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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/5/08
Rain’s fan meeting in Japan

Yeah and he did celebrate his b-day so happy for him!!!!!!!!!

Rain’s concert at the fan meeting

The new hairstyle (concert)

The press conference

source: Yonhap News/Chosun
Posted 7/1/08
yeeeeeeeeeeeah oppa welcome back in asia i'm sure u did a great job in ninja assassin^^ (as always u do as a actor) lol great new style, i like it better as the old one but hey every hairstyle he had was great on him he is handsome as always^^ its great he celebrated his b-day with his fans, and he looks healthier as in the old pics(in my opinion)
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Posted 7/1/08
Rain arrived in Japan on June 30th for an interview and fan meeting. About 1500 fans were at the Japan Narita Airport when Rain arrived, and unlike those Old Foggie Grandma's known as Bae Yong Joon's fans - these fans were mostly in the 18 - 34 age bracket.

He was in Berlin, Germany for a few weeks filming "Ninja Assassin" (main reason his hair looks fabulous like fabio). He also spent a day in Korea on the 29th before flying to Japan. He'll be in Japan for another two days before flying back to Korea.

Here is the interview Rain conducted with his fans: (translation by rain-america)

Q1. How do you feel about this fan meeting?
Rain: I felt that it's been too long since I had close contact with my fans, I wanted to have a free open session with my fans, interaction. Today, I belonged to you fans, you guys can come to sing and dance with me. HaHa! Just kidding!

Q2. How did you think of writing a letter to us fans on the plane?
Rain: Sometimes I don’t understand why I couldn’t lay back and give up on breaking into Hollywood, give up singing and dancing for fans, give up my earned results, and going into a new world to start a new path. Later when I gave it some thought, it's because of the fans, they're the reason why I'm in the position I'm in today. I have fan support and that is where I get all my motivation from. I felt very grateful to fans and the staffs at J.Tune. Therefore, I wrote a letter to everyone on the plane.

Q3. If you have one month vacation, what do you want to do the most?
Rain: I wanted to have a concert, a concert that belongs to me and my fans. A type of concert that's full of interactions, free, and relaxed.

Q4: How do you wish everybody to call you? Bi? Rain? Jihoon?
Rain: Rain! (everybody was calling “Rain”, he was so happy!)

Q5: If you go to karaoke, what song do you want to sing the most?
Rain: I rarely go to karaoke, but if I go, I will sing my favorite song, “I believe I can fly” (He sung part of the song live with his magnetic vocal cord which killed everybody)

Q6: You have been away from Korea for awhile, now you are back, what do you want to eat the most?
Rain: Spicy cabbage! Then Sushi! And ramen! I am not picky on food, I like all kinds of food….everybody know's I love eating so whoever snatches at my food will get a beating. I won’t treat them well, haha! So the people around me never take my food.

Q7: What do you think is the cutest part of your body?
Rain: (fans first shout the eyes) someone said shoulder, another said lip, I guess all these things - thank you fans for helping me answer.

Q8: If you had a girlfriend, what would you cook for her?
Rain: Fried lunar new year cake. It depends on my mood, when I’m mad the taste will be spicy and salty. When I’m happy the taste will be perfect (it's a perfect!). So if you want to eat the food that I make, you better find me when I'm in a good mood, HaHa! Really salty!

Q9: What are some of your habits when you're recording?
Rain: I like to use body language and hand gestures to express my feelings, I would grasp my hands and my body would sway, so you can’t look at me when I’m recording…

Fans: We want to see!

Rain: alright you can see a bit!
(Then Rain showed how he was when he recorded the song "I do"….his hand with a grasp gesture and then he started laughing nonstop)

Rain: When I am on stage I don’t feel nervous, I have confidence because I prepared well so I have 100% confidence in myself. But when I am off the stage, I become shy and I don’t know how to act or say, this could be a problem.

Q10: Do you like to drink? How is your drinking? What kind of alcohol do you like?
Rain: I like to drink Korean rice wine, and I like bomb drinks. I said this before, I once drank with Danny of G.O.D., we were having a competition with drinks, I didn’t want to lose to him so I kept on drinking, when I reached my 36th drink I lost my memory. I guess it would be the same if I drank whisky, haha!

Q11: Where do you want to go with your girlfriend?
Rain: To the hot spring! Haha, we can go together! (Fans start screaming, MC said in the hot spring cannot stay in the soak together)
Rain: No problem we can do it together, hahahaha, just kidding! (I'm such a tease!)

Q12: You are so busy now, usually how many hours do you sleep?
Rain: I don’t sleep much, like yesterday for example I only slept for 3 hours. When I’m finished my busy schedule I flew back to Korea, rested a little then rushed here. (Fans felt sad and all sighed)

Q13: But how can your skin be so good?
Rain: haha, it's all thanks to make-up.

MC: I also put on make-up but how come mine doesn't work?!

Rain: I’m young, haha...

MC: Mean Face

Rain: ...

Q14: Recently what things made you feel happy?
Rain: From the moment that movie “Ninja Assassin” shooting ended, I got back my freedom. From actor Jung Ji Hoon going back to my true comfort as singer Rain. Coming back to everybody and my fans, all this made me feel so happy!

An excerpt from rain-america: "After answering the questions, the organizer brought out a cake for Rain. The candles seemed not able to blow it out, Rain tried to blow many times, he was so cute at that time. Everybody sung the Korean happy birthday song to him. Next, Rain gave away gifts to the fans, most of the gifts are the official goods from his website. There were a pair of unique sun glasses designed by Rain and necklaces that he worn from his drama, also the blue apron that he worn from the 24 hours DVD. He gave away the 24 hours DVD as well. All gifts had Rain’s autograph on it. After Rain gave away the gifts, he hugged the fans and shook hands with them.

Last, he sung “How to avoid the sun” then he disappeared. Everybody screamed encore. They waited for a moment then the music started, silver color balloons fell down from the ceiling, Rain then sung “Instead of saying goodbye”, he was very happy. He threw a towel to the fans. At the end, he bowed to everyone and the fan meeting ended.

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Posted 7/2/08
yaaaaaaaaaaaay new hairstyle great oppa love it
But he did celebrate his b-day .but I’m still waiting for the b-day concert that i heard about in Hollywood theatre raw restaurant .I’m so sad that he didn’t do it
Anyway so happy to see him so healthy like this
THANKS FOR sharing nina111
and very rich report thank u rydangel
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In the Heart of u...
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
Rain’s B-DAY Party and Japan Clouds Gifts
the party was a lil concert and after The press conference with the fan's Gifts
the lil party

oppa cutting the cake

Clouds Gifts

WAAAW oppa is so lucky LV Gifts!!!!

Flowers for oppa

there’re so many gifts but i just chose some pics

source: Japan blog / rainbar
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Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
omg!!! so many Gifts specially the LV WAAAAAAAAHO!!!
so cool oppa had a big b-day the cake yummy yummy!!!

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Posted 10/8/08
woooooh!!! i wish i was there...hahaha

but i really dont like the hairstyle thing...
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Posted 11/21/09
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