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Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/20/09
Name: Hiro
Race: Pure-Blood Vampire
Age: 16
Weapons: 2 Special Katana / Fist / Control any elements that is near him
Bio: His whole family was kill when he was 6 years old..... But he lost his memories at age 10. Now he is traveling all over to find his lost memories........
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Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/29/09
Name: Teir Kirin
Race: shapeshifter?
Age: 16
Weapon: shape change powers, fangs, claws, sword passed down from her father
Bio: shes the girl that no one wants never wanted or ever will want. she has a brother(also a shape changer) a sister(human) and a father(human) her mom(?) walked out on her life when she was 4, her sister was raped and killed, and her brother was hit by a car mid change and didnt survive, her dad joined the army after her brother and sister died and she turned 14 he is currently MIA. the only thing she has left of her family is the sword that has been passed down from the first shape changer in the family down to her. she wants to find someone she can trust but has issues letting people into her life out of fear that they will walk out on her too.
human form:
demon form:
favorite animal forms:
stealth-(the owl)

(tear can i be an original character?)
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/22/09
Name: Pheonix
Race: vampire/pheonix demon
Age: 18
Weapons: her pheonix powers, a blade she got when her parents died
Bio: the only thing most people can get out of her is that she has no family left.

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