(Story) "The Kingdom of Darkness"
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The Strange Happening

CRASH! “Princess please stop this nonsense” yelled the maid angrily. The princess continued shooting the expensive vases “BAND BANG” yelled the princess. “I said STOP!” the maid said angrily. The made tried to stand up but forgot she was under a round table and bumped her head “OW!” the maid yelled crawling from beneath the table. A BIG! Glass swan fell off the table and landed and CRASHED! on the maids head. CRASH! went the swan figure. The maid got knocked out and fell straight on the floor. “I guess…my work here is done” Kuroda (the princess) said proudly walking out of the hallway door smiling. While she is walking she is saying “I wonder what I should do…OH! maybe I can get my bazooka out and blast some walls.. Oh! wait that was confiscated because I broke down the whole castle last time….Hmmm”. “KURODA THERE YOU ARE! The princess of light is here to see you” Said Tadashi with one hand on the wall and bending down out of breath from running. “MIYU IS! YAY!” Kuroda says jumping up and down running as fast as she can to the door entrance. Kuroda then opens the door “Oh! Sya is here to?” Kuroda said surprised but happily. “Yeah who else would it be” said Sya annoyed. Miyu giggles “You guys really do get along” said Miyu happily “NO WE DON’T!” said both of them but in different tones. Kuroda and Sya look at each other angrily, Miyu giggles again “Anyway want to go to the legendary Sakura Tree tonight?” Kuroda suggested. “Legendary Sakura Tree?” Miyu said looking confused. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS!” Sya said surprised. Miyu shakes her head no “The Legendary Sakura Tree is a big legend in your kingdom so how could you not know” Sya asked. “how am I supposed to know” Miyu said pouting. “The Sakura Tree is a tree of rebirth” Kuroda said seriously. “Rebirth?” both of them said. “Yes that tree… before the angels came and darkness and light got along that tree was used as a place to reborn a person who has died... as in successor” Kuroda said seriously. “OH! I remember that but once Dark and Light got along everyone started” Miyu got interrupted. “To forget the great Sakura Tree that made Light and Dark join” Sya said. “Now everyone knows so lets go tonight alright” Kuroda said happily. “ALRIGHT” both of them said “Then meet me in the middle of the kingdoms” Kuroda said happily. “The Unite center right?” Sya asked. “YEP! But I don’t know what if we get in trouble” Miyu said nervously. “Don’t worry about it” Kuroda says encouraging Miyu. “YEAH! No worries” Sya said bravely. “Ok! then I’ll go”. Sya and Miyu leave the kingdom of darkness and go back to there own kingdoms and get prepared. Kuroda goes and does the same “I can’t wait” Kuroda says excitedly.

The Strange happening
Part 2

At the United Center

Kuroda finally arrives “WOW! Look at it over here….huh? what’ this” Kuroda looks behind her. O O! “A TAIL!...I-I have to hide it” Kuroda then stuffs her tail under her dress. She then feels her head “ EARS…”..”what else could happen…wait… forget I said that I don’t want to jinx myself” Kuroda says worriedly. Suddenly her tail and cat ears disappear “W-what was that?...huh? oh well it was cool while it lasted” Said Kuroda back to normal “KURODA!” both Miyu and Sya said while landing on the ground safely then putting away there wings. “Sya! Miyu!” Kuroda yells happily “Shhh!” Sya covers Kurodas mouth “be quiet you know we snuck out to” Sya told Kuroda quietly. “A-anyway lets go before we are found out” Miyu says causiously. While there walking to the Sakura Tree shine. “Hey Miyu havnt you heard…the women who guards that place is terribly scary” Kuroda makes herself look scary to freak Miyu out. “And did you know she has 8 LEGS AND HAIR ALL OVER!” Kuroda says scarily. “EKKKK!” Miyu screams loudly…Sya then covers Miyu’s mouth so no body here’s her scream “KURODA! Don’t freak her out like that” Sya said angrily. “Sorry I got into the moment…also Miyu”…Kuroda said normally “I was over exaggerating. Miyu, Sya and Kuroda arrive at the shrine. “Here we go” all of them said. They all step on the first step Sya and Kuroda felt something weird. Suddenly Miyu was pushed back from something very strong. “MIYU!” both of them shouted and went to help her. “Sya did you feel that……what was that” Kuroda asked and suddenly became serious. “I think it was a strong force field….of dark magic which is probably why Miyu couldn’t get through…if only we could find the source” Sya said angrily and bit her lip. “Oh you really want to find the source” Said a voice. “YES! So I can destroy it!” Sya said madly… “Wait!... what was that voice?” Sya asked. “Oh it was me!” a white tiger suddenly appeared in front of the steps. “So you want to destroy me… how mean to say that to dear young lady Tetsu” Tetsu says sweetly. “YOUNG LADY! YOU’RE A OLD HAG!” Kuroda says laughing at tetsu. “What did you say!” Tetsu then charges at Kuroda and gets ready to attack.

The Strange Happening part 3
Where we left off

Kuroda then grasps her Bazooka and gets ready to fire it! “STOP!” A girl comes from around the corner of the steps “What do you think your doing at the Shine…and your just kids” the strang women said unimpressed. “KURODA NOW!” Sya yelled. “ALRIGHT!” Kuroda gets her Bazooka ready and shoots it at tetsu creating a BIG! Smoke. “Miyu you stay here and use your powers to keep them still while we go in alright” Sya said quickly. “Alright!” Miyu gets back up and gets her wings out and ready to use her power. “GOOD!” both Sya and Kuroda said. Kuroda and Sya head into the Shine while the smoke is going on and hides behind a stone. “Kuroda do you think u” Sya gets interrupted “I’m on it already” Kuroda then gets a grenade. Kuroda bites the cap off and gets ready to throw it. “Huh? So they left there friend behind what cowards” the strang women says. “THEY ARE MY FRIENDS! Miyu then uses her powers but they fail the preistest power is far greater then hers. “Don’t you know who I am? I am the preistest of darkness” Tinaya said proudly. Right when Kuroda gets ready to throw her grenade Miyu says something. “I thought the preistest of the Sakura tree had 8 legs and hair all over, was ugly, was 150 years old, and a monster” Miyu said normally. “W-w-w-WHAT WAS THAT!” Tinaya yells. “Your ugly with hair all over you old person” Miyu says normally and giggles. ‘HA! So funny anyway while she’s distracted!” Kuroda throws the grenade at the preiestest. Miyu then locks her in a cage of light and Sya and Kuroda head to the Sakura Tree. Kuroda touches the tree “Wow so pretty!” Kuroda goes around it examining it with stars in her eyes of amazement. “it is pretty” Sya agrees with Kuroda. “LETS BRAKE A BRANCH!” Kuroda suggests. “NO DON’T DO THAT!” Sya yells. Kuroda climes the tree and Sya comes after her. Kuroda and Sya get cut by a branch and right when Kuroda’s about to break the tree branch Sya grabs her arm. Kuroda’s hand is on a branch. Suddenly… the tree starts glowing and a face appears on it “WATCH WHERE YOUR TOUCHING YOU LITTLE BRATS!... No one is aloud to touch the beautiful branches of Ruu” Ruu says deeply but proudly. O _ o Kuroda and Sya fall out of the tree in surprise. “AH! IT CAN SPEAK!” Kuroda yelled excitedly. “Yeah…and it thinks its all that” Sya said unimpressed. “What! You dare make fun of thy Ruu” Ruu says angrily. “AHAHAHHA!” both Kuroda and Sya fall down laughing. Tinaya comes running to see that Ruu has awoken and the 2 children are laughing on the floor. “How is it possible…. No one can wake Ruu unless there a” Tinaya just realizes something and goes and hides instead of letting them see her. Kuroda and Sya Tickle the tree. he’s not ticklish” Kuroda says disappointed. “Why would I be I’m a tree” said Ruu. “KURODA LOOK AT THE TRUNK!” Sya says loudly. “Yes I know its…WOW! WHAT THE! A PORTEL!” Kuroda trys to remove her hand but its stuck “OUR HANDS ARE STUCK!” Sya. “What the heck is happening” Kuroda says suddenly serious. Kuroda bites her lip “DANG IT! WERE GETTING SUCKED IN!..” yells Kuroda “AHHH!” they both scream. “I-I’m not letting this happen “ Kuroda says almost about to pass out. Kuroda’s body suddenly starts glowing black and so does Sya’s. “I’m getting us out of here” Kuroda says seriously. Suddenly they are transported to a big ocean with sharks as soon as they go under the water they…disappear.

ARE THEY DEAD! Is the question…not even…do I know
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