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A Joyess Time for Reminiscing

As Dante and I fell through air, we exchanged blow after blow but really felt nothing. I looked down and saw the fiery landscape I knew only in my past. I kicked Dante away from me, unraveled Death Sentence from my right arm and flung it out towards a burning building. It wrapped around the top and I casually swung over to it. Once my feet touched the wall, I released the chain from the building’s frame and ran down the side of it. I hit the ground gracefully and Dante landed a few yards away from me

“Looks like this is the end of the road for us,” I yell to him.
“No,” he replies with a voice that seemed almost demonic. “This is the end of the road for both of you.”

His body was lifted off the ground and started to glow red. Then the red aura left his body and floated carelessly over him. Dante’s body dropped to the ground. I examined the aura closely and noticed it immediately as Draethius’s own De’Kaju energy.

“So is that it then Draethius? You’re just gonna dump your vessel on the ground and leave us alone. That’s unlike you.”
“Well you are only half right my dear Sirberius. I’m not going to leave you here by yourself. I’m going to arrange a little welcome back party for you. You should expect your guest within an hour or so. That should leave you all the time to catch up with your pathetic friend there.”
“Well I’ll be here waiting to greet them. I really didn’t get to warm up this body as much as I would have liked to. You kept rushing me when we were in the Mystical Realm.”

The red aura started to fade and then it disappeared completely. I wrapped Death Sentence on a loop on the side of my pants, and walked over to Dante. He started to stir and he rolled over. I extended my hand out to him and smiled.

“You should see your face right now. You look absolutely retched.”
He looked up to me in surprise, “That doesn’t seem like something you’d say. I heard that you were more serious.”
I shrugged my shoulders, “I am. That was actually the ‘childish Sirberius’ speaking. Now get up. My hand won’t be here waiting to help for much longer.’

He grabbed my hand and I pulled him up to his feet. Dante staggered a bit but so caught his balance. He dusted himself off and looked right at me.

“So why would you help one who tried to destroy everything that you worked for?”
“Because they were not your true actions,” I say.
“But how do you know that for sure.”
I glare at him seriously, “Do you really have to ask that you moron? I was once the Demon Lord’s apprentice. I think I would know what it would mean to kill people mercilessly for a cause that I could see no right in.”
“I guess so,” he replied. “And don’t call me a fucking moron asshole.”
I raised my fist, “Hey, I could have killed your sorry ass back in the Mystical Realm. Keep talking to me like that and I just might actually do it.”
Dante looked like he was about to retort something back but then stopped to think, “Why didn’t you kill me out there?”
“Because,” I said slowly. “Because even though I was serious about avenging Larac, I still could bring myself to kill a fellow companion that I had worked with for so many years. Especially not one as close as you and I.”
He laughed at this last comment, “You thought us to be close companions. I thought you hated me because of all the shitty assignments that you gave to me.”
“HA, those jobs weren’t shitty. They were actually some of the toughest people that I could find…… well actually second toughest. I made sure I got the toughest ones for myself. I kept sending you those so you could keep your skills up. I couldn’t have you lower than full capacity when we finally got back together to see who was the strongest.”
Dante smiled for one of the first times that I’ve ever seen, “So you were just trying to keep me in good shape huh? Seems a little to caring of you.”

Then, suddenly, the roars of demons could be heard a few yards away. I looked up and saw a couple hundred demons running straight at us.

I immediately set Death Penalty ablaze, “Well what do you say old friend. How about we exterminate these bothersome vermin.”
Dante grabbed his dual katanas and went straight into his Blood Lust Oversoul form, “I’d be glad to lend you a hand, seeing how you probably aren’t fit enough to kill them al by yourself.”
“Oh yea, if you think that’s the case, how about a race. Let’s see who can kill the most of them.”
“Oh you are so on.”
We both turned to the horde of demons with our weapons raised. Then we charged at them and started killing them off one-by-one. Planning on keeping up the onslaught until our power ran dry and we were eventually killed……………… yea right, like that would ever happen ^_^
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The End of a Good Companion
(6 months after the battle between Sirberius and Dante)

I jump into the air and the horde of demons following me jump too.

“Idiots. Do they really think that they can defeat me? Even after all this time they haven’t learned their lesson.”
“I guess not,” came Dante’s voice from my side. Apparently our plan to split up didn’t work and the demons chased him back toward me. “Their persistence is really getting annoying. You’d think after so long, they’d give us a breather.”
I smirked, “I’m afraid that’s not how it works down here, trust me from past experience.”

I turn around and draw Heine’s Obliteration (I’m in Complete Hybrid form) and unleash a hell storm of fire bullets while Dante draws his dual swords, combined them with his Crimson Flame attack, and started cutting away at the group of remaining demons. Once they were dead, me and Dante took shelter in a Ice hut I built using my control over ice (obtained from killing Natsume).

“This is getting out hand now. Draethius is trying too hard to kill us,” I say with my back against the melting ice.
“Yea, you’d think he’d send something a bit bigger with our skills.”
Then it hit me, “You’re right. Something is wrong with his method of trying to kill us.” I get to my feet and start to get out, “Come on, we are going to go over to Draethius’s little castle. I have a feeling he may have been planning something all this time.”

We ran through the burning landscape without any demons jumping out to attack use. After a few minutes later we came upon Draethius’s lair, Iskot Descono (meaning Discarded Hope in the language of the High Elder Gods).

“How the hell are we gonna get inside of there?”

I raised my finger and put it to the wall. A black aura started to seep from around my finger and into the wall. It instantly glowed white and then lowered

I looked over at Dante and laughed. Did you forget that I used to be The Apprentice of The Demon Lord? I know everything there is to know about this barren wasteland of a realm”
“If you say so.”

We walked through and the wall closed itself back up. I looked around and immediately noticed were we where. This area used to be my old living quarters. And since I was Draethius’s apprentice, he liked to have me close. So we weren’t far from his “throne room”. I led Dante down a few passageways and a few hidden shortcuts that I had made myself back in my 1st entrapment. Within 4 minutes we were right outside the Throne Room doors.

“I think I hear something coming from inside of there Sirb.”

I took my finger and heated it up to a flame hotter than any metal can withstand. I poked in four holes in the doors and me and Dante peeked through them. Inside, we say someone sitting in a chair that was facing away, and a mysterious hooded person. I could tell the one, facing away was Draethius from his De’Kaju energy signature. But the hooded person was a complete stranger.

“Mu has been invaded by the Mystic Council group. And it seems they are giving Phaethon quite a bit of trouble.”
“You are right Draethius. I fear that we just may lose him. But it doesn’t matter. We have others to carry out our will. Nemesis will be glad to hear of his fall. She never fancied him much anyways.”
“What about you, Duo?”
“I never really cared enough to pay him any mind,” the hooded person moved up closer. “Tell me this, whatever happened to that apprentice of yours. He was such a great help to our cause.”
Draethius stood up and looked right at the door, “Well we can ask him once we catch him and his little friend.

Both Dante and me jumped away from the doors and ran down the hall. Dante got in front of me and used his dual katanas to send out two slashes mixed with his Crismon Flame. The flames flew out and cut through the wall in front of us. I jumped onto the wall, ran along it, got to the edge where the next hall began, jumped off it, and used this added force to kick through the wall Dante had cut.
It flew out of place and we used it as a surfboard to glide along the air. I turned back around and saw hundreds of demons pouring out of the hole we made.

“Let’s head over there to the arena. I’m sure that we could take them on if they couldn’t swarm around us at once.”

Dante used his fire to propel the slab of rock forward. I jumped off right as we got to the gates and cut down the bars with Heine’s Obliteration. Dante soon followed, but not before kicking the piece of wall backwards at the demons then firing a ball of fire to explode it. Shards of the rock flew everywhere and killed quite a few of the demons, but not enough to stop them. I split Heine apart (dual gun-blade mode) and raise them toward the demons.

“Well let’s get this over with.”

I tried to move but I couldn’t. I looked down to see a eerie purple aura wrapped around my legs. Then it started to move up around my body. I could feel my power being drained away. I turned to ask Dante for help, but he was also being covered by the purple aura. The horde of demons inched closer and above them, I could see the hooded person.

“Thought you could get away, eh Sirberius?”

He reached out toward me. I tried to move but the purple aura kept restricting me. Then the pendant on the chain Rubi gave me started to glow bright red. The hooded person quickly pulled his hand back and looked down at my chain with disgust.

“I see you carry one of Valentine’s artifacts. No matter, you will still be mine.”

He reached back out for my neck. Again the pendant started to glow, but this time I could feel an immense amount of heat and power course through my body. I could feel my power raise from its norm 21% starting point and even beyond my power limit (73%). I the heat from my body evaporated the purple aura and I was able to raise one of my gun-blades to his chest.

“Keep your goddamn hands away from me you pitiful peace of scum.”

I pulled the trigger and fired off a beam of energy. He flew back and then I made my way to Dante. The purple aura started to evaporate from around him and he drew Death’s Touch.

“Ok, they have just seriously pissed me off.”
I nodded my head, “Yea I agree, let’s get them-”

Before I could finish my sentence a burning sensation overcame my body. I fell to my knees and clutched my chest. The pendant started to glow brighter, and then the light from it turned a bright red. That’s when I heard a weird noise. I turned my head to see a long, wide red vortex floating in the air behind me. I could suddenly sense the Ka’dai signature of Larac, Rubi, Youichi, Evangeline, and Tenkai. Plus one other one that I couldn’t quite recognize. But it seemed like it was very similar to mine.

“Dante, this vortex leads to the Mystical Community. I don’t know where or how it got here, but it’s our ticket getting back home.”
“Ok, let’s go.”

He started to make his way toward the vortex, and then turned around to see me still crouching down on the ground. He walked back to me.

“Come on man get up; we need to get out of here.”
I turned and smiled, “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make it. Go on without me.”
He turned to look at the vortex then back at me, “No way.” He grabbed the back of my shirt and raised me into the air, “You are gonna go through that vortex. The Mystical Community needs you more than they need a traitor like me.”

The vortex started to get smaller and smaller and time past on.

“Looks like only one of use are getting through this path back to the MC. That’s gonna have to be you. I still have sins to atone for.”
I shook my head, “No, you’ve gotta come back. You can atone there.”
“No man, this is where I shall stay.”

The demon (unaware to us) had been sitting still ever since the hooded guy went away. Then Draethius’s voice could be heard throughout the arena.

“You may dispose of them now. Except for the Kim-un-Kur. Bring him to me. I have plans for him. And keep that portal open so that we may be able to plague the world in darkness and despair.”

The demons started to march toward us. Dante walked over to the vortex while still holding me.

“Dude you are going whether you want to or not.” He raised me up and tossed me through the vortex, “Tell everyone I said that I’m sorry.”

And just as he said that, the vortex closed. As I fell through the vortex, the pendant started to glow brighter and black flames started to cover my body.

“Why couldn’t I save him from a life of constant fighting without any rest? It’s my fault for being so weak.”

The black flames grew closer to my body. My mind began to think different and I was suddenly over come with rage. A fierce rage that took over my mind with no warning. Then it took over my body and I lost my sight… but I could hear a banging noise. Then I heard it again and again. It soon stopped and a loud roar took its place. Finally, I heard a familiar voice call out to me, almost as if it were surprised.


That’s the last thing I hear before everything was drowned out by the sounds of loud angry roars. I lost full conscious.
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the second part was really good
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