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just want to get to know everyone and maybe set up some activites
we have to become the best division and please can you stay active. i have got a lot of ideas for us and can you post just a bit about yourself and your character or just come to chat
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Thank you Zaraki...for doing this forum I'll fill up those FAQs
Ok...this forum is for those totally of half clueless about wat in the world BLEACH lets fill up those FAQ....that you will usually ask:

What is a Shinigami?
Ans: A Shinigami/Soul Reaper is wat we are...what you will be if ur joining...we are the ones who protect the souls in Soul Soceity and the Human world...although we can still die like humans, we can take a hellava lot of damage than a regular human...

What is a Zanpaktoh?
Ans: A zanpaktoh/Soul slayer is our weapon, our partner, it also has life...usually how or what our Zanpaktoh is depending on our personality...A zanpaktoh can NEVER be replaced thats coz its part of the owner's soul. But dun worry if its broken, Zanpaktoh can recover given enuf time...usually is a katana but changes its form wenever u call it out...two form btw...Shikai and Bankai...

What is Shikai?
The shikai (始解, shikai? initial release) is the first "upgraded" form available to a zanpakutō. To activate it, the Soul Reaper needs to learn the name of their zanpakutō. Therefore, the Soul Reaper must be able to communicate with their zanpakutō effectively, which requires being able to speak to the spirit within its world. After first learning the zanpakutō's name, the shikai can be performed at will simply by speaking a command followed by the zanpakutō's name (in most cases). The command varies between users and range from a simple imperative verb to a short poem. It often relates to the zanpakutō's signature ability, or hints at the nature of its spirit.

What is Bankai?
The bankai (卍解, bankai? final release) is the second and final form of a zanpakutō. To achieve it, one must be able to materialize their zanpakutō's spirit in the real world. According to Yoruichi Shihouin, the power of bankai typically increases a Soul Reaper's power by a factor of five to ten. If the owner is on the verge of death, the bankai will disappear. The bankai itself will extend the name of the zanpakuto (Ichigo's Zangetsu becomes Tensa Zangetsu, Byakuya's Senbonzakura becomes Senbonzakura Kageyoshi), or sometimes change it altogether (Tōsen's Suzumushi becomes Enma Kōrogi). (General's note: you can have another name for Bankai...if you want to...)

Does my Zanpaktoh has its own world?
Yes! How would you acheive Bankai if your Zanpaktoh dun have one? And you can go inside their world....

(Thats it...for now...If you guys dun understand (since I took most from wiki) jus PM me or the other guys...WE can PM u all that we knw bout have fun)
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