it started if you want to
(i kinda feel like i'm telling the story of Journey to the west itself just change Translator to well i don't think i'd look right as the Tang monk even tho my head is shaved but so is Dicky's

well we went on working on the show and put a short part on youtube.
and i tried to post them here but the mods kept not approving so it had to wait until a full EP was ready
at the time we was working with the parts that are not too good crappy hardsubbed video.
then i found a guy by the name of AsianLove had posted the Vietnamese dvd rip.
i download the all the rips but afew were dead but he also had some of the dvd iso up too
now the rips looked great and they had no hardsubs burned into them, so i started editing the Cantonese audio to match the Vietnamese dvd it was some work at first but i've goten better at it.
but had to download the 7 dvd iso to get 13 and 14 because they were dead then i seen how much better the dvd version was from the rip
this almost killed me trying to download all the dvds they was missing files and they was only 10 out of 15 dvd.
so i gave up after a weeks of download them and look online where to buy them after looking all night i found a place and got them

anyway i found my 2nd Translator at too.
she posted on D-Addicts about a year before saying she wanted to Sub Journey to the west but no one wanted to help her(its hard finding help sometimes i know it took years for me )
well because it was the same user name i pm her telling her we was Subbing the show and ask if she wanted to still Sub it.
she was very happy to help
she really helped to speed up our work she being such a big fan of the show and without her we couldn't have Subbed the end it being Vietnamese audio only
really wish it was canto tho but its still cool to see delete stuff
went on a little longer i got so into it but waiting for the Translated part to get to me was killing me so i even made an fan English dub that i upload to youtube some ppl liked and others hated to kill
then a guy that is a big fan of ours (afro monkey) said his friend would love to help.
thats when i got Yuen she's a big JTTW fan and knows so much about it.
and afro monkey will be making spanish subs for ppl who need them
well thats how Sun WuKong Fan Subs came about, we still have a long Journey to go thro the 29 EP left.
hopefully we'll start on Journey to the west vol 2 when we get done with the 1st vol.

i just want to thank my great Translators!!
there like the air without it this would all just die and be forgotten.
heres our website
you can check it for news on the next EP and theres a download for EP1 its high quality unlike the online 320X240 video.
but thats what you get online
i know thats what youtube does unless cruchyroll can do a bigger screen size?
thats what i uploaded trying to get it too look as good as it can here i always hated the way the converter did the sound too.
so the less they have to encode the better
anyway be cool and thanks for all of your good comments on the video so far
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Posted 6/28/08
erm i can help translating! haha but may i noe wat the language for the raw version?
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Posted 7/13/08
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Posted 7/14/08
i can help with the translating since this is cantonese language bit i might not be able to translate some lol
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22 / F / Canada
Posted 8/3/08
I might be able to help too, if you ever need back-up help :)

But I can only translate Cantonese into English...Vietmese, Mandarin..I can't do..
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M / Singapore Woodland
Posted 8/4/08
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24 / F / California, USA
Posted 8/11/08
i can translate [;
if the original is cantonese or mandarin xP
and i can translate it to english
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Posted 8/12/08
Yup. Over here too.
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40 / M / mississippi
Posted 8/27/08
wow gone for a little while and all kind of ppl want to help Translate
sure all are welcome to help i
pm me your email and you can get with my other Translators and see what you all need to work on next.
its alot of work tho,1st the Translating then you all check each others work then i get to time it and after all that we have an EP subbed and online^_^
be cool
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34 / M / philippines
Posted 11/15/08
i can help too...i can help on waiting and watching it after youve done the good job...hehehe.. just kidding...i really like to help..but i dont know what to offer you filipino and i dont understand canto...its better if the audio is in english i can translate it in TAGALOG..LOL
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