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cagalli and athrun
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Posted 8/26/08
finish the anime
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Posted 3/21/09 , edited 3/21/09

stgzlg wrote:

after i watched the 2 series seed and seed destiny i toghouhg cagalli and athrun would go together but it seems that cagalli didnt had the ring on what happend???
did they ended theyr relationship i know this anime is not so new but still i wanna know what happend

i think they're still together but it looks like the engagement is postponed because she took the ring off
but at the end in the credits in the special edition 4 athrun is wearing an orb miltary uniform
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plpXW5lY9js watch from 1:04 to 1:18
plus even though he was shocked she took the ring off he said that it was ok
it's fine to wait because we all share the same dream
and in the movie coming out he still has an orb uniform on

i don't think athrun and meyrin are couple even though a lot of people say they are
it's just a one sided crush
how could they be when he stayed in orb
meyrin is still wearing her zaft uniform (again look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plpXW5lY9js watch from 1:04 to 1:18)
and for the people who say they're together because at the end they're walking together
they weren't really walking together at the end of the ova (episdoe 51) and gsd special edition 4
she was walking behind him which kind of says they're still distant
the other 2, kira and lacus and shin and lunamaria, were side by side
i think the only reason she's walking with athrun is because the other 2 were couples and they didn't want to be in their way and your not suppose to let a girl walk alone at night

where does all this athrun meyrin support come from?
they're a pretty randon couple
as i heard someone else point out it's like saying lacus should be with yzack
they never have conversation until the show is almost done and all the sudden he should leave cagalli to be with her
meyrin is just a fangirl
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Posted 3/21/09
yes, they're together
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Posted 3/21/09
well i know for sure he'll never pick meyrin since he barely knows her or talk to her throughout the anime xD but on some speacial editions it shows he's wearing an Orb uniform while he, kira, shin, etc goes meet lacus; there's also one where he hugs cagalli and she hugs him back b4 he and the others goes to space (this happens after cagalli took off the ring and tells meyrin to take care of him).

guess we all just have to wait for the movie ^^
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Posted 4/2/09
they are so cool
Posted 4/2/09

niloufar wrote:

they are so cool

Indeed, especially in a Doujin, I only meant Cagalli.

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Posted 6/30/09
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Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
there's a movie...hopefully they'll clear it there..
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Posted 11/26/11
My opinion would be, i think they are still together even though they didnt show anything, if you notice at the end of special edition 4 of destiny, he has his orb uniform on, indicating he's still with orb( and cagalli) and Meyrin is still in her zaft uniform, also they have a very quite unique relationship, i doubt they'd let eachother go there seperate ways without one another, they remind me a lot of zechs and noin from gundam wing, next thing we know there maybe a novel coming out for it next like with wing where zechs and noin have kids and athrun and cagalli may also :D, at least i hope >.>., but they do have a strong hold to protect one another so they definietly couldnt seperate from eachother. just like zechs and noin :).
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