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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/27/08
Plot of the story:

Some years after zero has won over the Holy Britannia Empire. Some new power started to grow. European Union had to step back behind the Chines F and Britannia. But now they are using their chance, coz in their hands are an another withc called A.A.......
.....what will happen?
Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
In a palace in london, there sits the current king of britannia who is just a 16 year old. Adam vi brittania as he is known is one of the last 2 members of the britania family. he seeks to reclaim the empire that was stolen from him and will do what ever it takes

" my father failed to keep hold of this empier but i shall restore the empier to the way it was and crush those who defy me" says adam.

seconds later there is a knock at the door." who dares to dusturb my thinking time" says adam as he gets up from his seat. the door begins to open and a girl walks into the room.

" toke you long enough to get here so are you willing to grant me the power that my father b4 me once had" says adam.

the girl doesn't respond and adam continues to speak " so you don't like to talk no matter i don't need you to talk all i need from u is to give me the power to reclaim what is right fully mines"

2 be contiued
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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/28/08
A.A. stared - no, glared - at that gall of the boy. How dared he make such a command of her! He does not have the right to even make a demand out of A.A., not to mention a command.

"Power? What is rightfully yours? What kind of a joke is that?" A.A. sneered at the unsuspecting King. She then looked at Adam with disgust as she continued, "Even Lelouch, that rebel of a prince is better than you - the baby king!"

"A baby king??!!!" Adam was mad.

"That's right! A baby king! At least Lelouch is wayyyyy better than a baby king!"

Adam gritted his teeth and snap, "Whatever! Just give me the power!"

"Give you the power? You got to be kidding me! You think you the baby king can fulfill my wishes?" With a snort, A.A. left the room, disgusted at the exchange she just had. How did C.C. managed to get such a good partner? And she, A.A, is left with a stupid baby king! The thought of that flared A.A. up and she quickened her pace, eager to get out of the palace.

Posted 6/21/08
( A.A is appearing XD)

Somewhere Asia:

" A little girl shouldn´t walk around alone!", a ugly guy said holding Lias shoulder, " I should take care of u!"

A second later he lay on the ground not moving. Lia starred at him.

" Somehow it was good to have the old empire....the rules killed of such guys!", she said and walked on, " I have lost my change to take revange on britannia!"

She walked thru the streets of the slums and then she entered a house.

" Neee chan u are back!", a little girl screamed and huged her.

" How was it outside?", another one asked.

" Like is Anamia doing?", she asked the third one a taller boy.

" She is sleeping! But with every day it turns worst!"

Lia sighed. " I will go and ask for medicine!", she finally decided.

" No....they will arrest u!", one of the little girls yelled.

" Not every men of the United Japanese nation knows my face!", she answered and smileld.

" Do u think they will give us medicine! As old habitants of the britain empire...?"
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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
The voice of people talking and passing by.
A Girl lying on the floor dressed in a white gown drenched from the dirt of the grounds, starts to open her eyes, the sun is too strong, it takes her a couple of minutes till she can open her eyes and see clearly with no pain.

The Girl keep watching the people as they go by, she tries to stand, she does so with Great effort, it's as if it's her first time to stand on her feet let alone walk with them, she starts to recognize what the people are saying and understand it.
Her stomach aches, she feels hungry.

She wants to eat, but where to go, she doesn't know where she is, don't remember how she even got here, she looks down she's dressed in a weird white gown,

A door opens, A man with a big bag of Garbage looks at the Girl with Interest,

"You look like you're lost..Are you a hooker??" he looks her up and down "You sure got the looks but surely not the outfit miss"

Nichol looks at the man, he's holding an apple in his hands

"Oi, Oi, am gonna choke upon this apple, if u keep looking piercingly at it...take it" and he throws it at her "And get out of here, or I'll call the Police" and he gets inside muttering inaudible words.

She grabs the apple and starts devouring it, she was so Hungry, as she finished, she rubbed her hands against her cloth to clean them upon doing so she noticed something, right there in the palm oh her right hand there was a weird mark. A mark that was so deep as if it was engraved.
Posted 6/21/08
Lia has left the small room where they live and was on the way to get the medicine for Anamia. She thought about stealing it when she will not get it.

She was wearing an old skirt of Anamia and shawl to hide her haircolour. But she still had the her uniform with the sign of the round of knights. She remembered...its was her first day as everything ended. Now will that piece of cloth sleep forever in a small coffer.

Then she suddenly saw a girl with curley brown hairs sitting on earth and holding her left shoulder. She didn´t look well. Lia shivered for a second.

" Hey there...!", she said like ever without any emotion and went near to her. Then she kneed down infront of here....
" Are u hurt?", she asked in the language of that country, but she did answred so she tried it again in other. Lia grabbed the arm with which that girl held her shoulder. She tried to bridle, but she was too weak.....then she saw the sign.

" What....!"; for a second she didn´t know what to do, then she pulled of a sleeve from her skirt and bound it aroun her arm.

" ...People shouldn´t see that right?", she said and helped her to stay up, " It seems u r hungry....come with me I think we will find something for u even if its less!"
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
adam was saddened about this setback. A.A refused to hand him the power of geass that was once wielded by his father and brother. " who is she to refuse my demands, if she was some girl i would of put a bullet in her with a big smile on my face" says adam. adam needed to find away to get through to A.A so that she could give him the power that he needed. " i must use reason, if it must mean i have to put on some fake act then i'll do so" says adam.

soon after one of the royal guards enters the throne room. adam needed to track A.A down so that he could get the power of geass.adam begins to speak to the royal guard " i need you to track down that girl who was with me not 2 long ago, the girl called A.A" says adam. The royal guard responds by saying " yes may lord, A.A will be located. adam needed to find A.A, he needed geass so that he could defeat the leader of the black knights. "lulouch you toke this family apart and now i shall take you apart one i have the power to do so" says adam

2 hours later adam is sitting in his throne awaiting new regarding the location of the mysterioius girl known as A,A. adam is lost is his thoughts and begins to fear that he may not be able to locate A.A and as a result adam may lose the means to defeat his enemys." i must find her, if i do not then i'll never reclaim my empire.

Soon after one of adams royal guards arrives at the throne room. Adam begins to speak to the royal guard " good news i hope" says adam. " yes my lord. we have tracked down A.A" says the royal guard. Adam begins to smile " you have done well, that is why i have selected you because you always produce results" says adam. adam then asks" so where is she located?". " she is located at the isle of white" says the royal guard. Adam gets up from his seat and makes his way to roof of the palace where his knightmare the crimson lancelot awaits him.

Moments later adam arrives in his knightmare at the isle of white. He traveled to where the royal guard had told him A.A. is. At a small ice-cream van. he sees A.A looking towards the ocean, eating her ice-cream. adam goes up to A.A. "A.A What will it take 4 u to give me the power of geass" says adam. To adam, A.A clearly isn't willing to hand the power of geass to adam just yet " I will not bother about baby kings" says A.A. naughtily. adam responds by saying " baby king? I am not a baby king!". A.A responds back to adam " then prove it!" says A.A. adam is unhappy about A.A but decides to hide his anger and plays the role of a calm and mature person he knew that A.A will be difficult to convince because she is so childish.
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Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/23/08

Seated down on the comfortable chair, A.A. was eating the huge ice-cream in front of her fericiously. Still angry at the stupid king for insulting her, A.A. bit hard into the ice-cream with a determined look in her face. she will not let that baby king let the better of her!
A.A. was well into her 3rd ice-cream and feeling slightly full. It was at this time, when she was staring silently at the ocean and its gentle tidal waves when Adam had appeared. A.A was shocked and angry that he had managed to find her, and in such a short time at that!
In her anger, A.A. glared at Adam. He demanded A.A. to give him the power again.. what an idiotic king! Just because he is the king does not mean he can have the power from her! He may not even be able to wield the power, not to mention fulfill her wish! Even Lelouch Lamperouge, the genius had lost control of his power before! Haughtily, A.A. replied, “I will not bother about baby kings.”
“Baby kings? I am not a baby king!” Adam was rather heated.
“Then prove it!” A.A. shot back while thinking, idiot! I bet you don’t even know what you are getting yourself into by having a contract with me!
Surprisingly, the baby king had managed to calm down after some seconds. Yet, A.A. detected a deceiving feeling emitting from the young king. Hiding her emotions behind her unconcerned face, A.A. pretended she did not notice it. She pulled the rapidly melting ice-cream towards her and bit into it again.
Posted 6/22/08
" What do u have in mind?", he asked his brother smiling.

" To resstart the holy britannia empire!", Kali said an starred at his knightmare.

" Wow whe thought again the same!", Lika answered and walked up and down, " Maybe we do have a conection!"

" Stop joking Lika....we need a plan! Well I think not all Rounds of Knights are captured or death! We should find them...what happend to Lia?"

" Jezz I didn´t like her....she was totaly emotionless,strategic and ambitious like.....!"

" Like me?",Kali ended his sentence.

" yeah, but u r my bother!"

" Then there are Eduardo and Millia.....!"

" U only talk about the novices !", Lika concluded.

" Well the other got captured!"
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Posted 6/22/08
As Nichol stood up with the aid of the Girl, Her stomach Gave her away, she was still very hungry and her body was caving in on her,

"Maybe am too tired to remember anything" she had thought encouragingly as she laid on the ground for a while, still pushing away from her mind what she had seen in the palm of her hand "Maybe it's just a bad dream"

The notion of getting some food was the only thing that drove her to use all of her strength to stand up and walk with that Girl.


*wish u were online so we could continue this !! *

Posted 6/22/08
Lia turned as she heard that word! It was the first on from her.

" Its fine!", she said an stopped, " Here we r! Can u please be a little quier the women of this house is ill!"

Then she pulled her soft into the house!

" Well its not a house ..there are only two rooms, but we can live from ít!", seh said and showed her a place. Then she opened a coffer and took out some food, which she gave the girl....
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Posted 6/22/08
Nichol took the food politely and started eating then she stopped as she felt the girl staring at her and she blushed.

This was weird for her, it's true that right now her mind was blank and she couldn’t remember anything but somehow she felt like she've never been in such a position being pitied by others.
Posted 6/22/08
" Its good that u like it!", Lia said cold like ever, " I should go and take the medicine, but I am sure those kids will understand that u were more important!"

She opened the scarf and let her long white her fell down at her shoulders.

" Will u tell me what happend to u`?"
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Posted 6/22/08
Nichol hesitated for a moment, she didn't no what to say, she infact had no answer for that question, not yet atleast...
So she just said "Thanks again for ur kindness"
The girl kept looking at her waiting for her to say something

so Nichol said "My name is... Li.." the Girl was looking at her intently

"My name is Lili"
Posted 6/22/08
" Well at least u know your name! U can call me Lia!"; she said and went to a coffer. It was her coffer where here uniform were in. For a second she stopped and didn´t want to open it, bu then she did.

" Well u need something to wear, that dress is dirty and it really does´t suit u!", she said and searched something deep in the coffer then she found it. It was her dancing dress she weared at that night where she should became a member of the Rounds of nights, where the holy britannia empire fell.
It had no sleeves, coz she lost them at the fight, but the rest was still ok.

" here u can wear that... I am smaller that u, but atm u look so thin that I think it isn´t a problem!"
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