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Guns N' Roses
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Posted 11/2/11 , edited 11/2/11
did everyone know that Dr Pepper told Axl back in the 90s that if Chinese Democracy ever came out they'd give everyone in America a free Dr Pepper? They didn't..... So ol' Axl sued them. He won. Your Dr. Pepper is waiting for you. or i think it was.... it might be over now, but they really did it. you had to like do ur coupon online or something tho, idk i founnd out bout it too late too..... Chinese Democracy could have been A LOT worse. i think we all know that we expected it to be worse than it was deep down. Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. I think we should be happy they didn't ruin themselves forever. cause people don't realize that was the most likely outcome of gunns coming out with more music to follow the fire they came out with back in the day. W/ Slash better yea I guess.... but i didn't see any hope for Chinese Democracy ever.
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