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Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/17/09

MrAZ wrote:

AngelOblivion wrote:

I want to add this. *Kawaiiiiiiiiiii*

Oh yeah I definitely cried there!!

I love this scene ever! It's really hard for Ren to hide the truth from Kyoko, that

But no matter how hard he tries to hold himself back from his feelings, he just couldn't help but show his affectionate side to her. I wonder what's gonna happen to both of them by the time Kyoko graduates in High school.. I wanted to see how Ren deals with that!!!

That's why I'm currently working on my fan fic, because I just can't wait for the future to unfold and so I made my own future of the two! I'll upload it on our group page when I'm done with it.

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