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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/8/08
things are not always that simple
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labels are extremely accurate. jocks accurately play sports, stoners accurately take drugs, metal-heads accurately listen to heavy metal, and so on and so forth.

but they are based on outside observations only, so you could jump to some crazy conclusions if you're not careful

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we're not food in need of labels.. Memphadon has a point though, labels are accurate to describe them as like..distinguishing features? To say Metal heads listen to metal is say thats the ONLY thing they listen to and so on is a bit far.

Okay my spelling and garammr are not that good, its 12 am n im tired, but catn sleep
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This is concerned with how the self-identity and behavior of an individual is influenced (or created) by how that individual is categorized and described by others in their society. It is nothing we can help indeed. Labels run our life and thoughts among people, without it we wouldn't know how to compare labeling either habitual criminals or those who have caused serious harm as "criminals" is not constructive. Society may use more specific labels such as "murderer" or "rapist" or "child abuser" to demonstrate more clearly after the event the extent of its disapproval.

Although a common usage rejects an unwanted descriptor or categorization as being a label, often with attempts to adopt a more constructive language in its place. Thus, becoming its own person.
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