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F / Outside your House
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/30/08
Suggestions: Themes // Playlist Music

I want all of your suggestions that would make the site better. Since I want to know what other people want, I decided to take suggestions especially when it comes to themes since I'm going to use them for future ideas. There was one member who suggested this to this group and I'm grateful. Anyway, you can tell us what theme you would want to have [any (anime, colors, etc)] or what music you would like the group to feature.

First: Lolita / Gothic Lolita
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
i know! Black and White or Lolita STYLE XD
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F / Canada
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 6/30/08
Mosaic Kakera
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 6/30/08
How about Action! by Maaya Sakamoto for the music? It has a very energetic and happy feeling. Hmm..and for theme..probably Cardcaptor Sakura? I think it's cute.
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/6/08
cool..u took my lolita style
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F / Wherever you want...
Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/18/08
Song: Fantasy, by Aiko Kayo
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