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Are you a self mechanic?
Posted 2/22/10
im basically a ghetto garage mechanic! i do mostly everything myself but if i feel lazy ill just call my friends and tell them i got food and trick them to doing it for me the info i know how to work on cars is internet and text books and advice from family and friends. i was almost certified for brakes and steering but i needed one more semester.
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55 / M / Atlanta GA
Posted 4/3/10
To me owning the Manufactures manual There 's a name for it but it is out in my truck. on repairs for your vehicle is important. Most repairs I can do myself. If I can't i am going to make sure it's done by the book. I have meet too many mechanics that have messed up friends cars. Checking out the shop on the W.E.B. and word of mouth. One other thing the shop has to be around for good long time.
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28 / New Zealand
Posted 4/9/10
Sure am! Everything from body to mechanical, but ah... not major electrical. Just finished my second project, a 1979 Ford escort running a BDG Cossy. Beuatiful!! Way more satisfaction in doin it urself (even it takes you 2 years)
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36 / M
Posted 4/20/12
i m a noob for automobile...and i m very scared to the touch the internal...
actually my brother is very good as a mechanic
So he helps me whenever i need.....

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22 / M / West Coast
Posted 6/3/12
For small things like belt changes and minor adjustments for mechanical and electrical systems, no body work though.
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29 / M / Behind You
Posted 6/12/12
I wish I was.
I am so far from being mechanically inclined that its sad.
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