Summer of Sakura
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Sakura Mikan, the only perfection of all Japan, maybe even internationally. She can do just about anything, anything that doesn't include emotions that is. Everyone thinks alices are just threatening show-offs to the world, but knowing their perfect little angel Sakura Mikan was an alice herself just about changes everything on that thought. She takes classes at Gakuen Alice, a school just for people with alices. Aside from Gakuen Alice, she's everything ANYONE wants to be. She can play more than enough instruments, she can play just about every other sport, she dresses in a cool but high-mannered way, and her knowledge is way beyond genius. Being the top student, the perfect girl, the one role model, she's truly not that nice, at all.
I mean sure, she helps an old lady with her groceries and to cross the street, but to be a bubbly and outgoing girl, don't think so. Beside being an everything girl, she has other elements that can be unbelievable. She is an elite archer and she can fight cleanly with her collection of swords. At one time, she can be as calm as a burning candle. At other times, she can be ferocious and not something to be near.
To receive compliments at every angle and to know everybody admires you, you would definitely smile, won't you? Well, with our little Mikan here, that's a different story. She won't even crack a mini smile on her own birthday! She remains straight in the back, stoic face, and an aura that changes once in a while. Not only was she a perfect goddess in Japan, she's the coolest one of Japan.
Over so many years, she's only warmed up to only three girls in her lifetime. That would be Anna Umenomiya, Nonoko Ogasawara, and Hotaru Imai. Anna and Nonoko were like sisters and they had just about every hope in the world to turn Sakura Mikan into a girly girl, despite the fact that was nearly impossible. Hotaru Imai was one of Sakura's kind. Knowing just about everything yet keeping herself as emotionless as ever. Only Hotaru knew Mikan's past, since they were childhood friends.
After months of trying, Anna and Nonoko finally persuaded Mikan and Hotaru to go to the upcoming concert of a famous band. With Anna and Nonoko talking about how the leader of the band was completely out of the universe hot, Mikan and Hotaru was dragged to the concert. A concert that might just change everything...
Nobody would really expect the great Sakura Mikan at a concert with screaming girls and loud music. Can the leader, a cool and a playboy who usually have the woman come to him rather than him going on them, lay his eyes on Sakura Mikan herself? After a sneaky setup by the one and only Anna, Nonoko, and Hotaru to get Mikan up on stage with him, it was as if Mikan's light had appeared.
Who would've known that the great band would come to Gakuen Alice in search for her? And who would've known Hotaru Imai could set up Sakura Mikan's planned private summer vacation with her friends with the famous band?
Just about every sane person in the universe would know the famous leader of his band was a total playboy. Everyone knew, but who cared. The women just draped over him as the men were burning with envy. Living in the same house, especially one of the great Sakura Mikan's, was no problem. To Sakura Mikan it was no big deal. She's dealt with playboys before and she didn't give a crap about them. With this one guy, it was way different. After nonstop moaning from next door at every minute and a different girl every hour, she was going to beat the shit out of this guy soon.
With his eyes laid on the only perfect girl, Sakura's best friends morphed her into one heck of a dreamland. With the women switcharoos and lust-filled gazes everywhere of masculine company, she has to keep her picture and remain cool. Now can she do that in a house with a playboy and her devilish friends OR will her image die out and she'll be with the heck of a playboy?
Summer of Sakura – Prologue
Characters –
Sakura Mikan – Female
Birthday – January 1
Horoscope – Capricorn
Age – 15 going on 16
Alice(s) – Nullification and SEC (Stealing, Erase, Copy)
Alice Stone – Mandarin Orange

Imai Hotaru – Female
Birthday – October 25
Horoscope – Scorpio
Age – 15 turning 16
Alice(s) – Invention
Alice Stone – Purple

Hyuuga Natsume – Male
Birthday – November 27
Horoscope – Sagittarius
Age - 16
Alice(s) – Fire
Alice Stone – Red

Nogi Ruka – Male
Birthday – March 6
Horoscope – Pisces
Age - 16
Alice(s) – Animal Pheromone
Alice Stone – Milk White
School – Gakuen Alice
Uniform – white blouse underneath a black jacket, a black skirt, and black boots

Summer of Sakura – Chapter 1
“SHE’S COMING!” somebody screamed at the end of the corridor.
Everybody scrammed away from the middle.
They treated their goddess Sakura Mikan and her gang with full respect, even if they don’t give some back.
Just as the kid said, Mikan and her crew turned the corner.
They were all sparkling with godly light and they just seemed flawless and perfect.
Mikan, the leader and the most perfect of them all, was up front. She was a tough girl to crack if you’re not her close friend. She was said to be the best of everything and everyone that was best.
Being a girl that can practically do anything, she’s the one they look up to.
Everyone gazed upon the great Mikan.
THE Mikan, with her beautiful self and intelligent mind and everything perfect.
The next one in line would be the great Imai Hotaru.
Hotaru, known as the money maker, money lover, ice queen, and the great blackmailer, was Mikan’s best friend. She’s always as emotionless as ever, and that’s what makes her up to standards for Mikan.
Then, it came to Anna Umenomiya and Nonoko Ogasawara. Anna, being the pink haired girl, has the cooking alice and Nonoko, being the midnight blue haired girl, has the chemistry alice. Being like sisters, they are the kindest of the crew and they both have bubbly attitudes towards just about everybody. Some people question how Mikan could befriend people like Anna and Nonoko when she’s the most silent and locked up person.
Well, it was actually Mikan who saved Anna and Nonoko from a few bullies in the alice grounds. Mikan, being the one who looked out for those she cared for, cared about Anna and Nonoko at first sight, because they were just kind and they don’t care if she’s popular or not. They just liked HER.
Mikan and her crew walked down the corridor, with Mikan up front leading the whole gang and having her perfectness, Hotaru just a little bit behind her side, and Anna and Nonoko behind Hotaru.
A certain seaweed haired girl mumbled in the crowd, “Who the hell does she think she is…it’s like she thinks we’re all just bull crap…what the hell is her problem…gosh…”
Mikan stopped dead in her tracks. She obviously heard what that girl said amongst the crowd.
Her glorious, hazel eyes scanned the crowd that looked at her.
Her eyes locked onto the one girl that could’ve said anything like that, Sumire Shouda.
Mikan copied the ice alice and shot a frozen icicle at Sumire’s hair.
It chopped off half of her ‘beautiful’ hair and made half her head nice and bald.
Mikan walked on ahead to Class B, still keeping her perfectness and emotionless face.
Class B
Mikan kicked down the door, revealing herself to the class.
Everyone immediately got up from their seats and bowed to her.
“Ohayo gozaimasu!” the class chorused.
Mikan remained silent and emotionless.
She walked over to her seat in the back and pulled out her cell phone.
Fiddling with her black Katana phone, she looked at the door, revealing her homeroom teacher, Narumi-sensei.
“Okay, class! How are we today? Now, it’s almost summer!”
The class exploded of whispers of excitement and summer plans.
Narumi-sensei calmed down the class and continued, “Which means! It’s almost your final term tests! Be prepared and study up!”
Narumi looked over at Mikan, winked over at her and left the room.
Mikan stood up with her friends and walked out of the room and said one last thing, “You heard the hag. Get prepared. You know I’m free for tutoring lessons. My dorm, sign up on the door.”
Mikan teleported her friends to her dorm room as the class flooded to her dorm room for lessons.
Mikan’s Special Star Dorm
Anna and Nonoko laid on Mikan’s bed reading the newest magazine she had on her bookshelf.
Hotaru were working on the lesson sheets for her best friend while Mikan was in the kitchen making cookies.
“Ne, Hotaru. How much should I charge this time? My efforts doubt my charging fees.”
Hotaru looked up from her laptop and stopped typing, “You should make one stars go free, two stars go twenty rabbits an hour, three stars go thirty rabbits an hour, and special stars, which I doubt will come to you for academic purposes, fifty rabbits for thirty minutes.”
Mikan scanned through everything Hotaru just said. It was true that special stars and some three stars don’t really come to her for academic purposes, but to fiddle with her for a while.
Mikan had set up a clipboard with pages of sign-up-for-lessons forms outside her door.
She walked out, grabbed the clipboard, and went back in.
Flipping over all the pages, all twenty pages were full of names.
“I really don’t feel like doing this business any more. I have six hundred customers!”
Anna and Nonoko looked at her like she was a crazy lunatic.
Nonoko was amazed. Mikan had gotten more and more popular.
There were little one and two stars, but plenty three and special stars on the list.
Anna said, “Someone must have told everybody that you do reading on the couch together with the customer and you give your best cookies to each customer…”
Mikan sighed with frustration. She absolutely hated people who take her for granted and not for the real reasons.
Mikan said, “God, what do they want from me? Do they want me to dress as a horny bunny when I open the door?”
Nonoko and Anna went up to her to soothe her stress.
“Come on Mikan. You can do it, without being a horny slut. I’m sure this’ll work out well. Just for protection, we three will be here to keep you in the green zone.”
Hotaru added, “Baka Cannon will be by my side…” –type type type-
Nonoko suggested, “Let’s all get down to lunch. I’m hungry already.”
Anna nodded as Hotaru shut off her portable laptop.
Mikan got up from her bed, stretched and started walking down to the cafeteria with her friends.
Mikan and her crew sat down at their usual table in the center of the cafeteria.
Anna and Nonoko said, “Uh…uh…Mikan-san? We bought tickets…to this concert of Solid BlackFire and we’re wondering if you’d come…?”
Mikan stared at her friends.
“No.” she said flatly.
“But Mikan-chan! We promise will be amazingly fun! Onegai! We really, really want to go, but it’s never fun without you! Please!”
“I said NO.”
“I thought you said you’d give everything a try and that you’d never back down! Now look at it! Please! Please!! Just go to this one concert and we promise we won’t bring up anything close to a concert ever again to your life after this. Please!”
It seemed like months of begging Mikan.
Anna and Nonoko now end up on their knees begging Mikan.
“Please…Mikan-chan! Please! Just this once!”
Mikan pitied her friends, to be humiliated in front of everyone just to get her to go to one concert.
Mikan sighed in defeat and grumbled, “Fine…”
Anna and Nonoko rose from the ground and screamed of joy.
Hotaru finished for her, “Anywhere Mikan goes, I go…”
Anna and Nonoko were happy the whole day for getting both their best friends to go to this one concert with them.

Summer of Sakura – Chapter 2
And there went Mikan’s alarm clock.
Mikan was not really in bed, she was at her window seat, sleeping.
She was sleeping sitting up with her legs at a ninety degree angle. Her face was half shining by the open window and a glittery blue book open on her lap with the pages fluttering.
It had a denim covering with a glittered lily or two and a dragonfly. Its silver pages were beautifully lined with black, glittered flower or dragonfly designs near the edges.
There was a silver lock on it where Mikan’s necklace, which was a silver key with sapphires on it, matched. Mikan kept the key around her neck so she would be certain nobody would take a look at the private pages of her diary.
Her diary had more than enough pages for her adventures and thoughts in her lifetime. It was a gift from her long dead mother.
She started writing before her mother died, but that wasn’t long. Locking away all her thoughts, secrets, and pain, it was the only safe place for her own world.
Mikan’s hazel eyes shot up with the morning gentleness she had when she opened her eyes every morning.
She walked over to her alarm clock and clicked the button.
Walking into her closet for her uniform, she took a look at the diary at her window seat.
She grabbed her fresh and new uniform out, got dressed, and went over to her diary.
Locking it with her key, she put it away under her untouched bed.
She walked into the kitchen to cook herself breakfast, a waffle, fruit, yogurt, and a small cookie.
She walked out into her living room, ate breakfast, and set out for class.
Class B
Right when Mikan kicked down the new door, Anna and Nonoko shoved her concert ticket into her face.
Mikan stared at the concert ticket. It was a beige, ‘godly’ ticket that only five hundred students from Gakuen Alice could claim.
It had a picture of four band members.
Anna exclaimed, “Isn’t Hyuuga Natsume just so effing hot?!”
Nonoko nodded in agreement as Mikan stared at her friends with an emotionless face.
Sumire said, “You got your hands on the Solid BlackFire concert ticket?!”
Mikan nodded and stared right back at the ticket.
Sumire stomped her feet and said, “Even I didn’t get one!”
Mikan said plainly, “Good. I don’t need to see your stupid face there, Permy.”
Sumire’s eyes dropped big. “P-P-Permy?! Who are you calling Permy you…you…SLUT!”
Everyone dropped everything and stared at Permy and her crazy mouth.
Nonoko was first to speak, “Sl-slu-slut?! How dare you call our leader a slut! You’re the slut around here!”
Mikan motioned Nonoko to shut up. She kicked Sumire to one corner and started choking her.
Noticing a teacher’s presence near, she threw Sumire out the window.
“Business handled…”
Everyone admired her. Even when she’s violent, she can be so graceful!
Anna and Nonoko shifted towards her and said, “Concert is tomorrow. Dress nicely…”
Mikan nodded like nothing of Sumire happened.
Lunch Time
Mikan went with her crew to the cafeteria for lunch later in the day.
They went to their usual table, ate their lunches, and went back to class without Mikan. She had some planning to do.
In Mikan’s Dorm Room
Mikan looked at all her clothes. Deciding on her outfit, she wanted to write in her diary again, so she grabbed her diary from under her bed and went over to her window seat.
May, 5
Dear Diary,
It was just last night I wrote in this damn thing, but I’m bored so I decided to go for this…I’m still feeling the pain from haha-san’s death years before. Anna and Nonoko invited me to a band concert tomorrow. I’m really grateful to go, even if I didn’t show anything. I hope I can get out of this light sooner or later…it’s just killing me inside…with every ounce of flesh and happiness drained away from me…I don’t find the point of being cheery and nice anymore…Kami-san…help me…
I think I’ll write a little poem about my pain…I think it’ll calm me pain right now…
My silent tears drift
Ever so slowly down my face.
I’m facing the horror
And being alone is not all that great.
Being the one to have someone to die for
Being the one who wants to change time
I want to leap out of this darkness I’m faded in
To know I’m safe in one’s arms forever.
Until that day, I’ll be locked up everywhere
Waiting for that one day
I’ll find the safety and love I needed long ago
Right now
As I cry my silent tears as they cascade down my face,
I’ll face life and then destiny…
Yeah, that was just lame. What can I say? I stink at poetry. I think I’ll write in this later. Until then, I’ll just pray for Kami-san to help me out of this…
Mikan locked her diary with an emotional heart now.
Damn that poem…now it’s got me all worked up… She thought.
Mikan went to the bathroom and decided to braid her hair a little since it was way too straight for a rock band concert.
Knowing her hair will go in a zigzag pattern, she braided her soft, auburn hair.
She knew she looked beautiful with her side bangs now, happy to grow out of those bangs she had far back then.
About to go to sleep at her window seat instead of her bed again, she heard a loud rustling sound outside her big window.
Mikan slowly walked over to her window, feeling a little bit frightened in the inside.
Trying to take a look outside the window from afar, a sudden dude crashed right through her window and collapsed right on top of her.
Mikan, taken aback with widened eyes, looked up to see a guy staring right back down at her.
She slowly shifted away from under him with some help of her elbows and slender legs.
“If you’d get off me now…?” Mikan said.
The boy just stared at her, as if he didn’t know what the heck she just said.
His crimson eyes were full of anger and darkness as they stared right at Mikan’s gentle and emotionless hazel eyes.
Without any cooperation, Mikan got up, dusted off her clothes, and started walking away.
With any hesitation, the guy took hold of Mikan’s wrist.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Let go of my wrist…”
“Tch…why should I…”
Mikan stared at the guy. “Um…hello? You already broke my window; I don’t need a stupid guy to break my wrist.”
“So what if I broke your wrist? We can still go into that bed of yours, can’t we…”
Mikan looked at him with a plain face. “In your dreams faggot.”
A sudden meow was heard in Mikan’s dorm room.
Mikan scooped up a beautiful white kitten as it walked over to her.
The beautiful kitten had little cute red and white ribbons tied to her with bells at the ends.
The guy still held her wrist.
“Anytime…you can let go of my wrist…”
“No.” he replied flatly.
What the hell is this guy thinking…? Mikan thought.
“What is your name, ugly?” the guy asked.
Mikan replied, “First you break down my freaking window, and now you call me ugly…thanks a lot…and why should I tell you my name?”
“’Cause I want to know.”
“And you’re not going to get whatever you’d like every time in life…deal with it…”
“Tell me your name right now.”
“And why should I? To someone so arrogant and rude…I’ll just be wasting my breath. When you’re ready to leave, get out…I have some sleep to get on with…”
Mikan tore her wrist away as she went back to her window seat, used her repair alice to fix her broken window, and started sleeping.
Right when she closed her eyes, the guy’s voice woke her right up.
“You have an alice?” the boy asked.
“Yeah, yeah whatever…now leave me alone…I have a big day tomorrow…”
When Mikan drifted off to sleep, the boy left her alone for once.

Summer of Sakura – Chapter 3
Mikan’s eyes fluttered open as she awakened.
She looked around her room and saw a mess of glass shards on the floor from yesterday.
That stupid guy… Mikan thought.
She used her cleaning alice, cleaned the glass up, and went to the bathroom.
It was the weekend and also the concert day.
She unbraided her hair, used her curling iron a little bit, and went to take a quick shower.
When she came out, her hair was soaking wet and she was dripping with water.
Her braided marks disappeared and her hair was only a little bit curled up from the hot shower.
After drying herself and wrapping her hair in a towel, she went outside to her closet for her planned outfit.
She walked back to her bathroom and dried off her hair a bit, leaving it a bit wet, but not dripping water.
Walking into the bathroom, she dressed into a black, strapless dress that went mid-thigh, black patent leather boots, her favorite pair of white sunglasses, celestial hoops, and a fishnet arm warmer on her left arm.
She looked into the mirror. Wet hair and nice outfit. Good enough for a rock band concert, right?
She’d rather buy herself an iced mocha latte instead of a breakfast. She left food for her kitten, Eena and walked out the door with her black bag.
In the corridor, she dialed on her cell phone her friends to get to the entrance of the academy faster. She absolutely didn’t like waiting for her coffee, especially in the morning.
When she got to the entrance, they were huffing and puffing after their run to the entrance to not upset their leader.
Showing her pass, Mikan and the crew went out of the academy bounds for the day.
While walking towards the best bakery at all times, a black Ferrari pulled up by them.
There were about four or five guys in the car and they all whistled for their attention.
The four girls turned. Mikan twitched. She smelled trouble and she didn’t like it one bit.
The driver said, “You chicks want a ride anywhere? We can go through pride and glory into our rooms…what you say…”
Anna and Nonoko hugged each other as Hotaru and Mikan stood up front.
One guy in the back mumbled, “I like the brunette…she’s the hot one of them all…”
Mikan’s glare was about to melt off their car.
She held down Hotaru’s baka gun that was aimed at them and she walked over.
Seductively, she ran her hand over the drivers arm and tickling it with her long fingernails.
She can feel the hairs on the guy’s arm rise.
Quick as a violated cobra, she slapped right across his face, leaving a whole red mark and three scratch marks from her nails.
As she was walking back to her friends, all the guys of the car ran out and tried to run to her.
She turned her head around with a deadly aura.
“I dare you to TRY to touch us…” as she had an icicle in one hand and a fireball in the other.
The guys scrambled back to their car and drove away as Mikan and her crew continued walking towards the bakery for their coffee and breakfast.
Broad Light Café
The girls took seats by the windows in a cozy corner.
The waitress walked over and asked for their orders.
Mikan ordered her iced mocha latte, Hotaru ordered a dark cappuccino, and Anna and Nonoko both ordered a plate of chocolate chip cookies and French tea.
Anna and Nonoko were talking about how hot the leader of the band was when their breakfast came.
Having her drink and eating only one cookie, Mikan started dialing her phone.
Nonoko asked, “What are you doing, Mi-chan?”
Mikan held up her index finger at her as she talked through her phone.
Snapping her phone shut, she said, “I reserved us a special table at Parfait Créations. I thought we could just spend the night longer with a good dinner. If I waited another hour for reservations, they’d be already booked up.”
Anna clapped in excitement. Parfait Créations had the best food in all of Tokyo.
Mikan was still staring in thin air.
Nonoko called again, “Mikan?”
Mikan still wasn’t responding.
Mikan jumped a little and said, “What? Sorry…I was spacing out for a second there…”
Anna asked, “What’s wrong with you? You’ve never spaced out in your lifetime!”
Mikan sighed and said, “Some dude crashed into my dorm yesterday through my window…I have no idea who he is and he kept asking for my name and grabbing my wrist…”
Nonoko said, “Weird people these days…so was he cute or what…?”
Anna looked at her with disgust as Mikan scoffed, “I don’t look at these “elements” Nonoko-chan…” Mikan used her fingers to make the quotation marks.
Slapping one hundred yen onto the table, Mikan and the three girls got up to leave for the concert.
Kitai Hall
The stage was really wide and tall that it towered everything.
Mikan, Hotaru, Nonoko, and Anna found seats up front and sat down.
Then, somebody near them yelled, “IT’S SAKURA MIKAN! SHE’S IN THE KITAI HALL WITH US!”
Mikan groaned and prepared herself for her fans.
You could hear cameras and cell phones going off as flashes of light flew throughout the room.
The lights suddenly dimmed as the concert started.
The Solid BlackFire band rose from the bottom of the stage as they were playing the instruments.
As the leader of the band came up with a guitar and mike, the crowd went wild.
Mikan nudged Hotaru and whispered to her, “That’s the dude that came into my room yesterday…”
Hotaru looked up at her with a surprised expression that lasted only three seconds, but she continued typing, faster than before.
The leader caught site of Mikan, smirked, and started whispering something to his band mate next to him.
They started playing through the concert and they crowd bopped to the music out of their seats.
When they were supposed to leave the concert, the band leader said, “We have a little surprise for you dudes and dudettes today! As a specialty from me, Hyuuga Natsume, and the band Solid BlackFire, we’re going to have a guest sing on stage from the crowd tonight!”
Mikan mumbled, “You’ve got to be kidding me…”
The Hyuuga Natsume on stage continued, “Whoever the light stops on must come on stage and sing for us…” he smirked slightly at Mikan.
The light started going around the crowd as the drummer started doing a drum roll.
Excitement washed over the crowd as the light shown over everyone.
It suddenly stopped…on Mikan!
Mikan felt like falling off a cliff right at that moment.
She heaved a sigh as the Natsume smirked and said, “Come up here chick…you’re up to sing…”
Mikan whimpered, “Hotaru…save me…”
Hotaru smiled slightly as if she’d really help, but all she really did was push Mikan up onto the stage.
Mikan remained stoic and poised when inside, she was about to kill the people in the crowd…and the light man…
The band mates looked at her from head to toe with perverted looks as the guys in the crowd just plain out fell in love with her.
THE Natsume Hyuuga bravely took Mikan by the waist next to him, making all the girls in the room turn to flames.
Mikan gave a quick glare to the leader and looked back at the crowd with an emotionless face.
THE Natsume Hyuuga (Yeah I know it’s getting annoying but just go with the flow…) gave her the mike as he pointed his index finger at his guitarist.
Solid BlackFire’s guitarist started playing the song ‘You’, a song that Sakura Mikan composed herself for the anime her father created, Shuffle! (A/N: The anime name has the exclamation point so I didn’t use that for special effects…)
The song went on as the band was amazed at her and the crowd went while.
When the song finished, Mikan rested her sunglasses on top of her forehead and gave a one in a lifetime smile to the crowd.
As Mikan walked over to THE Natsume Hyuuga to give back the mike, she mumbled to him, “Screw you…Hyuuga…”
Just as Mikan turned around to leave off the stage, THE Natsume Hyuuga took hold of her wrist, pulled her, making her turn right back around, and he crashed his lips to hers.
Everything felt like slow motion as the kiss went on and the crowd fell silent.
Mikan’s eyes showed surprise as she clenched her fists and slapped him hard on right across the face.
Mikan turned around quickly and ran off the stage, still as emotionless as ever.
Inside, she felt like she was just torn up and shattered.
They met for less than one hour and he could just have the courage to kiss her…in public!
Mikan sat back down in her seat, trying to bury herself.
Nonoko and Anna fell down beside her and tried to comfort her, they could absolutely feel the rage beneath her heart.
Mikan said through gritted teeth, “My reputation’s ruined by this…this…#&#&#&#!”
She didn’t scream it of course, but her friends were amazed at the foul language coming out of her mouth.
Mikan rose from her seat and ran out of the Kitai Hall as fast as she can, with murmurs following her out.
She thought, I can hear it now…the headlines would be ‘Great Sakura Mikan Gets A Crash Over!’ and the radios would be broadcasting such shame on me…gosh…
Mikan wanted to go back home and destroy herself from this horror-filled night and know it was only a nightmare.
When she reached into academy grounds, she was practically swarmed with curious students.
She climbed onto a tree and began jumping from tree to tree back to her dorm for a great deal of tearing up.

Summer of Sakura – Chapter 4
Mikan’s POV
What did I ever do to deserve such humiliation and pain…?
Have I done anything wrong…?
My dad hates me…my mom dies…
I can’t even have one decent thing for life…
I have no one to cherish me and I have no one to cherish for…
Life is meaningless now…what point is there to it?!
End of POV
Mikan had torn her whole dorm room into a billion shattered painful pieces.
She looked down at her fifteenth glass of Cocojito.
Drinking her favorite coconut rum makes her more violent and her alice will react even better.
Not even able to walk a straight line, she stood up from her bed and jumped out of her window to the Northern Forest.
We’re talking about the eighth floor here! She even brought her Cocojito with her!
Mikan walked through the deep forest with its creepy shadows and eerie sounds.
As she was going to take another step, she heard an abnormal rustle near her. It wasn’t a rustle caused by the wind at all…
“What do you want sensei…”
Persona came walking out between the trees.
“My Shiro Neko…you have another mission…”
Mikan gave a little evil smile. Turning and drinking her Cocojito, she asked, “Where and you know my usual question…”
“It’s at Kitai Hall. All four hundred and ninety nine of our students at there…only you escaped in time…”
A quick flash of Anna and Nonoko and Hotaru flashed through Mikan’s mind.
Persona went on, “There are about one thousand AAO agents there…all with alices you don’t have…yet…”
Mikan was gritting her teeth knowing her friends are all in danger.
She mumbled, “You know the drift…I have alcohol this time…I need my all time jewelry…”
She banged her glass on the tree stump next to her and fetched out her mask as Persona took out a duffle bag with all her jewelry.
She put on all her “accessories” and used her tracking alice to see where in Kitai Hall all her fellow classmates or admirers are located.
Mikan vanished.
Persona whispered in a creepy tone, “Gokouun o inorimasu…my Shiro Neko…”
Kitai Hall
Mikan appeared right in front of her three best friends.
Anna was just about to muffle out loudly but Mikan alerted her by kicking her.
They were chained up with thick, metal chains.
She used her magma alice and melted the metal off.
She told Anna and Nonoko to stay still in her nullification barrier as Hotaru followed her with her inventions.
Mikan and Hotaru peeked at the scenery.
There was a bunch of fighting going on in the beautiful hall.
She gestured Hotaru to protect the band as Mikan herself went to everybody to burn off their chains.
Feeling a presence behind her, she activated her fire alice on her hands are gave a rock solid punch to the man behind her.
A Few Moments Later
Everybody was unchained and Mikan was in the center of a whole army of AAO agents.
Suddenly, the ground underneath Mikan began cracking as her stealing alice came to its last stage.
A big flash of ice blue light engulfed everything and everyone.
Concentrating on only Kitai Hall so she won’t steal everybody’s alice in the universe, she felt her hands get heavy.
When the light started to fade, Mikan looked down at her hands to see herself holding many alice stones with many on the ground in piles.
She used her teleportation alice and transferred all the alice stones back to her dorm room.
“Tch…with no alices…how can you THINK you can defeat me…?”
Using her blood alice, she started draining all the AAO agents free of blood.
Everybody watched as they all went pale and dropped dead on the ground.
As Mikan started teleporting all the students back to the alice grounds, the door kicked open with a red haired man storming in.
Panicking as she knew who this one person is, she teleported all the students at once, a skill that will drain half of her energy.
Once every student was gone and the band was safe from the zone, Mikan was left in the room with guns pointed at her.
She tried teleporting herself, but it didn’t work. With all her alice energy, she was too much to teleport.
Dodging the first bullet coming at her, the second one went right through her right arm, and another missed her neck by a millimeter.
Trying her very best, knowing she’ll collapse immediately, she teleported herself back to alice grounds.
Alice Grounds
Mikan appeared and she fell flat on the ground with a bloody hand.
Hotaru, Anna, and Nonoko pushed through the crowd to see their leader on the floor with a whole blood puddle around her.
Narumi-sensei, Persona-sensei, Misaki-sensei, and Serina-sensei all came to get her to the hospital.
Due to Mikan’s use of alice energy, her mask cracked off.
Everybody was completely shocked to see it’s their great Mikan that saved them all, even if she was as bloody as hell.
The nurses and doctors had gotten the bullet out and bandaged her arm.
She was breathing really hard and sweating from using her alices too much.
Persona, knowing he was always armed, he popped a pill into Mikan’s mouth, making her recover.
Mikan’s breathing steadied and her sweating lessened.
She sat right up and stared at her arm.
Mikan asked, “How am I?”
“Well, you were quite bloody…”
Mikan clenched her fists and mumbled, “If I had just taken off all my jewelry and fight…I wouldn’t end up like this…”
Realizing she didn’t see her mask around she asked, “Where’s my cat mask?”
Narumi looked away and said, “It cracked off…”
Mikan grinned.
“Well that proves my alices are growing stronger by the second…I’ll need a better mask now…sensei…oh! I have all the alice stones in my room!”
Persona smiled. His best Shiro Neko was getting more and more powerful as he trained her.
Mikan hopped off her bed. She didn’t want to spend another second in that stupid hospital bed.
She headed towards her dorm room as the teachers went to their faculty room.
When she went inside, she immediately spotted the pile of alice stones.
After she absorbed the alice, she carefully put them into a collection box for safekeeping.
At midnight, she finally slept in her bed for the first time…
The Next Day
Mikan opened her eyes and did her usual morning routine.
Having only her basic alice-limiting earrings and bracelet on, she walked out the door and towards Class B.
In the Corridor
As Mikan was walking through the hallways in her newly done uniform, everybody was asking if she was okay and if she needed any help.
Trying to flee from the questions, she started walking faster to the classroom.
Class B
Being the admirers of the great leader, they were all worried to their deaths.
The new door was kicked down once again.
Mikan walked right over it like it was nothing and headed for her seat.
As Yura Otonashi, with the alice of divination, was about to ask about her, Mikan just said, “I’m fine.”
Nonoko, fleeing from something or somebody, came rushing through the door and grabbed Mikan’s right arm for protection.
Mikan winced in pain from her wound and looked down at Nonoko.
“Nono-chan…it hurts…like hell…”
Nonoko looked at what she was holding and flew back.
Mikan nodded slightly and went to her seat, trying to get her peace and quiet.
Narumi-sensei danced right through the door and was about to start the lesson as one of the students started fixing the door.
Halfway through the lesson, the door was right back in place and…
The door broke down AGAIN.
The kid who fixes the door yelled in frustration, “THAT’S IT! I’M NOT FIXING IT ANYMORE!”
Everybody looked at who was at the door, except Mikan and Hotaru.
The girls started screaming.
Mikan, who was napping, shot up and fell off her chair.
Every guy in the room rushed to Mikan and helped her up back to her seat.
The Solid BlackFire band leader demanded, “Where is Sakura Mikan.”
Everybody, including all the girls, looked over at Mikan.
Mikan, not caring who the fuck was at the door, got up from her seat and walked right out of the room.
What the fuck are they doing here…gosh… Mikan thought.

Summer of Sakura – Chapter 6
Mikan heard the band’s footsteps getting closer and closer to her as she was walking faster to her sakura tree.
Sakura Tree
Mikan climbed onto her sakura tree and sat on the sturdiest branch.
The band ran towards the tree as they slowed down the closer they got.
They all found Mikan staring at the world of Tokyo when they finally stopped running to her.
Anna and Nonoko walked up front and cried, “Come down here Mikan-chan…onegai…”
Mikan hated having begging friends since she was born. She jumped off the branch, landing smoothly on the grass and faced the band.
Disgusted with everyone’s worried faces, she suddenly teleported back to the classroom.
Moments later
Class had started up again, only with some introductions in need to be made.
Narumi-sensei had ordered the band to stand up in the front of the classroom to introduce themselves, even if they were known world-wide.
A dude with glasses took a step forward, “Watashi no namae wa Yuu Tobita desu. Hajimemashite. My alice is illusion. Triple star and Latent Ability Class.”
He stepped back into line as another dude with a weird smile and dirty blonde hair walked up.
“Watashi no namae wa Kokoro Yome desu. Hajimemashite. My alice is mind-reading alice. Single star and Latent Ability Class.”
He also stepped back into place as a blonde hair dude walked up.
“Watashi no namae wa Ruka Nogi desu. Hajimemashite. My alice is Animal Pheromone. Triple star and Somatic Class.”
The last one, THE Natsume Hyuuga, didn’t even feel like saying a word.
“Natsume Hyuuga. Fire alice. Special. Dangerous. What’s my seat gay ass?”
It was expected of Natsume to act this way.
Narumi said cheerfully, as if he didn’t hear anything, “Natsume-san and Ruka-san will be seated next to Sakura Mikan, the brunette napping in the back, and Kokoro Yome will sit next to Anna Umenomiya and Yuu will sit next to Nonoko Ogasawara. Please raise your hands to indicate where you are, girls?”
Anna and Nonoko raised their hands up high where as Mikan only raised her finger from being tired.
As Natsume climbed OVER Mikan, Mikan woke up from the sudden jolt from his leg.
Her eyes fluttered open as she looked at her surroundings.
Taking out her mp3 and plugging in her earphones, she noticed the band was all around her.
The dirty blonde hair dude was about to read her mind when Mikan warned him in a deadly manner, “Read it and die. By the way, the name’s Mikan Sakura.”
Mikan, having the best hearing, heard a loud scream from below.
She pushed through crowd and looked out the window.
She saw a class of little kids being ‘attacked’ by some AAO agents.
She rushed back to her chair and pulled out the bottom fragment of it.
Out came a whole slider of weapons and medication she was ordered to have.
She took out her Soul Caliber, a sword she had made herself, and jumped right out the window.
(A/N: The Soul Caliber is from the game…Soul Caliber.)
She landed gently on the ground as she hurriedly ran over to the little kids under danger.
A little boy with silver hair and shiny eyes was being threatened in front of the whole class.
“Youichi!” Mikan screamed.
She dropped her sword down and used her plant and ice alice together and charged many ice ivy vines towards the agents.
They wrapped all around them as Mikan threw on her cat mask and walked slowly over, the vines still in her hands.
Commanding her vines to wrap even tighter until the agents looked white and pale, she made her vines disappear.
All the agents were on the floor, not really moving.
Mikan picked each one up like a sack of flour and placed them on top of each other.
With one strong kick, she sent them flying to who knows where.
She turned around, dropped her mask on the floor and picked Youichi up.
“Come on, You-chan. We gotta get you back to class now.”
Teleporting them all back to class, she teleported herself back to the classroom with her mask and sword in hand.
She put her sword away and noticed her arm felt wet.
She rushed out of the room and turned the corner of the corridor.
Rolling up her sleeves, she saw her bandages all bloody and dripping blood.
The vines that came from her palms had damaged her arm along the way of using two alices at the same time.
She went back to class and took out the first aid box.
Removing the bandages and wrapping her arm with new ones, she heard murmurs of worry and sadness.
When she went back to her seat, Yura asked her, “How are you going to take the exams tomorrow, Mikan-san?”
Before Mikan could answer, she felt the world going dark and faint.
She dropped off her chair, unconscious.
The class crowded around her, not knowing what to do.
Right at the moment, Persona-sensei came running in and went to where Mikan lay.
He put a pill into her mouth and seeing life coming back to her, he set her up in her chair.
Mikan woke up again.
“I suggest you don’t use your alice for a while, Shiro Neko…”
Mikan looked away. She hated being told not use her alices.
“Don’t I have to help this academy…”
“You don’t have to do missions anymore. Your job is done.”
Later, class had ended and everybody had probably gone back to their dorms for studying time.
Mikan’s dorm
Mikan was lying on top of the bed, moping.
She was thinking of having a Cocojito, but that would ruin her appetite for dinner.
So there she lay, moping like no other.
Dinner Time
Mikan sighed and went down to the cafeteria for dinner, not bothering to change.
When Mikan kicked open the door, she found her crew sitting with the band at MIKAN’S table, reserved for HER and her FRIENDS only.
She walked over with a murderous aura.
Slamming her palms down onto the table to get their attention, she asked her crew in a deadly but calm tone, “This table is only for me and the ones I wish to sit with…what are these bastards doing here?”
Her friends hesitated to answer her.
Natsume spoke up.
“Since when was this table yours?”
“Since I ever came into this school. My name is imprinted on the table, ahou.”
“Come on, Mikan-san. Let’s just sit together, onegai?” Anna and Nonoko begged.
Taking out her cell phone to fiddle with, she slumped down on a seat.
After sitting with her great friend, the cell phone, it rang.
She was munching on a Caesar salad as she answered it.
“Hai…Sakura Mikan here…”
Suddenly, she spat out all her salad and slammed her fist on the table.
She said her farewell and shut her phone off with an infuriated look.
“What is it, Mikan-chan?” Nonoko asked.

Summer of Sakura – Chapter 6
It’s the end of the week, where the final exam scores are going to be posted up.
It’s also the end of the first week of the entry of the Solid BlackFire band.
Over just a few days, Mikan had observed some…now how should we put this…eye-catching discoveries.
There was the part where Koko seems to be interested in Nonoko and Yuu being interested in Anna.
There was also the part where Ruka seemed to like Hotaru maybe just a smidge.
Mikan liked knowing her friends had admirers, and this being the first time, she told her friends about their crushes.
They were surprised, but Hotaru just kept emotionless, as usual.
Mikan was now walking towards the bulletin board where the scores will be posted.
Mikan sighed. After tomorrow…it’s finally Summer… Mikan thought as she reached the bulletin board outside the faculty room.
The area was crowded with students, all trying to see if they passed.
From afar, Mikan could see her name nicely printed for having the highest score out of all the grades in Gakuen Alice.
Mikan was surprised to see Natsume Hyuuga as the runner-up and not Hotaru.
Hm…guess that guy does have brains… Mikan thought to herself as she walked away, still disturbed from the incident at the beginning of the week, before the exams.
“Hai…Sakura Mikan here…”
Suddenly, she spat out all her salad and slammed her fist on the table.
She said her farewell and shut her phone off with an infuriated look.
“What is it, Mikan-chan?” Nonoko asked.
Mikan looked as if she had seen a ghost.
Hotaru’s lips parted.
As tears threatened to flow out, Mikan ran away as far as possible. There’s no possible way that she’ll let anyone see her cry, especially the band.
Flashback Ended
Mikan kicked down the door, not even feeling the guilt of giving the door repairing man a hard job.
Mikan said specifically to her friends, “Pack your bags. I don’t wait for anyone.”
The three understood what she meant.
Mikan sat in her seat, sketching as she listened to her mp3 player.
Narumi-sensei came dancing in, wearing one of his magnificent outfits, “Well, my dearly pupils. I have a little surprise for you all! Misaki-sensei, would you please come in?”
Misaki came in with a bored face and a set of colorful balloons.
From the teacher’s desk, Narumi-sensei pulled out a cake and a bag of candy.
“We’re going to have a party!” Narumi-sensei said, with Misaki-sensei dreading the six words.
Mikan, not feeling anything, stood up from her seat and left for her sakura tree.
Sakura Tree
This’ll be the last time I get to see this view for three whole months… Mikan thought.
Then, there was a rustle coming from the other side of the tree.
Mikan, peeking cutely at the other side, she found a pair of bloody, crimson eyes staring right back at her.
The color of his eyes shocked her to the point of falling off the tree.
Expecting the ground and an unconscious-ing knock-out, it didn’t come.
She opened her eyes to find herself in Natsume’s arms, bridal style.
He smirked right down at her while she blushed with widened eyes.
Mikan finally realized what kind of position she was in with Natsume.
He had his knees proposal-looking and he carried her bridal style. WAY too abnormal!
Mikan shifted out of his arms as she was blushing like mad.
For some reason of who knows why, Mikan thought back to when the band crashed into the room and asked for her.
“S-so…why did you come here…a-anyways…?”
“In search for you…? Why else?”
Mikan wasn’t convinced at all, but she’ll leave this alone…for now.
“How did you know my song ‘You’ anyways…?”
“Your father made us play the melody…and for you to sing…it was in the anime credits.”
(A/N: Why is he talking so much?! OOC! OOC! Shut your goddamn mouth! OOC!)
“Whatever…” and with that, Mikan walked off, as if she didn’t care about what happened.
Mikan’s Dorm Room
Mikan started packing herself, all because she just had way too much to pack.
Mikan looked down at her list of things to pack on the screen of her black sidekick.
There were a ton of things checked off that were all fitted into suitcases.
She mumbled to herself, “So all I need to pack are my ointments and crap…”
Mikan was going to give away all her clothes because she’ll be doing a whole lot of shopping over the break.
Stuffing up her last suitcase, she checked the time on her cell phone and, knowing it was dinner time, she went down to the cafeteria, ready for the clothes-giving mayhem.
Mikan, once again, kicked down the door with her heels and decided it was a good time to make the announcement.
“Since I’m off for Summer, I won’t need my clothes anymore. –Insert students’ gasps here- So! If you want my clothes, just come to my dorm room after dinner and you can come choose anything you want. Get there early and you’ll get the better ones, but I doubt there are bad ones. Hotaru-chan will be charging you twenty rabbits for admission and ten rabbits per clothing piece. Hope you’ll come by and get something!”
Whispers of excitement washed over the whole cafeteria.
Mikan whispered to Hotaru, “I’ll give you one thousand rabbits for your time…”
Money signs flashed in Hotaru’s eyes.
After Dinner and in Mikan’s Dorm Room
Students flashed in and out of Mikan’s dorm room.
She stood by, recommending clothing to students as they walked by.
Of course the limited ones she adored we locked up in her suitcase, but aside from that, she had more than enough for the whole universe.
Mikan took a glance at her money maker and found out she was as tired as hell.
She walked over, leaned over her ear, and whispered, “I’ll give you half of the profits…”
Hotaru quickly awakened and started working energetically again.
The Next Morning
Mikan’s POV
I woke up to find a little messy room before me.
There were a few clothes splattered here and there and a certain raven-haired girl still hugging her money on her chair.
Mikan rubbed her eyes and walked over to Hotaru to wake her up.
“Wake up, Hotaru-chan…”
Hotaru grunted and mumbled, “Classes are off for the last day…goddamn it…”
Mikan replied, “Well I want to attend the class party for once…get up…”
Hotaru’s eyes shot up.
“Did you say you’ll attend the party?”
Mikan shrugged as she went to the bathroom.
Is our leader changing for some reason now…? Hotaru wondered.
Mikan shouted, “Not really!”
Of course our little Mikan copied Koko’s alice and used it on Hotaru…
Mikan was out of the bathroom and Hotaru was using it.
Mikan had her wavy, wet hair in a tight ponytail.
She was sitting on the couch in a mid-thigh peach dress with floral, baby pink embroidery, a pair of knee-length, black denims under, and white espadrilles.
She felt somewhat too revealing with the only spaghetti strap on the right side.
Hotaru came out, just in her uniform, but she brushed her hair and took a shower.
Mikan rose from the couch and walked out the door with Hotaru to Class B.
When Mikan and Hotaru were walking through the hallways, many dudes fainted at the sight of Mikan.
Not caring what was happening in their surroundings, both girls just walked straight to class.
Class B
Kicking down yet another new door, the fall of the great door revealed Mikan’s classmates partying already.
Mikan and Hotaru went to their seats and did their own thing.
Hotaru tinkling her inventions and Mikan on her mp3 trying to write more music for her father’s new anime.
There were balloons floating everywhere.
Then, Anna and Nonoko took hold of their leader’s hand and dragged her up to the buffet table.
“Please get at least one of everything, Mikan-chan!”
Mikan looked at her friends with their pleading looks.
Sighing, she picked up a plate and started picking one of everything.
Nonoko and Anna clapped each other’s hands.
Mikan went back to her seat with a small plate of food.
There was a cream puff, a chocolate chip cookie, a cup of green tea ice cream, and a chocolate mousse cake.
As Mikan was about eat again, all her fan boys were outside, peeking in.
Mikan grunted and put down her fork.
As she was about to face a stampede of gifts and boys, Youichi struggled through the crowd and tugged on her dress.
Mikan looked down to see big, glassy eyes looking at her.
She picked up Youichi and placed him right on her lap.
She began feeding him the chocolate mousse as all the boys outside envied him.
They all thought, That little brat…it should be me on her lap and feeding ME the cake!
(A/N: In your dreams bakas)
When Youichi finished up the cake, he had chocolate stains all over his mouth.
Mikan, being the one who loved to tease the little guy, used her fingers and made a curly, chocolate mustache.
She looked at him and chuckled.
Anna and Nonoko walked over and, seeing the cute, chocolate-mustached Youichi, they laughed.
Natsume grinned.
Mikan, seeing him grin, said, “This is Youichi Hijiri. He has the ghost manipulation alice. Isn’t he just the most adorable little thing ever?”
It was really the first time Mikan would smile or even chuckle.
Youichi is glad to see his onee-chan changing.
Mikan finally wiped all that chocolate off his face and started playing with him.
And so the day went on, with, for once, a happy and cheerful Mikan she once was.

Summer of Sakura – Chapter 7
Mikan was walking towards Hotaru’s dorm room with her suitcases trailing behind her.
Mikan already looked summered up.
She wore a gathered navy tube top that had white floral designs, a blue plaid skirt with a white studded belt, and a pair of white high heel sandals with a 4 inch heel.
Her black and white sunglasses were perched on top of her forehead and her black bag was slung over one shoulder.
Mikan finally reached Hotaru’s dorm and knocked on her door.
“Come in.”
Mikan peeked through the door with a cute, little smile.
“I was wondering when you’d come…I’ve been waiting for two minutes, five seconds, and a nanosecond…”
“Yeah I know, I know. Now can we get going now? We still have to pick up Anna and Nonoko!”
Hotaru grinned. She liked their leader with emotions, after missing it for two years now.
Both girls walked to Anna and Nonoko’s dorms.
As soon as they were all together, they all walked out of Gakuen Alice for Mikan’s private yacht.
When they arrived at the docks on Tokyo, Anna and Nonoko were so excited, they were gasping for air.
The yacht was a little taller than half of the Empire State Building and at least as long as two football fields.
It was polished white without a stain to it.
Nonoko exclaimed, “The last time we rode in one of your yachts, they were much smaller!”
Mikan said modestly, “Tch. This is nothing. If you saw the Heaven yacht, you’d, well, see Heaven.”
Nonoko and Anna began squealing.
“If you guys had come last summer, you won’t be as surprised as this summer…”
All four girls went on board of the Queen Felania as Anna and Nonoko gasped throughout the trip over the bridge.
Mikan said, “If you’re gasping right now while we’re just crossing this thing, you’d faint when you go inside…”
Anna and Nonoko squeezed each other’s hands tightly, making sure they don’t faint when they really get on board.
A fine gentleman greeted Mikan as she led her friends into the yacht.
They went through the dining room, the den, and finally reached the bedrooms.
Nonoko and Anna were so thrilled, they began tearing up.
I mean, who wouldn’t? If you had a bedroom bigger than a college, you’d be feeling dizzy and just drop dead on the floor, right?
Mikan said, “You won’t need to stay in these. We’d be at my island in about fifteen minutes anyways…”
Mikan looked back at Hotaru, who was typing away on her portable laptop.
“Ahem…why don’t we go down to the bar and get a drink…”
Hotaru shut off her laptop and Anna and Nonoko finally stopped gaping at the yacht.
They went down to bar, with Hotaru always looking around once in a while.
Hotaru was smiling a little bit as she did it too!
Mikan shook it off and ordered her usual, the Cocojito.
As Mikan and her friends were chatting, they drank their drinks. That is until SOMETHING or SOMEONE came into this.
A pair of hands covered Mikan’s eyes and whispered in her ear, “Guess who…”
“What do you want Natsume…more importantly…WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ON MY YACHT?!”
Natsume finally let go and said, “Imai got me here with my band. There a problem?”
Mikan glared at Hotaru. That girl has got ways…
As Mikan was about to throw a tantrum about her yacht being private and all, the horn blew.
The same gentleman from before came in and said, “Mademoiselle…we have reached your destination…” in a French accent.
“Merci. Take care of our bags?”
“Absolument, Mademoiselle et tes le copain est très beau.”
(A/N: Translation – Absolutely Miss and your boyfriend is very handsome.)
The gentleman was referring to Natsume.
Natsume, being someone who understood French, smirked down at Mikan.
Mikan blushed and walked off the Queen Felania.
Outside was a whole mansion about the size of Gakuen Alice sitting on a beautiful island that Mikan owned.
They walked through the sterling silver gates and into the whole world of Mikan Sakura.
There was a beautiful quartz dolphin fountain in front of the white marble mansion.
They all walked up the red marble steps and into the house.
Nonoko was so surprised to find herself living in such a marvelous house, she took hold of Koko’s hand and started squeezing it, HARD.
Half of Koko was thanking god and half of him was cursing in pain.
Mikan led the way towards the bedrooms on the third floor.
They all took hold of their rooms as Mikan walked into her usual rooms.
For some spectacular reason of Kami-san, Natsume just HAD to claim the room next to Mikan’s.
Mikan said to everyone, “Who wants to go shopping?”
Without a verbal response, Anna and Nonoko hugged Mikan as Hotaru just raised her hand halfway.
Finding no man hands, Mikan just said, “The game room is on the first floor…if you need any help, just ask a maid or something…ja…”
With that, Mikan and her friends walked out of the mansion and towards the Sakura Mall.
Sakura Mall
Mikan walked into the great mall with her friends and shopped for what seemed like years.
Mikan was walking back with Anna, Nonoko, and Hotaru.
Nonoko heaved a sigh, “That mall was packed…”
Anna agreed, “Yeah…hey! I thought you owned this island! How come other people are here?”
Mikan said, “I only said I own the island…I let people come…”
Anna thought this over and nodded.
A Moment Later
Mikan laid on her bed, exhausted from all that shopping.
Blowing a strand of her hair, she got up and walked down stairs for dinner.
Sitting at the short sides of the long, glass table that was covered with a crimson table cloth, she began asking for her Cocojito.
The others came down and sat themselves down, already ordering their dinner.
One of the butlers came into the dining room with a whole tray full of plates.
Setting everyone’s dinner before them, they began to eat.
Quickly, as if TOO quickly, Mikan finished her dinner and left for her room.
In Mikan’s Room
Mikan had the air conditioner on with herself in her sleeping clothes reading a book on the bed.
Her sleeping clothes were actually just a strapless baby blue dress that went mid-thigh.
Throughout the book, she fell asleep, still sitting and the book in her hand.
The Next Morning
Mikan felt something brush against her legs and breathing against her face.
Mikan opened her eyes.

Summer of Sakura – Chapter 8
The Next Morning
Mikan felt something brush against her legs and breathing against her face.
Mikan opened her eyes.
Mikan’s POV
When I opened my eyes, all I saw was a freakin’ pair of crimson eyes staring into mine.
Blinking rapidly, I finally realize what hell of a position we were in.
Me? Well I was just sitting there on the bed with my legs at a ninety degree angle…
But HIM?! My legs were IN BETWEEN his legs, his arms were locking me in against the wall, and furthermore, HE WAS ALMOST DRAPED ON ME!
End of POV
Mikan gave one heck of a scream that even deaf people would think there’s an earthquake.
She had pushed Natsume out the door, locked it, and started weeping in her little corner.
“WAHHHH! I don’t want to get preggy! Kami-san, WHYYY!!”
Then, a voice outside said, “Tch. Who in the right mind would get you pregnant…”
Mikan, being a strong girl for two years now, wiped off her tears, sucked it in, and started getting ready for the morning.
Mikan checked her mirror.
She wore a white shirt with black short sleeves, a denim skirt, black footless tights, a pair of black Converse heels, and black and white striped arm warmers.
She had her hair in a side ponytail with a lily pin holding it together.
She sighed. This is going to be one long day…well, for her.
Mikan walked down the stairs for breakfast, planning to discuss what she has in plan for the day.
Dining Room
Mikan waited for everyone to come down while she ate her Caesar salad and fruit with ice cream.
When everyone was seated, Mikan asked, “Do you guys want to go to someplace special today? It’ll be nice if you could all come…”
Anna, Nonoko, and Hotaru snapped from their breakfast and looked at Mikan. They obviously knew where she’ll bring them.
Ruka said, “Er…well…”
Hotaru said, “No excuses. Everyone’s going.”
The Solid BlackFire band looked at Hotaru.
The stoic girl continued eating breakfast as though nothing happened.
It’s too important to her…no matter how much they don’t want to go…I know Mikan wants this…and I’ll do it for her…no matter what it takes and no matter what the consequences are… Hotaru thought.
Mikan knocked on Hotaru’s door.
“Come in.”
Mikan peeked her head in and then opened the door wide enough to go in.
“So what’s going on?” Hotaru asked after she turned off her laptop.
Mikan mumbled, “Nothing…”
“I know it’s nothing. What’s the matter…”
“I don’t know what will happen if I see it again…”
“It’ll be no problem…Mikan…trust me…”
“I hope that’ll be true…”
“It will…now let’s go get the others so we can get going…”
Mikan nodded and walked towards the door with Hotaru following.
Once Everyone Had Attended
Mikan just mumbled, “Just follow me…”
Anna and Nonoko were nervous about Mikan’s behavior once they get there.
They followed Mikan around the mansion and down a rock path.
Finally, after a few minutes of non-stop walking, they had reached…
Mikan said, “This is the Dead Garden of Ellenia…”
Mikan separated two certain rose bushes and it revealed a beautiful garden behind them.
There was a long, clear, man-made river flowing through the twists and turns of the garden. There were colorful goldfish swimming around, lilies floating above the surface, and sparkling rocky bottoms.
There were small bridges here and there with cherry blossom wood floorings and gorgeous slate pathways.
There were batches and batches of flowers everywhere, from tsutsuji to hasu. (A/N: azalea to lotus)
Natsume spoke up, “Sure doesn’t look dead to me…”
Mikan said, “This is where my parents met and this is also the place where…my okaa-san died…”
It was as if these words were icicles piercing through everyone’s heart.
To live in a place where you know your mother had died at, it seems impossible to not go through suicide.
Mikan turned around with a smile, even if a tear was rolling down her cheek, and said, “Let’s get out of this place. It’ll get me emotional again…get on your bathing suits because we’re going swimming!”
They all scrambled off to get dressed for one heck of a swimming time.
Mikan looked at herself before the mirror.
She wore a wine red top, a pair of black, tight shorts, and white sandals.
She left her room and hopped down the stairs to find everyone waiting for her.
“Eh…I took so long…gomen…ok whatever…let’s go” as she led them to the back of the mansion.
Yuu asked nervously, “Um…Mikan-san? Aren’t we going to the ocean?”
Mikan’s head whipped back at him. “And go into dirty water? Of course not…we’re going into my pool!”
She slid open the screen door and it revealed a pool that went one hundred meters.
Koko asked, “Are you sure this is a pool? It has dolphins in it!”
“Oh those are my pet dolphins…my sharks are in my other pool…”
Yuu’s eyes widened. Was he living with a lunatic and sharks?!
Mikan said, “So…uh…yeah…last one in is a rotten egg!”
Mikan did a flip into the pool and swam towards her dolphins.
Very Much Later
Mikan jumped out of the pool and walked back into the house for a drink.
As she passed by the rose bushes, a familiar voice said to her, “Go to your room…”
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nice one!
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Thanks viel-chan!!^^
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Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08

Jamie_25 wrote:

Thanks viel-chan!!^^

ur welcome sakura-san! U REALLY make a good writer!
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really nice!!!
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it's not finished right?
i really really loved it!!!!
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nice one but where's part 2?
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where is part 2?
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Such a good story!
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gud story.. demo where is part 2??
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hhmm so season 2 yet??
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WOAH!!! That story was so awesome!!! Did u write it??? Because if you did I so envy you for being able to write something like this!!! Oh yeah there's suppose to be another part rite??? I can't wait to read it!!! I want to know what happens next!!!
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it was good, except near the beggining was ALOT ALOT ALOT like a story i read from fanfiction.................
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that wass great! where is the continuation??
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