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28 / F / A Place Where Blu...
Posted 8/22/08
Desired Job:editor
Experience (if any):i have edited many pics and videos at utube ^^
Why do you want to join? to help people that can't understand that language
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Posted 8/22/08
i want to help too. but i dont know how to sub. im just fluent in tagalog and english.:)
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Posted 8/30/08
I can help with translating and timing. I have done some of these stuff in school when we have our usual documentaries. But maybe not encoding since I usually have a hard time doing this.

Name/Username: Ryantakyan
Desired Job: Translator; Timer
Fluency: I can speak straight english and tagalog.
Experience (if any): Doing translation and timing for short documentaries.
Why do you want to join?
I loved Lobo and being part of the team that will sub it, it'll be great.
Posted 9/28/08

Name/Username: _standoffish_
Desired Job: translating
Fluency: I don't know how to rate fluency. But I'm good in English I guess. ^^
Experience (if any): I sub my videos I put in youtube through movie maker. But I don't know what software to use in movie clips. Movie maker cant import movie clips I guess cause I haven't successfully done it yet.
Why do you want to join? I like join cause I want to sub! I wan't our movies and artists to be known.
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