Tamaki Banner Making Contest
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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/22/08
Hey guys! Since this group is relatively new, we decided to have a dry-run on a banner making contest. So if you're interested to join follow the simple rules and format here:

Contest Rules:
1. DO NOT upload images that were created and posted by someone else. It must be your own work.
>Editing images and creating and recreating a totally new Tamaki banner is the purpose of this contest.

2. OWN drawings are not allowed to be scanned and uploaded in here.
> There are other groups that do these kind of things but since this is a banner making contest, we require the use of full color images.

3. Try not to buy and favor votes please. Let the people voting for the works decide (on the voting forum).

The prize is still yet to be discussed since this is still under construction.
A voting forum will be established if many members will participate.


Image of your Banner:

Username: firequeen07
Nickname: Yumi
Image of my banner:

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