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A story of Natsume and Mikan and Ruka
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
"Thank you" said Mikan as they running.
"Youre welcome"

In the meantime by Natsume Ruka and the others:
"Okay...and now?" Tsubasa asked the others.
"Don't know...we can't go to the office from the elementary principal because he is there with Mikan.... maybe" Ruka said.
"Hey Ruka can you ask the birds??" Misaki asked.
"Uhh... yeah i can do that!"
"And call the huge hawk to! that thing was AWESOME!!!" Tsubasa said.
Natsume looked at Tsubasa.
"Mpphh baka!" Natsume said softly.
Tsubasa looked at Natsume.
"Ey Natsume.... is evrything okay between you and me?" and Tsubasa smiled.
Natsume looked up at Tsubasa.
"No!" and Natsume walked to Ruka.
"He creaps me out!!" though Tsubasa
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
Nobaru got Mikan outside behind the hospital. She looked up at the wall and created an ice path upward and outside. "I'll go back and help the others, with your Nulification Alice, you should be able to get past the electric fence without any problem. But stay here, and if I don't come back or when the ice parth turns purple, get outside right away. If anyone tries to catch you, use Persona's Alice to... stop them."
Nobaru hurried back before Mikan could say anything else.

Meanwhile, Persona pulled himself away from Nobaru's ice, "Don't underestimate me... I still have some of my powers back."
Luna was clutching her right cheek in pain as she stood up, "Nice to see you again... Persona, soo we're on the same side this time huh?"
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
"Only for this time...Luna" Persona said.
"So you wanna get youre alice back?" Luna asked.
Persona nodded
"Mikan have youre Alice!"
Persona looked at Luna.
"She have what?!"

Meanwhile by Natsume and the others:

"Hey guys i have spoke with the birds a second ago!" Ruka said as he and Natsume walked back to the others.
"And?" Hotaru asked.
"And The Elementary principal is not in his office!"
"Good than we can go help Mikan!" Misaki said.
"Yeah! Ruka call youre awesome hawk! whe gonna safe Mikan!" Tsubasa said
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
Nastume was not far away when he heard someone running toward him, he was ready to attack and saw Nobaru. She froze his fireball, "Wait, Mikan is behind the academy's hospital, call all your friends!"

Mikan paced back and forth, "I can't just stand here and do nothing!"
A huge shadow passed over her, "Huh? A huge hawk?"
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
"Wait a min. a HUGE HAWK!!!!????" though Mikan
"MIKAN!!!" said a voice from above.
"I know that voice" though Mikan aigain.
"TSUBASA!!!! GUYS!!" Yelled Mikan
The hawk fly down to Mikan.
Mikan ran to the hawk as the others climb of the hawk..
"Mikan!! youre safe!!" Hotaru said.
"Yeah!!! all thanks to Nobara!!"
The others lookt at Nobara.
Nobara looked at the ground.
Mikan walked to Nobara
"Uhh... Nobara?? whats wrong"
"Mikan! Persona and Luna..they gonna go after you!"
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
"I know, but lets get out of here!" Mikan climbed onto the hawk and the group flied over the wall outside... free.
"Where are we heading?" Tsubasa asked.
Mikan had a huge grin on her face, "Ruka, can you tell the hawk something for me?"
Mikan whispered something in Ruka and he turned quite red, but he whispered it to the hawk and they were off.

2 hours later, they flew past the city into the countryside toward a small Japanese house with an old man outside.
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
The hawk flew down and Mikan climb of the hawk and go in side the house from the old man.
"Where the hell are whe!" Natsume asked as he looked around.
"No idea!" Misaki said and climb of the hawk
The others climb from the hawk too.
"Ruka what have Mikan said to you?" Natsume asked
"Ey guys!"Mikan said the others turnt they heads to Mikan
"Uhh... Mikan who is that old man?" tsubasa asked.
Hotaru started to laugh.
"Mikan you..." Hotaru said as she was laughing
"What in the world is going on!!!" Tsubasa said
"Guys this is my grandpa!" Mikan said as she was smiling
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
*cricket* *cricket**cricket*

half an hour later....

"Mikan, Hotaru, I am so glad that you two came back! And with friends, too! I don't quite understand the alice stuffs but you are welcome to stay here as long as you please."
"WE can't do that, we have to leave here as soon as possible." Natsume said.
"Why Natsume?" Mikan asked hurt.
"Actually he's right Mikan, we don't want your grandpa to be involve in this, too. The people at the school knows this place." Tsubasa said.
"What nonense! We have to call the police!" the old man argued.
"The polices are powerless against the school." Natsume replied bluntly.
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
"Yeah grandpa... Natsume is right but i want to be with grandpa!" Mikan said.
"Mikan they know this place" Misaki said.
"No they do not! we are safe" Mikan said.
"Fine!...but not to long! okay" Tsubasa said.
"Yaaayy!!! thanks Tsubasa senpai!!!" yelled Mikan happy.
Natsume looked at Mikan.
"She is in love with Shadow....damn it!!!" though Natsume.
Natsume walked at Mikan.
Mikan looked up at Natsume "Whats wrong Nat..." But before Mikan could speak futher Natsume hid her on her head.
"WHAT THE HELL!!!!" Mikan yelled at Natsume.
"WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR!!" and Mikan looked angry at Natsume
"Because youre so stupid to make the others woried" said Natsume.
The others nodded.
"Ey Natsume youre where worried to!" Hotaru said.
Mikan looked at Natsume and she started to blush a little.
"What??!! not true!"
"Yeah right!!" laugh Ruka
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
Ruka and Hotaru made some tea for everyone and they sat around chatting about the area. Suddenly Mikan's grandpa pulled her away from the group.
"Mikan that Ruka boy is incredible!!!!" the old man's eyes lit up!
"Uh yeah! Ruka is nice." Mikan said slowly.
"By any chance.. is he your boyfriend?" the old man asked excitedly.
"NO!" Mikan yelled, "Grandpa!!!"
"Aw... that's too bad, and that girl with the short blue hair is pretty shy, too. Is anything wrong with her?"
"No... but Ruka is NOT my boyfriend."
"Okay... but we'll see!"
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
And Grandpa walked away.
"Menn grandpa....." though Mikan and Mikan walked to the group.
"Ey are you escaped from the Elementary principal?" Mikan asked as she sat down next to Natsume on the couch
"Thats the thanks to Andou and Natsume" Misaki said.
"Really you two?" Mikan said suprised as she looked at Tsubasa and Natsume.
"Yeah whats so suprised about that!" Natsume said and looked at Mikan.
"Uhh... because you might liked Tsubasa?" Mikan said
And Tsubasa looked to Natsume and smiled at him.
"No i don't!" said Natsume short and looked away.
"He creaps me out!" Tsubasa wispered in Mikan's ear.
"Ey guys tea time :)" said Ruka with a smile.
"Finally!" Tsubasa said
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
10 minutes later....

"Hey, do you guys wanna play outside? We have a swimming hole behind the house!" Mikan suggested.
"SURE!!!!!!!!!" Tsubasa yelled.
"Pass" natsume and hotaru said at the same time.
"Awww come on!" Mizaki urged them, "Nobara, you'll swim too?"
"I.... don't know how..."

Soon the group were outside, Tsubasa, Ruka and Mikan were splashing water at each other. Mizaki was busy teaching Nobara how to swim while Hotaru and Natsume sat side by side away from the swimming hole.
"Why don't you go join them?" Hotaru asked.
"I don't like water." Natsume replied simply.
"I bet you 10 GA coins that you'll get into the water soon." hotaru offered.
"Like that would happen, sure." Natsume replied.

Tsubasa, Ruka, and Mikan were having a free-style race. "Wow, Tsubasa! you're fast!"
"Thanks Mikan! Wanna ride on my back?" Tsubasa offered.
"I can? Cool!"

Natsume watched them angrily while Hotaru darted a victorious grin at Natsume.
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
"Whats the matter Natsume?" Hotaru said with an smile on her face.
"Nothing... and whats that smile for" said Natsume as he looked at Hotaru.
"Ow... because i'm gonna win our bet" Hotaru said.
"Yeah right..." Natsume said and looked at Mikan and Tsubasa.
Hotaru looked at him
"Jealous..." though Hotaru.
The grandpa from Mikan sat in house on the couch looking trough the window.
" grow up so fast.." though the grandpa from Mikan.
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
"Mikan? IS THAT YOU?!?!?" called a voice from the side of the house.
Mikan's head whipped in the direction at the voice, "... MICHIRU!!!!!!!!" She dashed toward him and gave him a gigantic hug.
Natsume's eyebrow twitched a little.
"I knew you would come back to me!" Michiru hugged her back, "You're even prettier than before!"
"hehe, Michiru, I want you to meet my friends!: Mikan tugged him toward the everyone and introduced them.
For some reason Michiru's and Natsume's eyes met for quite a while before they turned away. Nobara stared at Michiru.
"Wanna swim with us?" Mikan asked.
"Sure!... Hey Natsume right? wanna have a race?" Michiru asked standing in front of Natsume.
"No thanks." Natsume replied firmly.
"Oh what's the matter? You can't swim? I can teach you you know. But if you insist then I'll be with Mikan." Michiru said.
He jumped into the swimming hole with Mikan and started to play tag.
Hotaru still felt satisfied about winning the 10 GA coins but her eyes detected trouble. Natsume's fists were clenched.
"Geez... stop touching her you bastard..." Natsume thought.
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
"...I pass!" Natsume said still full with anger.
"Ahh come on Natsume! its gonna be fun!" Mikan said.
Suddenly Michiru grabbed her and starting to tickel her.
"Ahhh... Michiru stop that!" said Mikan as she laugh.
Natsume looking at the two full with anger.
Ruka sah that and walked at Natsume
"Ey Natsume come on.. maybe the grandpa from Mikan needs our help with something" and Ruka grabbed Natsume's arm and walked inside the house.
"Natsume you baka!!" Ruka said. Natsume looked at Ruka.
"What do you mean baka!" Natsume said angry.
"You wanna use youre Alice on that guy!" Ruka said.
Natsume looked away.
"Its a secret that we are Alices!!" Ruka said.
"Yeah i know that!!"
"Natsume come on where gonna help the grandpa from Mikan with something...okay?" Ruka said and smiled at him.
"Fine..." Natsume said
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