Ef ~A tale of Melodies~
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Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/27/08
The Second Season of Ef ~A tale of Memories~ is coming out. No date has been specificed but Chihiro Subs are planning to sub it once it comes out. From what hear it will tell the story ...

"Do you remember the story about the eyepatch girl and her knight?

The story about the basketball girl and the camera man?

The delinquent and the artist?

Yes, that’s right, EF ~A tale of Memories~ still lingers strong within us. And today, we got word that there is a second season in production, EF ~A tale of Melodies~. As you can tell, EF is our namesake. We are going to sub it when it comes out, no exceptions. Someone does high quality in 5 minutes? Props to them, but I don’t care. Chihiro is doing it, and it will be our top priority show" (Taken from Chihiro's site)

Don't know what Ef~ is? http://www.crunchyroll.com/series-5442/ef-a-tale-of-memories-.html

Animation Production by: SHAFT

Anyways usually i would make this professional like but lazy haha. Anyways looking forward to this.

Edit: Yes i just found out this was duplicate so ill let it die out okay. Or wait for the mod to lock.
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26 / F / in my cave
Posted 6/27/08
already mentioned

So duplicate
Posted 6/27/08
Agree with ^
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26 / M / This Dying World
Posted 6/27/08
dude bill its miyako and hiro arc this time screw the other two XD
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24 / M / Over there ------->
Posted 8/31/08
Pls hav more respect for this Great bueatiful anime
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Posted 11/20/08
this anime is gd , watch ep 6 ..
Posted 2/12/09
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