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Post Reply the way you love your hair ::opposite is:: school doesnt care
Posted 3/13/09

PaNdY3345 wrote:

i <3 my hair ^^
but them gaybos at school say were are not allowed to...
1. dye
2. highlight
3. put wax in other words STYLE it.

instead we, girls, have to put it up in a freaking pony tail
and u its hard for me cuz i got that really layered asian hair
so i gotta stuff my head with bobby pins
... GAHH

omg i feel so sorry for you
i would bloody get myself expelled from your school just so i could wear my hair how i want
whats the point of only allowing ponytails?!? its so dumb
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21 / F / south east asia (:
Posted 6/18/09
its worse for my school.
hair isn't supposed to
touch the ear.
no gel
no wax
no higlighting
no dying

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Posted 7/29/09
Well my school says you were it up or down =.=
no styling, no dyeing, no highlights.
no ribbons or anything that u can see so u can only were bobby pins and hairties
also if u have pig tails they make u put it into a ponytail >=O
Posted 1/1/10
we're allowed to dye our hair but only natural colours. too bad ive dyed it purple, black-blue and red xp we're all supposed to tie long hair up but no one does.
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