"Bokura no Yuuki - Miman Toshi" is hot!
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plus; it's got a young teenaged Matsumoto Jun in it.

also Hosho Mai.

what more do you need?

what do Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans; Greensburg, Kansas; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa; have in common?

watch "Bokura no Yuuki - Miman Toshi" and find out.

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It's a drama?
Please make the first post more explanatory of the thread topic next time.

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okay, it's a live movie. plz xcuse my ignorance, but is that what you call a 'drama'? a live movie? a multi-episode j-drama.

these teenagers get isolated when a 'meteor' (or whatever it is) lands in a major j-city. a microbe is released that only kills adults. the j-gov. walls off the surviving kids and teenagers, does a news cover-up and tells the rest of japan it's an earthquake and no survivoers, and gives the teens insufficient rations. the teens are left to more or less cope on their own and fend for themselves in what looks like a sprawling warehouse dock facility and are not allowed out. shades of 'Lord of the Flies', but not totally.

you know that once you get a good plot, everything after that depends on how the movie is done. i wouldn't rave about it if they did not do a great job.

images of teens in street clothes facing off lines of army goons in gas masks with automatic weapons, guard towers, container ship cargo containers stacked haphazardly in this really huge harborside concrete parking lot, with one or two abandoned buildings. confrontations, brainstorm sessions of the kids, hopeless obstacles, shifting alliances, truth-seeking. people listening to other people's lies and then telling them the truth about themselves to their face and urging them to get real and asking why they act so dumb. great musical score too. i didn't mean to write a long review, but you asked what it's about. outside friends wanting to sneak in. others wanting to break out. adults who get exposed to the kids inside the quarantined area are history.

the kids are always taking a wrong slant to protest their treatment by the goon squads of army guys guarding the outside perimeter wall. visible a mile or two across the bay is the main part of the city where 'normal life' goes on, oblivious to their predicament.

does this remind you of anything vaguely familiar? like maybe, new orleans, or greensburg, or cedar rapids, iowa?

look, if i posted all this in my first post, someone would say, "too long". long posts tend to put people off. short posts that give hints get their curiosity going. then i come back and if anybody is interested, i tell a little more. so i did that here. but no spoilers of course. i think you should just check it out. i've seen a lot of losers, esp. from hollywood. i wouldn't say it's hot if it wasn't.
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luks interesting.
i mite watch it.
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I don't suppose that microbe is contagious right? or else the army and the government wouldn't exist either lol.. This wouldn't be the sort of thing I'd watch voluntarily but since you recommended it I'll give it a shot
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haha I found this like 4 months ago. I haven't watched it yet. But it vaguely reminds me of a show I watched when I was young (The Tribe xDD this like... very strange show ;DD rofl). But yeah, chibi Jun, adorable ♥
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