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Post Reply Game: Code Geass R3 :P
Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/27/08
" What will u do know?", Kali whispered to her as lika jumped infront of them happy up and down. For a second she didn´t hear him. She was lost in her thoughts, coz she wasn´t able to believe his words. " I expect great things from u",..there was for sure something behind those words, but what was he planning. She wanted to kill him at the first seconds she has seen him, but then something grow on her mind. He looked secure that he was able to do that. To rebuilt britannia. She had to find out his plan.

" Atm....fullfill his wishes!", Lia said cold and went to her knightmere, "
Are u ok with the fact that I am your comander Lika?"

" Well I am scared of u sooo wha´t shall I say?", he said and jumped into his knightmere.

" Good!", lia said and entered Merlin, " We will head to hokkaido! Their controls theit were the whole time less! Then we need to find away to kyoto! I do have a nice idea!"

" Hai!", both twins said and they left london!

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Posted 6/27/08 , edited 9/26/08
I removed this scene!!! change in plans!!
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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/29/08
While roaming around the almost deserted palace, A.A. came to a huge garden. Emphasizing on the beauty of the nature, it was a simple garden without much structures. Yet, the positioning of the flowers was carefully arranged. Furthermore, it is a beautiful garden where flowers still bloomed merrily. A.A. was surprised to see that the garden was in such a good condition, considering that the Britannia Empire had faced challenges not too long ago, and was practically destroyed humbly by the ferocious Black Knights.

Looks like this garden had survived the worse, A.A. thought; will I survive the worse and bloom beautifully like these flowers? Despite herself never being an admirer of the beauty of flowers, A.A. nevertheless wished that she would survive this.

“Oh, hi there, Little Miss,” a friendly and cheerful voice said.

Alerted, A.A. turned around to see the intruder. It was an enormous wrinkled man – the gardener. The old men laughed gently at A.A.’s silence and motioned to the flowers, “beautiful aren’t they? I spent quite some time on them, caring for them, watering them, and of course, weeding and cutting out the bad parts.”

“Old man. Why didn’t you leave the palace when the war was raging?”

“Oh, I could never had left this place.. not the place Marianne-sama had left me,” the old man looked fondly at the place.
“Marianne… this is Marianne’s garden.”

“Aye… it is. She may a fierce warrior out there in a Kightmare, but when it comes to a garden, Marianne-sama knows her stuff.”
“Hm.” A.A. turned around and left the garden, leaving the old gardener with his memories.

“See you, little one. Come back again when you are free,” the old man yelled as he waved to the retreating background of A.A.

* * *
When A.A. cam back to the throne room, she was surprised to see it empty. Wasn’t Adam supposed to be there, planning? He had been so seriously working that A.A. did not care to disturb him. Scowling, A.A. was about to leave the room when she caught sight of a passing guard.

“You there. Where is Adam?”

“His Majesty is away for now.”

“Away? Where did he go?”

“I had no idea, Miss A.A.” the guard bowed and left quickly. A.A. scowled fiercely and flop down onto the throne, waiting for Adam's return.
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
" That was rude!", Likas said and pouted for a second.

" Where should we get then our clothes?", Lia said and wlked on," I like that black knighs uniform....and at least..we haven´t killed them!"

Lika starred at her as she walked away. " I really can not stand her.....!"

" what now?", Kali asked and ignored his brother, " where shall we go!"

" Kyoto!", Lia said simble
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08
moments laters adam vi britannia has arrived back at the palace where A.A is waiting for him. A.A isn't happy that Adam decided to leave with out A.A. "where did you go? asks A.A. Adam appears to be in a good mood " i was makeing early peperations for my army to invade area 11" says adam. A.A was alittle surprised at the rate adam was working in conquering area 11 " you have already come this far with out using u geass, not bad for a baby king" says A.A. Adam starts to laugh "yes but i will require geass in some point of the future, there are traiters with in britannia and i will use those traitors agaisnt there masters" says adam. A.A still thinks Adam vi brittania is a baby king but she also thinks that adam may have some of talent.
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
A.A. wondered what really is Adam planning. Trust that guy to go around the corners, A.A. thought. There is no way Adam could be as good as Lelouch – A.A. thought that the rebel prince is a genius rare to the world. Yet, there may be some value in this plan of his. She wanted to know more about the plan, to find out more, and if there is any information that would be helpful to her, A.A. could take advantage of it.

“So, how you plan to find out who are the traitors and who are not?” A.A. replied in a mild, neutral tone.

Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
( Damn I have the feeling he knows XD)

Lia had lost the twins! It was all Likas fault, he ad to talk that loud about himself and the britannia empire that someone had heard it and then they got devided.

" All my plans gone, coz of that stupid moron!", she whispered and was lost at one of the corridors at the fuji- mine.

" Hey u what are u doing around here alone!", a voice said and she knew that it was the one of the Guren 2 pilot. Her mind was working as she turned and changed her face expression.

" I....I have ..lost my way!", she said now near the tears, looking like a helpless little girl, " ...I am a new member, but that all is too big for me.....!"

Kallen starred at her and seemed not ´want to believe what is happening atm infront of her eyes. And now she saw the C.C was there too and her eyes seemed to pierce her. As if they could see thru her to the bottom of her soul. For a second Lia shivered.

" Jezzz everytime the same! I will show u the was, ok?"

Li smiled. ( yeah she did XD)

" Wait!", C.c. said in her monotone voice.

Lia was shocked.

" Isn´t she cute!", she spoke, still monotone like ever, " I want her to follow me!"
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/3/08
A.A has alot of un answered questions and she is demanding adam to tell her what his plans are. As for adam he is as confident as ever and believes he will be able to rebuild the britannian empire but with A.A looking at him in a stange way, adam cannot afford to make A.A un happy so he decides to tell her the plan" very well A.A, i have sent the people who i suspect are traitors to carry out missions,The missions are fake and i have placed tracking devices on there knight mares so i am able to keep track of there every move" says adam. Adam thinks his plan will succeed and is very confident of that " the traitors will lead me to the enemy and from there on my army will come down on them and nothing will be left" says adam. A.A started to believe that adam was a war addict who had a hunger for war " is that your plan? violence alone will not be enough to get your empire back but i shouldn't expect nothing more from a baby king such as your self" says A.A. Adam starts to get angry " i spent hours planing that, how dare you speak like that about my plans" says adam as he takes out his gun and aims it at A.A. A.A is not bothered by the gun " you think this weapon will be enough to stop me? didn't your father tell u about ppl like me? guns cannot harm us" says A.A. Adam then throws his gun away" yes i am aware of this but i will proceed with my plan and nothing u say will stop it" says adam. A.A knows well that adam is along way from acheiveing his goal of rebuilding the empire but decides not to intervene in adams plans unless adam says so.
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Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
For the next Couple of Days, Lili lived with the 3 sisters, Anamia was starting to feel better, but she still needed to take her medication regularly, they were starting to run out of cash though.

"We have another house that we rent" Anamia told LiLi

LiLi "I can go get the money for you"

Anamia "Thank you, you've been so kind"

Lili "You’ve been the one’s kind to me, you took me in, en-trusted me with your sisters, it's a debt that I'll never be able to repay"
Anamia "When I get better, I really want to help you, I know this woman, she was a friend of my Mother, I think she can help you remember"

Lili "Oh, I dunno, I don't believe in supernatural"

Anamia "I won't take no for an answer"

Lili smiled "If you insist, just rest now"

As she headed out of the room, she wondered whether that woman could really help her, but that didn't seem to matter to her anymore, she and Anamia had become really good friends in such a short time and she had just started to accept to let go of the past. Whether that woman helped her or not wouldn't make a difference to her, not any more.
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
Lia couldn´t realize what is happening. She was sitting in the meeting room of black knights flag ship and she had no idea what to do.

" Don´t look so puzzeld!", C.C said as she entered the room, " Both of u share the same fate....!"

" Who?", Lia said still playing the dumb one.

" Zero and u! The family didn´t want to have u and u never will really get your revange on those people who have hurt u!"

" So u know!", she said cold now.

" Everything!", C.c answered and sat down, " I like your true self...Zero will be happy about u!"

" What are u going to do with me?"

" I will not tell anyone about your secrets. He shall find it out by himself who you are. But I want to have u here. You r in need where everything is changing...and that too fast!"

" You are talking about A.A?"

" And something else somewhere hidden in the world...!"
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
A.A stared at the screen silently, her legs propped up on the chair she is sitting on. She did not seems to notice the melting ice-cream in front of her on the table, but was staring at the screen further behind.

Previously bored, her attention was now captured. On the screen, there was a dot, and besides the small dot, there was a name. Emilia Morgentau. It was her knightmare that was situated in an area that captured A.A.’s attention.

Looks like the baby king’s plan is working. There was something about the plan that A.A. did not like. Yet, it is proving its worth now. At this terrain… the knightmare is at such a terrain, A.A. thought to herself, its weird – too weird.

Is it possible, A.A. wondered… there is a distinct possibility…
Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
( I hope u mean hokkadio coz they left their knightmere there)

" And u believe that I will do all that stuff! And not tell Adam something about that!", lia said.

" No U will not!". C.C didn´t said something else only watched er.

" Soka!", Lia answered, " So I am a tratior from no on!"

" Yeah u can not change that fact!", she murmured, " I have ordered to take your knightmeres here. Your brother will arrive soon, so don´t too reckless stuff! From now on u r my puppet as show to the other people! ....Please wear that dress?"

" Never!", lia said and starred at it.

" At least u r a princess, so should like it! And no one willbelieve me that u r my puppet if not....!", then C.C left the room.

Her first thoughts went to Kali and Lika, if they are ok, but then she realised that they r knights of rounds and that they should be able to stay alive. Then she started to thing about the fact that C.C ordered to bring her knightmere here. Will they not realize thats a britannia one, a knight of rounds one and thats three and not one. Finally she started to put on that dress.

" At least I am a princess, hu?", she whispered and watched that girl in a sky blue dress in the mirror!
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08
meanwhile back at the palace adam is tracking the movements of those who he suspects are traitors. Adam knows that there are traiters within his army but doesn't know who exactly the traitors are. He hopes that this plan will reveal who the traitors are so that he can use them to lead his forces to the enemy "this should work , i have spent alot ot time in planning this, it must work" says adam. Adam waits patiently and looks at a giant screen where the movements of every one suspected to be a traiter is displayed.
" soon i will know the identity of the traitors" says adam as he laughs.
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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
A.A. thought as she beginning digging into the ice-cream again, trying to salvage whatever that was not melted. While she does that, her mind was thinking hard. First, the knightmare was in Hokkaido, for quite some time.. and then, it travelled, all the way to Kyoto… and to somewhere that is . She looked silently at Adam, and watched his expression.
Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
Adam begins to notice that there is a knightmare heading to kyoto "wat do we have here i don't recall telling any of my knights 2 go 2 kyoto" says adam. Adam is pleased and believe he has found one of the traitors" so it was you afterall emilia, such a shame u were a good knight but once u lead me 2 the enemy i will wipe them out along with you" says adam. He then gets out a commuinicater " get a exact fix on emilas location as soon as she leads u 2 the enemy kill her along with everyone else" says adam
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