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Game Help: Cheats, Hints, Tips, etc
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26 / M / Stamford,NY,USA
Posted 3/20/08
yea what the last guy said
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36 / M / Land below the wind
Posted 3/21/08

TaintedBlood wrote:

treff wrote:

chaosulti wrote:

anione noes any cheat for CS? i can't beat my bro at it...

CS as in Counter Strike? well use cheat engine.

CE does not work for CS. You will need a UCE and a ct. Or you can find a engine. Most engines are private tho. Look on and go to CS on forums. They will have stuff for it. I tink lol

well speed hack mode works ^^
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29 / F
Posted 3/25/08
I have a problem with final fantasy 10. After I'm able to fly with the airship, I went to Remiem temple to kick Belgiemme's butt. I've got the flower scepter, but I also need to have the Blossom Crown to get the Magus sisters. When I'm ready to fight some fiends to train myself and to capture them, it seems that I can't, because when I'm walking around everywhere, no fiend wants to attack me random.
The only place I can fight to fiends is the Omega ruins, but I'm too weak to fight against them.
What can I do to fight against the fiends again?
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25 / M / Utah
Posted 3/31/08
KH2 action replay codes
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23 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/1/08
There are many sites for finding cheats and hints for different games.. just search it in google, yahoo, msn, etc. Because not all games are included in just one site so just be patient in searching for cheats and hints... But be careful for some sites that has viruses...
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28 / M / the Carolinas
Posted 4/3/08
in the first jack and daxter how do tou find the orb in the volcano. and how do you get the one on the mountain pass
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