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what is your favorite anime song??
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20 / F / In a fun shugo ch...
Posted 5/21/10
All from Shugo Chara
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22 / F / tbs
Posted 5/21/10
all the shugo chara songs
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28 / F / ormoc ,leyte phil...
Posted 6/28/10 , edited 6/28/10
All songs from Shugo Chara!!!
BUONO: Our Song, Bravo Bravo, My Boy,Gachinko de Ikou, Honto No Jibun, kiss kiss kiss, kokoro no tamago, minna daisuki, renai raida, conomichi, rottara rottara, take it easy.
Guardian 4: omakase guardian, party time, school days & going On.
SHUGO CHARA EGG: Minna ni Tamago, Shugo Shugo, arigato ookuku kansha, Watashi No Tamago.
and Few more songs sung by NANA MIZUKI & KANAE ITO......
" HooooHHH.... I couldn't believe I remembered all of that.... Maybe i Just really LOve SHUGO CHARA that much heheheheh"



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24 / M / Everywhere, yet n...
Posted 6/28/10
Fighting Dreamers from Naruto
Posted 6/29/10
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26 / M / Currently livin i...
Posted 6/29/10
woow, there's alot... hmm let's see here

Shuffle! opening (You - Yuria)
Bleach openings (maany, but especially Velonica - Aqua Timez and Ichirin no Hana - HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR)
Naruto openings and endings (Wind - Akeboshi, Sign - Flow etc...)
Ichiban Ushirou no Daimaou opening
Angel Beats! opening
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya openings and endings! especially hare hare yukai and God knows! ^^
Higurashi no naku koro ni opening
Full Metal Alchemist openings and endings!
Death Note opening 1
and Mami Kawada songs! PSI-missing, Masterpiece, Joint, Hishoku no Sora
well there's ALOT more tho... but i wont be writing anymore hehe
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27 / F / England
Posted 6/29/10
Bleach; Shijon Tsuji - Sky Chord, Aqua Timez - Velonica
Naruto; Nico touches the Wall - Broken Youth
07 Ghost; Yuki Suzuki - Aka no Kakera
Ergo Proxy; Monoral - Kiri

And some more. =P
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F / Under your bed
Posted 6/29/10
Reason by Namie Tamaki -- Gundam Seed Destiny
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F / winterwell
Posted 6/29/10
SID - monochrome no kiss

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
2nd and 4th openings:
LM.C - Boys and Girls
LM.C - 88
14th ending:
SUG - gr8 story

5th opening
UVERworld - Gekidou

Full metal alchemist
4th opening
Asian Kungfu Generation - Rewrite

Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood
1st and 5th openings
YUI - Again
SID - Rain
1st ending
SID - Uso

Kyo kara maoh!
Bon\'z - Arigatou

3rd opening
UVERworld - Colors of the heart

Hirugashi on naku koro ni
Shimamiya Eiko - When Cicadas Cry
theme song
Yuzuki - You

Lia - Tori No Uta

Angel Beats!
Lia - My Soul, Your Beast

Eden of the east
Oasis - Falling down

Zombie Loan
MUCC - Chain Ring

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 9th opening
Orange Range - Asterisk
UVERworld - D-tecnoLife
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Ichirin no Hana
YUI - Rolling Star
Aqua Timez - Velonica
5th ending
YUI - Life

Devil May Cry
Rungran - Devil May Cry
Rin Oikawa - I'll be your home

There's some which comes to my mind ^^
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24 / F / INDIA
Posted 6/29/10
taiyou ga mata kagayaku toki
chijou no seiza
namida no riyuu
innocent blue
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23 / F
Posted 7/2/10
Ginban Kaleidoscope - Dual
Naruto Shippuden - Blue Bird
Naruto Shippuden - Kimi Monogatari
Hitman Reborn - Sakura Rock
Hitman Reborn - Last Cross
Ouran Host Club - Sakura Kiss
Gintama - Wo Ai Ni
Romeo X Juliet - You Raise Me Up

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26 / F / Philippines of co...
Posted 7/2/10
nall the songs of naruto!!!
i loveeeeeee it.........
Posted 7/2/10
days from eureka seven, boys & girls from KHR, and toumei datta sekai from naruto xDD theyre awesome xDD
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F / Tartarus
Posted 7/2/10
Tsuna's Family.
Lambo's song. xD

boku dare Dai? Kimi wa Lambo!
Kimi wa dare dai? Boku wa lambo!
Posted 7/2/10
One Piece 11th Opening - Share the world.
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