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so lets start out with this...
1. name:
2. flame attribute:
3. weapon:
4. box weapons:
5. animal partner:
6. what can you do?:
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and ill start it out:
1. name: Maverick
2. flame attribute: lightning
3. weapon: dual daggers with a long chain connecting the hilts
4. box weapons: attachment to my "chain daggers" so it would make it into a double ended sword
5. animal partner: Cobra
6. what can you do?: extend the blade of my daggers with "solidifying" my lightning flame
able to control the way my chain moves by using electricity to make them into magnets (so changing one end to - or +) to "dash" by sticking a solid current of thunder into an obstacle and "pushing" my self by increasing the current
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1. name: Zaine
2. flame attribute: Sky
3. weapon: Gloves
4. box weapons: It can "solidify" flames and create it into anything i want like a sword or chain
5. animal partner: Dragon
6. what can you do?: i can do the zero point breakthrough.
make a closed dimension called the golden-dimension (g-d for short) and in there i can do anything i want. . make my partner dragon into a flame dragon and it can destroy anything unless i say so.
i can turn everything i touch into gold when i am in a special mode called golden dying will mode.
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lets get creative shall we? heeeeheeehehehee
1. Name: Ryu
2. Flame Attribute: If multiple are allowed, (plz dont choose all seven or something like dat) Storm, Lightning, Sun. If only one, Lightning
3. Weapon: Two pistol like Train Heartnet's Hades (from Black Cat)
4. Box Weapons: If anyone read or watched MAR, Babbo with all his magic stones
5. Animal Partner: Nine-tailed Kyubi (Yes I Know, Im dragging random crap from random animes)
6. What can you do?: W/ Lightning properties, add electric currents to the gun so that it becomes a railgun in a heavy assault (ex: destroying bases solo). Constantly add storm flames to my bullets so each of my shots r deadly because the bullet once stuck into the target's body would degenerate their organs (ouch). Use sun flame so that my animal partner won't kill me if it goes wild. In case I run out of bullets, box weapon Babbo would be able to transform into gun using one of its stones so that I am able to have another gun because concentrating both flame and form is hard.
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