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Extracurricular activies
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24 / F / world
Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/2/08
Private lessons?
Anything. =]

(Pretty sure this thread is original, please tell me if it isn't)

For me, it'd be art class, photography (summer), key club, MUN, & colorguard
i quit orchestra for ceramics and yearbook next year =]...maybe OCAD
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Posted 7/1/08
Haha well..lets see
I do basically nothing.
Except go on the computer, talk to friends, and the occasional help at the family resturant
Posted 7/1/08
ballroom-dancing, acting~arts when I feel like I can concentrate(am pretty restless so that's not often~)
teh rest: pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc
oh and reading
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Posted 7/2/08
Socratic Society : debate club
Key Club : community service
One World : fundraising/ world aid
Journalism : school newspaper staff writer
Piano Lessons weekly
SDSU Upward Bound : Mentoring & college prep
Photography Club
Class Executive Council

joining Tennis or Badminton or Volleyball next school year.
cant decide.
Posted 7/2/08
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28 / M / Los Angeles, Cali...
Posted 7/2/08
i wish i did after school activities, but its too late now. thats the one thing i wish i did in highschool. i had all my martial arts, but i wish i did more in school.
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Posted 7/2/08
Sports...hehe..I believe that I'm athletic..sort of..hahaha
Posted 7/2/08
Anything computer unrelated.
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23 / M
Posted 7/2/08
I sometimes play basketball...

before i took piano lessons...

I go track and field too
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24 / F / Randomland
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08

The only thing I ever had was choir....

Because if I tried to do sports someone would either die or be mortally wounded

And singing is the only talent I've ever been known to have

and it's not even that great of a talent.

And we never had anything for reading

And I have no life so that's basically it besides the interweb.
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26 / M / Sweden
Posted 7/2/08
Boxing - three times a week.
Piano - One day.
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25 / F / New Zealand
Posted 7/2/08
Japanese Cultural Group - I'm currently teaching a traditional japanese dance every wednesday
German Cultural Group - Friend kinda made me
Thai Cultural Group - Friends again

Used to be in a choir
Take guitar lessons
and netball but probably like 95% of people here dont know what it is even though NZ is like hard out for it(Its a sport)
Posted 7/2/08
I don't have a fixed routine after school;
I just hang out with friends or do something else when I feel like it.
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25 / F
Posted 7/2/08
National Honor Society
Yearbook staff
Key Club
Korean Club
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Posted 7/2/08
For like school entrance sheets? I don't know, someone reported this as a duplicate, but the dictionary defines the word as;
"extracurricular |ˌekstrəkəˈrikyələr|
(of an activity at a school or college) pursued in addition to the normal course of study : extracurricular activities include sports, drama, music, chess.
• often humorous outside the normal routine, esp. that provided by a job or marriage : Harriet's extracurricular sweetheart."
So until someone gives a link with their report, this is in the clear.
It helps the mods a lot if you're not just "guessing" that it's a duplicate.

Forum Moderator.

P.S. Spam also cleared.
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