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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
Rain's 24 hours 'The day

it's a lil bit Expensive hehe!! $95.28

It's all Rain, all the time with Rain's 24 hours "The Day". This uniqueDVD release takes you through 24 hours in the life of Korea's biggeststar, from waking up and eating breakfast to resting and working. Thecamera follows Rain closely he goes through his various morning,afternoon, and evening activities, offering a truly candid and cozylook into the Korean heartthrob's daily life. This fan DVD alsoincludes special footage about Rain's life in America and currentactivities as well as press conference and concert making of clips.
Rain's 24 hours "The Day" comes with a mini photo book and postcard set

Summery and contents of the DVD

Price: $95.28
Availability: This product is expected to release on June 25, 2008. Pre-order your copy now!
contents of the DVD:

Rain's Morning

-Waking up

Rain's Afternoon

-Rest Time - coffee time
-Rest Time - reading
-Going Out - cafe

Rain's Evening

-Dinner Preparation - arrangement of tablewares
-Cleaning of tablewares
-Rest Time - watching TV, working
-Rest Time - listening to music
-Reading fan letters
-Going to bed

Download the preview

The DVD also comes with:
-Mini Poster Book, Poster Card (4)
Special Content:
-Rain's life in the US
-Rain's recent actions
---News Conference (J.Tune) 02-13-2008
---Lotte Family Concert Making 02-16-2008


Posted 6/28/08
aww i wanne buy it but its to expensie ,not in english or german?!
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Posted 6/29/08
Thanks for this information. I have gone into the website trying to order the DVD. Unfortunately it is all in Japanese and I don't know how to order. And also it's true that it's expansive omg!! .but I’ll buy !
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Posted 8/18/08
To-day I check again & Yup! It is still expensive & it still does'nt have any English Subtitle actually I miss alot of Rain DVD this year without any English subtitle. Why can't they just manfactured it with English subtitle as that is standard form of Language that everyone know tho....

Anyway, hopefully soonest they will come out with English versions tho...
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Posted 8/22/08
WOW watching RAIN all day or for 24 hours! I'll diffently buy this DVD when the subs come out....watching a super hottie for 24 hrs is as close i'll get to RAIN OPPA!!!

oooooh no shirt!!!! ***savin up***
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Posted 10/5/08
Wants to buy it, with or without subs. who cares. i just want it!!!!!

saves up the money to get it!!!

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