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start a story 10 sentence max... and others continue the can write every other post
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The Way To Stardom!

*Picture taken during their younger years..... but the story was just entirely made by me...

Once there was 7 cute little boys who grew up as close friends.... they were jaebum, junho, wooyoung, junsu, taecyeon, chansung, and nickhun. They were good academically but all of them have the same passion for one! Everyday, they would listen to music and dance to the song being played.. each one has his own character. All of them promised that one day they will become idols.

One morning, Jaebum said that for them to become idols they must come up with the group name. They spend the whole day thinking, without even having breakfast or lunch.

Suddenly, Wooyoung's stomach moaned for food (LOL~)....
he then asked Nickhun.... "Khunnie, what time is it?" ....

Nickhun looked to his watch and said "the hottest time of the day......"

Wooyoung answered back by saying "What?".

Nickhun replied.... "it's 2PM".

Jaebum, sitting on the couch, stand up with excitement, making others surprised said....
"that's it! we have a name!".

Everyone asked.... "what?".

Jaebum replied.... "the Hottest time of the Day!!!"

Thus, 2PM was born!

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