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24 / F / Turn around, see...
Posted 9/27/08

Fruitspunchsamurai wrote:

We know THAT but what reason would Gintoki be "the guy who has the most reasons to hate this world" have those reasons and what happened that Shouyou sensei was OOOOO (I know but I'm not telling...) I think that the anime/manga should explain more. We know the Shinsengumi character's backstory but we've only just grazed the actual iceburg that is the Joi Shishi story to me. and I mean Gintoki the main character, and Takasugi the main villain and naturally my story... D*mn those no spilling intelligence lawsuits! People are craving a backstory and no amount of speculation by our fans is getting any more sane...(Curse the Yaoi fanfictions...) I told Gintoki that we SHOULD but he was like "Why should a man discuss anything about a shadowy past when he's too busy living in the now? I'm the main character, so I say we let them sweat!" Sometimes I just don't understand that tennen perm baka!

So when will we find out about Gintoki's sensei? Has it already been aired in the anime? and if so what episode? (I don't care if it's raw) or is it just in the manga? Or are you just lying in attempt to make us think something interesting will happen?
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 9/28/08
that would be so awesome!! i'll finally see them fight while covered w/ bloods..and i might know why takasugi became the major antagonist of this anime.
Posted 10/7/08
yeah ofcourse =D then we can see the beast from shiroyasha and the beast from takasugi XD
Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/7/08
Look Hijikata vs okita I think hijikata will win since once he kicked his ass with a wooden stick and when he was small he kicked his ass all the time
Posted 10/16/08
That would be awesome!
First I'd like to see Gin-chan as a litto chibi kid.
Then see how he grows up and end up fighting in the war.
Man, those Amanto War fight scenes in the OPs and EDs were so cool!
Gintoki looked absolutely savage all covered in blood and surrounded by corpses.
I bet the battle scenes would be epic. They said that Gin-chan's name once struck fear in the hearts of every Amanto.
Who wouldn't wanna see that?
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32 / M / from southeast no...
Posted 3/27/09
and witness the power of Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon
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