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Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
"Men like you should go to hell"

That's half true but.....

you can't count nice boys or gay ahhhh i mean homosexual
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Posted 9/20/08 , edited 9/20/08
1.Kotonoha~ I feel SO sorry for her! She was treated badly by every1 and the first lime she ever learned to love, was so bad...==" it drove her to the brink of insantity. Also she was the onli one of the girls that wasn't a slut and had sex with Makoto (No offence)
2.Kiyora~ Pretty selfless, but annoying for being so harsh to Kotonoha, and she and Makoto...u kno
3. Otomi (is that how u spell it, i 4get) Another one of Makoto's stupid sluts, and indecent to Kotonoha.
4.Taisuke-All discusting lust-sickening rapists deserve to die.
5.Sekai- Pretty much was all her fault to begin with (and Makoto's) Crazy psycho b* who lied about having a child, and let stupid Makoto get his way. (The only thing good she did was kill the bastard)

~Where's Makoto u ask...? That [insert swear word] doesn't even deserve to be on the list~He's probably one of the worst anime character mess-ups of all time, so lets put him down at...99999999999999999999999999999999999....ect
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
1. Katsura-Because she didn't deserve any of this. Even if she went insane.
2. Setsuna-Hid her feelings for Sekai. (Except when she kissed Makoto in one episode)
3. Sekai-She stole Makoto for herself.
4. Tie between Taisuke and Otome (If that's allowed)- Taisuke forced himself onto Katsura and that made me hate him so friggin much. And as for Otome... she and her little posse can go to hell for all I care for bullying Katsura so mercilessly.
5. Makoto-He's a liar, cheater, and a downright ass for what he did to Katsura.
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Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/25/08
1. Setsuna- My ultimate favorite character in this anime, she hid her feelings for Makoto just for Sekai. Except that one episode.
2. Kotonoha- She didnt deserve the way her life went.
3. Sekai- She was a hoe but I liked her in a way. I liked her playful, innocent side. She's still a hoe.
4. Hikari- She was cute but she slept with Makoto lots. I like her hair o^^o
5. Tie between Taisuke and Makoto- Both are extreme perverts. Taisuke is a frikin rapist and Makoto is just an ass.
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Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/28/08
Seems like an old topic, but from the few I did read, my opinion's fairly different..

Quick Edit: I know I typed a lot, but my biggest point in this post is that Taisuke did NOT rape Kotonoha. Read his entry for an explanation >_>

My favorite to worst list:

1. Sekai, hands down. In the first place, she got along the most with Makoto and they would've made a great couple, but even in the beginning of it, she had a crush on him. But because she loved Makoto so much, she wanted to see him happy, even if what he wanted at the time wasn't her. To support someone you love enough to help them be with the person they like? Heh, really.. That must've been really hard on her, but she forced herself to smile in front of him anyways to make him happy. The only thing I didn't like was that in the end she supposedly lied about the pregnancy. As she said herself, while screaming at Makoto in class, that's not a subject to lie\joke about. But in the end, I think she was the only person that was really in love in this entire anime. Not to mention, she's the only character that didn't cheat on the person they supposedly loved. As far as calling her a slut for stealing her away? That's Makoto's fault for not realizing it in the first place, she was in love with him the whole time, and as his feelings changed and what would make him happy changed, she did as well. They were meant to be the couple in this anime. As far as her not telling Kotonoha about them? Again, that's something Makoto should've done, not her.

2. Taisuke - I don't know how yall seemed to misunderstand this so bad, but a post right above me says he raped her? No, he didn't.. idiots.. Re-watch it. He loved Kotonoha, yeah.. and probably just because he was a perv, but he was still always honest and genuine. In the episode he supposedly "raped" her (End of episode 9 and Beginning of episode 10 if you'd like to rewatch it.).. Yeah, he didn't. The only thing he forced on her was a hug. The next day he's all happy and such, she tells him to forget about it, she breaks his heart. He did it while she was vulnerable, thus taking advantage of her being upset. He was emotional and expressing his love for her and trying to comfort her by being the rebound because he knew she was just hurt, so he was trying to offer her a better relationship, one without betrayal. He didn't physically rape her though. He was definitely a perverted idiot, but not a rapist. She was vulnerable and upset hearing that Makoto had betrayed her and just didn't care, she was just in total shock and probably more upset than any of you have ever been. But yeah, watch it again, the day after she tells him to forget about it and pretend it didn't happen because she doesn't have feelings for him, after he brought tickets to take her on a date. Yall are morons for thinking he's a rapist. Think a rapist would run up all wee, lets go on a date! I won't betray you, I really like you, yay! the next day at school, either? No way.. He would've moved farrrr away lol. Yeah, hugging someone isn't rape. Kotonoha let everything after that happen due to her emotional breakdown. Kotonoha cheated on Makoto when she was vulnerable, although I'm not sure you'd call it cheating since as far as Makoto was concerned at this point in the anime, they weren't together, he was with Sekai and just didn't have the balls to break up with Kotonoha beforehand.

3. Kotonoha - At first, she didn't do anything wrong. But it seemed as if she was picking up on clues that Sekai and Makoto had a better relationship than she did with him. This is where Sekai loved Makoto more. Sekai tried to support Makoto in what he wanted. Kotonoha wanted to win him over, instead of confessing that she realized Sekai would be a better girlfriend than she was. But, who can blame someone that's in love, of course you'd rather have them for yourself. That's exactly why Sekai got bonus points with me though. She tried to be a good girlfriend, but by the time she started doing a good job, his interests were already elsewhere. After that, she just got desperate and went crazy. Understandable though, since she didn't really do anything wrong to deserve it, but Sekai was a better match for him than she was. Then she cheated on him, even if she was in a vulnerable and emotional state. But yeah, 3rd almost went to Setsuna, but the ending where she went psycho gave her too many bonus points, in my book, that was just awesome haha.. Twistedddd, I loved it.. even though she killed my favorite character ><

4. Setsuna - At the beginning, she would've been near the top, next to Sekai herself, she was the most supportive, and out of them all she was definitely probably the best friend. She wanted to do anything she could to make Sekai happy, and at first was doing a great job. But then she tried to talk him into being with her by offering him her body? Gah! That was just crappy lol.. Sure, doing it saying wee, be with her and you can do anything to me, it was nice considering yeah, he was a perv and that's about the only way to get through to him, but gah.. Sleeping with the guy that your best friend loves? That's screwed up. Should've told Sekai he was a perv and she could do better. No way in hell I would've left my best friend to someone that's guaranteed to cheat on them and break their heart, even if my friend loved them. Sekai could've moved on with a broken heart and found someone worthwhile later in life. Or hell, just take Sekai to France with you if you're that worried, but don't leave em with an asshole lol ><

5. Makoto - Dishonest, cheated on people, moron for not picking one person, blah blah.. Only good thing I can really say about him, is well.. He atleast must've been good in bed for all of them to go running to him, going back to him, and then landing that foursome so the could find out how "good" he was xD So yeah, atleast the sluts had a good time, I suppose. Aside from that, yeah he was an ass. But from a typical perverted male perspective, atleast gotta give him props for it. If you're gonna be an asshole, that's the way to do it. I sure as hell never knew a guy that managed to have that many girls over him at once, especially not pulling off a foursome, and this was all when they were only in highschool? Gotta admit that's impressive, even if I'm not the type of person that could ever do that to anyone. But in the end, the asshole definitely deserved what he got.
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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
Makoto, Kotonoha,Sekai,Taisuke,Kiyoura

1. Kotonoha is the best. She did nothing wrong. Kotonoha was led on by Makoto, and bullied by others. The way people treated her caused her to have a breakdown in the last episode...but other than that she did nothing wrong.

2. Kiyoura is the second best. She was always looking out for Sekai even though Sekai knew that Kiyoura liked Makoto. She tried to push Makoto in the wrong direction. However the way she treated Kotonoha was wrong. She also should have never kissed/slept with Makoto.

3Taisuke was a pretty decent guy until he took advantage of Kotonoha. Even though he really seemed to like her; he should have respected her wishes and left her alone.

4. Makoto was a bad guy. He was an ass that cheated on women. He took advantage of every person in the series, but in the end he did start to repent...but his efforts were to little to late. He also should have been nicer towards Sekai at the end.

5 Sekai is the worst. She knew that Kiyoura and Kotonoha was in love with Makoto. She tried setting both of them up with him. Kiyoura refused.....but still. She became friends with Kotonoha pushing her to become a better person. She fell for Makoto that isn't bad..but she kissed him...then slept with him. The fact that she betrayed not one but two of her friends makes her a bad person.
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Posted 10/14/08 , edited 10/14/08
1. Katsura. : [Even though I didn't like her much at all.] The poor girl was basically treated like garbage by everyone around her and betrayed by those she finally thought she could depend on.

2. Nagasawa. : I have NO clue WHAT you people were smoking when you watched this, but he certainly DID NOT RAPE KATSURA. He's just your typical, perverse, male high school figure.

3. Kiyouri. : She was smart and sweet. Had a good head on her but screwed up a little.

4. Sekai. : As much as I loved her, I just couldn't understand why, if she liked him so much, she ever got Katsura and Makoto to hook up. Basically, everything is her fault.

5. Makoto. : Do I even have to explain?
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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08
ok in this order.

1. Kotonoha - she only had eyes for itou and she tried everything she knew and did only what her personality would allow to make things work. but she is also bad for letting this situation get to her like it did. she was her own self destruction tool actually even though itou was a complete deuche bag. but over all she was the victom of this whole thing and i guess she even got raped? : /
2. Kiyoura - it was close between her and kotonoha but ultimately she was just as guilty for aiding in mentally destroying kotonoha
3. Sekai - she was self serving in the end. i am a ferm believer that your actions dictate your true intent and also they obveously speak way louder than words so she definately earned her spot in hell. and it didnt help that she lied about being pregnant either : /
4. Makoto - i know this sounds crazy to some of you but he doesnt deserve the lowest of the low title. if the sources are correct then he hasnt earned that. although itou has denied responsibility, killed (he pritty much killed kotohona by mentally crushing her), cheated, played, and lied which all and all are unforgiveable sins and by no means reversable. but the next person has done one better.
5. Taisuke - If my sources are correct (because i dont know what happened in that class room but i have a hunch) that he did infact rape kotonoha then he is by far the worst. period. when itou did that he did that with girls who were willing but they regreted it. but as for taisukes case he took her unwillingly wich in my book is worse than straight up murdering some one. to take and use something like that while it is against there will is unforgivable and should be punishable to death.
all in all this series in the long run just kinda pisses me off :angry:
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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08
but if the rape thing is not true then Taisuke... you move all the way up to #1
congrats on being the only character in the series who is actually good... provided that the rape sugestion never happend. but it could have idk the whole thing with her missing her tie and half the uniform and looking all messed up threw me off but idk
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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08
why ya hating my dawg makato it was Sekai fault in the beginnig he just wanted to have a lil crush on Kotonoha and she also had a crush on him so if Sekai never existed it would have been a crush triangle with Kotonoha, Setsuna and that girl from middle school

Sekai led him on to cheat and made him a player
oh and she murdered him too
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/23/08
i watched this whole series in 2 days.... there was a lot going on... cant really list em rite now... still soaking in that dramatic conclusion...
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/24/08
1. Kotonoha
Stable, faithful, intelligent.

Also Taisuke didn't rape her, he just fondled and kissed her.

2. Makoto
Just a guy who got caught up in hormones to a seducing Sekai.

/Best Characters

Worst (least liked)

1. Taisuke
Horny bastard

2. Sekai
For being indecisive, when pretended to be so strong.
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29 / Mostly at my roof...
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
ah.... er... this is nice... can't vote... all of them are dang screwed

I'll just post this here to add some color in this place
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29 / Mostly at my roof...
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/30/08
oh wait screw my previous comic, I got a better one:

oh crap, this ones funny
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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
1. Sekei
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