Remember the Past, Live the present
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Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/25/08
“Hankyung-shi,” Heechul said, “what was it like for you in China before you were a member of Super Junior. I mean like when you first though of being a singer.”
It was almost a week and a half since the Super Junior-M members had come beck to Korea. Heechul had been wondering that one question since the members had gotten back and maybe even since the members had left for China.
“Hyung, why do you want to know?” Hankyung asked Heechul right back.
“Well if you don’t want me to know,” Heechul said sort of embarrassed.
“No it’s not that I don’t want you to know. It’s just I was wondering why did you suddenly ask me that question?” Hankyung said reassuring Heechul.
“I don’t know. I guess that ever since you guys got back from China and maybe even left, it’s been on my mind” Heechul responded realizing that Hankyung wasn’t mad at him.
“Well if you really want to know,” Hankyung said seeing the curiosity in Heechul’s eyes, “then I will tell you.”
They went into the living room of their apartment and sat down on the sofa. Then Hankyung started to tell his story.
“There were alot of hard times that I went through while trying to be a singer. The first thing that was hard was getting my friends to support me,” Hankyung said with a straight face.
“Why didn’t your friends support you?” Heechul asked. He couldn’t get past the fact that Hankyung’s own friends didn’t support him with his choice to be a dinger.
“My friends supported me at first but when they wanted me to sing for them they said I was a bad singer and I shouldn’t go through with it because I would be made fun of.” Hankyung said with tears coming to his eyes.
“But look at you know. What do your friends have to say now? You’re a great singer,” Heechul said in a tough-guy voice.
“Well I actually haven’t spoken to those friends since they told me that,” Hankyung said sounding quite proud of himself, “After they told me that I really started to practice singing until I was really good. Even better than the best!”
Just then Hankyung let out a little laugh. The laugh sort of startled Heechul a little because Hankyung wasn’t the type of person to really laugh.
“What’s so funny?” Heechul asked.
“I was just thinking about the time I asked one of those friends to introduce me to a girl because I was to scared to do it by myself, Hankyung said with a grin coming to his face.
“So what about the other hard times?” Heechul asked. He was still curious about what life was like for Hankyung.
“Well the competition with 13 thousand other people. Every day I worried if I would make it to the finals,” Hankyung said with a straight face, “everyday I was waiting for the call that told me I was out but it never came. Each day there were less and less people, until one day I walked into the building and there were only about 10 pf us there.”
“But you made it” Heechul said with a smile realizing how his fellow member was the “Miracle Boy” who made it against the odds.
“Yeah but even though I made it I still had to learn Korean. Have you ever had to learn a new language from scratch?” Hankyung asked Heechul.
“No,” Heechul responded, “But you seem to have Korean down really well so I wouldn’t worry about the language” Heechul finished with a smile.
Hankyung couldn’t help but smile back at his hyung. He was glad Heechul approved of his Korean, but as quickly as his came to his face it faded, and he remembered the one thing in his life that was and still if the hardest thing.
“What’s wrong?” Heechul asked when he saw Hankyung’s smile fade.
“Nothing its just there is one more thing that is the hardest thing for me,” Hankyung answered.
“What is it?” Heechul asked with curiosity.
“It’s just that,” Hankyung started.
“Come on guys we have a big day tomorrow. Time to go to bed,” Eeteuk said as he came into the room.
“Right,” Hankyung said getting up and going to his room.
“I’m going to find out what it is,” Heechul said as he headed off to his room.
As the rest of the members were asleep in their rooms, Hankyung lay in his bed. He had been crying. He was glad Eeteuk had interrupted. He didn’t think he could stop himself from crying infront of Heechul, when he to Heechul about how much he missed his parents. Hankyung just couldn’t stand being away from them, in the past, present and in the future.
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