Ryu Hayabusa and Dante(DMC) (not a vs)
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28 / M / Sandiego,Ca
Posted 6/23/08
Ive recently played the new Ninja Gaiden 2 . i found that the DMC games have alot of concepts the same as the Ninja Gaiden games, while i was playing i wondered who is the better killer and the better story line, i love the moves both characters do its almost ridiculous... seriously... i mean.... why chop off the arms and legs when the head is already gone..... then stab the kidney...

hmmm this thread may not go anywhere but .

i was wondering what you guys feel about the 2 characters and the storys lines.
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36 / M / Pinsnotch2
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
comparing things esu versus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those games are too violent for my taste so i don't know shit about either
Posted 6/24/08
Dante is a half demon, and Ryu Kills demons, added on to the fact he's a freakn ninja, so Ryu can kill half of Dante, then Dante...aw hell I don't know, asking me to compare those guys is like saying compare Jimi Hendrix and Elvis...
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