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Does anyone know a movie that involves or connected or related to economics?? if you know any, please kindly post the title, it's synopsis and where can i able to watch or buy it... It's a great help for me... thanks...
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erika_14 wrote:

Does anyone know a movie that involves or connected or related to economics?? if you know any, please kindly post the title, it's synopsis and where can i able to watch or buy it... It's a great help for me... thanks...

here you go Erika. Though this is not an Extended Discussion thread and is mots likely to get locked. If you want help, use the stickied general help thread.

Economics-Related Movies

A Beautiful Mind
Ron Howard
From the heights of notoriety to the depths of depravity, John Forbes Nash, Jr. experienced
all. A mathematical genius, he made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood
on the brink of international acclaim. But the handsome and arrogant Nash soon found
himself on a painful and harrowing journey of self-discovery. After many years of struggle,
eventually triumphed over his tragedy, and finally - late in life - received the Nobel Prize.
American Psycho
Mary Harron
Patrick Bateman is a homicidal maniac working on the New York stock exchange. His
reasons for killing are debatable, such as extreme envy of fellow co-workers, material
obsession, pure hatred or simply no other reason than complete insanity. His lunacy
escalates throughout the film, killing at least 20 people in the process, including models,
homeless people, co-workers, friends, and anyone else who stands in his way, be it rage,
jealousy, or something else. The only person who he seems to sympathise with is his
secretary, Jean, who eventually he can't help but have a desire to murder her. Many times,
Patrick can't tell whether these events are real, or simply part of a psychotic delusion broug
on by his problems.
Stephen Spielberg
AMISTAD is about a 1839 mutiny onboard a slave ship that is traveling towards the
Northeast Coast of America. Much of the story involves a court-room drama about the slave
who led the revolt.
Billy Wilder
Bud Baxter is a struggling clerk in a huge New York insurance company. He's discovered a
quick way to climb the corporate ladder - by lending out his apartment to the executives as a
place to take their mistresses. He often has to deal with the aftermath of their visits and one
night he's left with a major problem to solve.
Bug’s Life
John Lasseter; Andrew Stanton
Flik (the resident misfit ant) sets out on a journey to find "bigger bugs" to save his colony
from the evil grasshoppers. Yet he mistakenly ends up getting a group of circus bugs for the
job... and the adventure begins...
Barry Levinson
New York gangster Ben 'Bugsy' Siegel takes a brief business trip to Los Angeles. A sharp-
dressing womaniser with a foul temper, Siegel doesn't hesitate to kill or maim anyone
crossing him. In L.A. the life, the movies, and most of all strong-willed Virginia Hill detain hi
while his family wait back home. Then a trip to a run-down gambling joint at a spot in the
desert known as Las Vegas gives him his big idea.
Martin Scorsese
Sam 'Ace' Rothstein, a mob-connected casino operator in Las Vegas, attempts a civilized
lifestyle with his money-conditional wife, Ginger. Nicky Santoro, a boyhood friend of Ace and
now a Made-Man of the Mafia, arrives in town with an ambitious agenda of his own that soon
disrupts Ace's life. Before long, Ginger and her long-time leeching lover Lester, along with
Nicky's mistakes, causing problems.
China Syndrome
James Bridges
While doing a series of reports on alternative energy sources, an opportunistic reporter
Kimberly Wells witnesses an accident at a nuclear power plant. Wells is determined to
publicise the incident but soon finds herself entangled in a sinister conspiracy to keep the f
impact of the incident a secret.

Economics-Related Movies
Roman Polanski
Hollis Mulwray is a chief engineer of the water department. Ida Sessions, pretending to be
his wife Evelyn, asks P.I. JJ Jake Gittes to investigate his adulterous ways. Jake takes
photos of Hollis with a young lady. Hollis then turns up murdered, which Jake decides to
investigate. Jake finds more than he was looking for. He discovers a plot to buy cheap,
unwatered land for low prices, water the land, and sell it for millions of dollars. The plot is
masterminded by one Noah Cross, who is Evelyn's father and Hollis' one-time business
partner. His investigation leads him to an affair with Evelyn and a discussion with Noah
Cross, both of whom seem curiously interested in the girl Hollis was seen with.
Death of a Salesman
Volker Schlondorff
Salesman Willy Loman is in a crisis. He's about to lose his job, he can't pay his bills, and his
sons Biff and Happy don't respect him and can't seem to live up to their potential. He
wonders what went wrong and how he can make things up to his family.
Do the Right Thing
Spike Lee
It's the hottest day of the year in the Bed-Stuy district of Brooklyn, and tensions are growing
in this black ghetto area, with the only local businesses a Korean grocery and Sal's Pizzeria.
Mookie, Sal's delivery boy, manages to always be at the center of the action.
Easy Living
Mitchell Leisen
J.B. Ball, a rich financier, gets fed up with his free-spending family. He takes his wife's just-
bought (very expensive) sable coat and throws it out the window, it lands on poor hard-
working girl Mary Smith. But it isn't so easy to just give away something so valuable, as he
soon learns.
Falling Down
Joel Schumacher
A divorced engineer for the defense industry gets stuck in L.A. traffic and finally snaps. He
gets out of his car and begins a walk through central L.A., where he encounters various
levels of harassment, which he learns to deal with by acquiring weapons along the way. His
actions attract the attention of a retiring cop, and he gets involved with the case, following t
engineer's path toward Venice, where his daughter is having a birthday party.
Far and Away
Ron Howard
A young man (Cruise) leaves Ireland with his landlord's daughter (Kidman) after some
trouble with her father, and they dream of owning land at the big giveaway in Oklahoma ca.
1893. When they get to the new land, they find jobs and begin saving money. The man
becomes a local barehands boxer, and rides in glory until he is beaten, then his employers
steal all the couple's money and they must fight off starvation in the winter, and try to keep
their dream of owning land alive. Meanwhile, the woman's parents find out where she has
gone and have come to America to find her and take her back.

Full Monty
Peter Cattaneo
The setting is Sheffield England, once the "City of Steel", home of a massive steel industry
and jobs aplenty. Today with the industry in decline and the steelworks closed down there is
widespread unemployment and despair. Two unemployed friends stumble upon a
Chippendales-like show that's very popular with the local women. Eventually they decide th
too would like to give it a go, but they can't dance and aren't what most would call good
physical specimens. They have their doubts but are determined to give it a shot. On their
way they pick up four other unlikely candidates and begin practising for the big night. To
drum up interest, they boast they'll go 'the full monty' (a phrase meaning 'all the way' - nude),
something they hadn't planned and aren't sure they can deliver. Will they ?, won't they ?, can
they keep their antics from their families ?, can they stay out of trouble ? can they pull a
crowd ?. All will be revealed, well maybe.
George Stevens
Texan rancher Bick Benedict visits a Maryland farm to buy a prize horse. Whilst there he
meets and falls in love with the owner's daughter Leslie, they are married immediately and
return to his ranch. The story of their family and its rivalry with cowboy and (later oil tycoon)
Jett Rink unfolds across two generations.
Glengarry Glen Ross
James Foley
Times are tough in a Chicago office; the salesmen (Shelley Levene, Ricky Roma, Dave
Moss, and George Aaronow) are given a strong incentive by Blake to succeed in a sales
contest. The prizes? First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado, second prize is a set of steak knives,
third prize is the sack! There is no room for losers in this dramatically masculine world; only
"closers" will get the good sales leads. There is a lot of pressure to succeed, so a robbery is
committed which has unforseen consequences for all the characters.
Francis Ford Coppola
Don Vito Corleone is the head of a New York Mafia "family". Problems arise when a gangs
supported by another Mafia family, Sollozzo, announces his intentions to start selling drugs
all over New York. Don Vito hates the idea of drugs, and he is quite happy with the
gambling/protection etc. that make him money, so an attempt is made on his life. Sollozzo
then kidnaps one of Don Vitos advisors, and tries to make him force Don Vitos son to agree
to sell drugs, but the plan goes wrong when Sollozzo finds out that Don Vito is still alive.
Gone with the Wind
Victor Fleming; George Cukor
The epic tale of a woman's life during one of the most tumultuous periods in America's
history. From her young, innocent days on a feudalistic plantation to the war-torn streets of
Atlanta; from her first love whom she has always desired to three husbands; from the utmost
luxury to absolute starvation and poverty; from her innocence to her understanding and
comprehension of life.
Goodbye Lenin!
Wolfgang Becker
East Germany, the year 1989: A young man protests against the regime. His mother
watches the police arresting him and suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma. Some
months later, the GDR does not exist anymore and the mother awakes. Since she has to
avoid every excitement, the son tries to set up the GDR again for her in their flat. But the
world has changed a lot...

Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito's portrait of Union leader James R. Hoffa, as seen through the eyes of his
friend, Bobby Ciaro. The film follows Hoffa through his countless battles with the RTA and
President Roosevelt all the way to a conclusion that negates the theory that he disappeared
in 1975.
Man in the White Suit
Alexander Mackendrick
Sidney Stratton, a humble inventor, develops a fabric which never gets dirty or wears out.
This would seem to be a boon for mankind, but the established garment manufacturers don't
see it that way; they try to suppress it.
John Sayles
Mingo County, West Virginia, 1920. Coal miners, struggling to form a union, are up against
company operators and gun thugs; Black and Italian miners, brought in by the company to
break the strike, are caught between the two forces. Union activist and ex-Wobbly Joe
Kenehan, sent to help organize the union, determines to bring the local, Black, and Italian
groups together. Drawn from an actual incident; the characters of Sid Hatfield, Cabell
Testerman, C. E. Lively, and Few Clothes Johnson were based on real people.
My Fair Lady
George Cukor
Henry Higgins is a Professor of languages and a rather snobbish and arrogant man. A
visiting colleague, Colonel Pickering, makes him a bet that he can't take a "commoner" and
turn her into someone who would not be completely out of place in the social circles of upper-
class English society.
Nine to Five
Colin Higgins
Frank Hart is a pig. He takes advantage in the grossest manner of the women who work with
him. When his three assistants manage to trap him in his own house they assume control of
his department and productivity leaps, but just how long can they keep Hart tied up?
Of Mice and Men
Gary Sinise
Based on John Steinbeck's 1937 classic tale of two travelling companions, George and
Lennie, who wander the country during the Depression, dreaming of a better life for
themselves. Then, just as heaven is within their grasp, it is inevitably yanked away. The film
follows Steinbeck's novel closely, exploring questions of strength, weakness, usefulness,
reality and utopia, bringing Steinbeck's California vividly to life.
On the Waterfront
Elia Kazan
Terry Malloy dreams about being a prize fighter, while tending his pigeons and running
errands at the docks for Johnny Friendly, the corrupt boss of the dockers union. Terry
witnesses a murder by two of Johnny's thugs, and later meets the dead man's sister and
feels responsible for his death. She introduces him to Father Barry, who tries to force him to
provide information for the courts that will smash the dock racketeers.
Other People’s Money
Norman Jewison
A corporate raider threatens a hostile take-over of a "mom and pop" company. The patriarch
of the company enlists the help of his wife's daughter, who is a lawyer, to try and protect the
company. The raider is enamoured of her, and enjoys the thrust and parry of legal
manoeuvring as he tries to win her heart.
Jonathan Demme
A gay lawyer stricken with AIDS seeks assistance from a homophobic personal injury
attorney when a prestigious Philadelphia law firm fires him for incompetence. Not the
standard 'issue' movie or even the standard courtroom drama but a sensitive and heartfelt
look at the affect of AIDS on family, friends and the people who interact with an AIDS victim.

Road Scholar
Roger Weisberg
Andrei Cordescu, NPR journalist, Romanian immigrant, naturalized American citizen, and
newly-licensed driver, sets out on a cross- country road trip. He travels from-sea-to-shining-
sea in a red 1968 Cadillac ragtop, exploring the meaning of freedom to a variety of
Americans in this gently comic, yet poignant, documentary. Highlights include stops in New
York, Camden, Detroit, Chicago, Taos, Arizona, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.
Rogue Trader
James Dearden
Ambitious, wide-boy Nick Leeson (Ewan McGregor) is determined to rise in the world and b
more than a simple bank clerk. When his employers, Barings Bank, offer him the opportuni
to go to Jakarta to sort out a problem that nobody else wants, he seizes the opportunity with
both hands. In Jakarta he meets and marries Lisa (Anna Friel) and together they go to
Singapore when the bank offers him the job of setting up their future options trading
operation. To save money the bank allows Nick to operate both the floor trading and the ba
office facilities and force him to employ cheap, unskilled staff. His first year of trading is a b
success and he makes large profits for the bank even though he has illegally broken trading
rules and secretly covered up losses. Given more freedom, even more money and continui
unchecked, Nick starts to make losses and again attempts to trade out of them but this time
he comes unstuck as his illegal trading generates even bigger losses. After the death of his
unborn child Nick completely loses control and gambles without restraint with other people's
money leading inevitably to a complete financial meltdown and the bankruptcy of the bank.
Shawshank Redemption
Frank Darabont
After the murder of his wife, hotshot banker Andrew Dufresne is sent to Shawshank Prison,
where the usual unpleasantness occurs. Over the years, he retains hope and eventually
gains the respect of his fellow inmates, especially longtime convict "Red" Redding, a black
marketeer, and becomes influential within the prison. Eventually, Andrew achieves his ends
on his own terms.
Mike Nichols
Fairly accurate recounting of the story of Karen Silkwood, the Oklahoma nuclear-plant work
who blew the whistle on dangerous practices at the Kerr-McGee plant and who died under
circumstances which are still under debate.
Thirteen Days
Roger Donaldson
In October, 1962, U-2 surveillance photos reveal that the Soviet Union is in the process of
placing nuclear weapons in Cuba. These weapons have the capability of wiping out most of
the Eastern and Southern United States in minutes if they become operational. President
John F. Kennedy and his advisors must come up with a plan of action against the Soviets.
Kennedy is determined to show that he is strong enough to stand up to the threat, and the
Pentagon advises U.S. military strikes against Cuba--which could lead the way to another
U.S. invasion of the island. However, Kennedy is reluctant to follow through, because a U.S.
invasion could cause the Soviets to retaliate in Europe. A nuclear showdown appears to be
almost inevitable. Can it be prevented?

Total Recall
Paul Verhoeven
What is reality when you can't trust your memory. Arnold Schwartzenegger is an Earthboun
construction worker who keeps having dreams about Mars. A trip to a false memory
transplant service for an imaginary trip to Mars goes terribly wrong and another personality
surfaces. When his old self returns, he finds groups of his friends and several strangers
seem to have orders to kill him. He finds records his other self left him that tell him to get to
Mars to join up with the underground. The reality of the situation is constantly in question.
Who is he? Which personality is correct? Which version of reality is true?
Steven Soderbergh
A modern day look at America's war on drugs told through four separate stories that are
connected in one way or another. A conservative politician who's just been appointed as the
US drug czar learns that his daughter is a drug addict. A trophy wife struggles to save her
husband's drug business, while two DEA agents protect a witness with inside knowledge of
the spouse's business. In Mexico, a corrupt, yet dedicated cop struggles with his conscienc
when he learns that his new boss may not be the anti-drug official he made himself out to be.
Waking Ned Devine
Kirk Jones
When word reaches two elderly best friends that someone in their tiny Irish village has won
the national lottery, they go to great lengths to find the winner so they can share the wealth.
When they discover the "lucky" winner, Ned Devine, they find he has died of shock upon
discovering his win. Not wanting the money to go to waste, the village enters a pact to
pretend Ned is still alive by having another man pose as him, and then to divide the money
between them.
War Games
John Badham
A young computer whizz kid accidentally connects into a top secret super-computer which
has complete control over the U.S. nuclear arsenal. It challenges him to a game between
America and Russia, and he innocently starts the countdown to World War 3. Can he
convince the computer he wanted to play a game and not the real thing ?
White Man’s Burden
Desmond Nakano
The story takes place in alternative America where the blacks are members of social elite,
and whites are inhabitants of inner city ghettos. Louis Pinnock is a white worker in a
chocolate factory, loving husband and father of two children. While delivering a package for
black CEO Thaddeus Thomas, he is mistaken for a voyeur and, as a result, loses his job,
gets beaten by black cops and his family gets evicted from their home. Desperate Pinnock
takes a gun and kidnaps Thomas, demanding justice.
Working Girl
Mike Nichols
A witty, romantic look at life in the corporate jungle stars Melanie Griffith as Tess McGill, an
ambitious secretary with a unique approach for climbing the ladder to success. Whe her
classy, but villainess boss (Sigourney Weaver) breaks a leg skiing, Tess simply takes over
her office, her apartment, even her wardrobe. She then creates a deal with a handsome
investment banker (Harrison Ford) that will either take her straight to the top - or finish her
for good.
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