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The slowest speed?
Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/3/08
Lol what a dumbass, his "complex" theory makes no sense when applied to quantum physics, apparantly this dumbass didn't know that 3 years was enough time to prove his copy/pasted theory obsolete.

I'll requote myself

Okay... maybe when some crazy theorist thinks of some new theory that can be applied to this then their will be a coherent answer... A question like this is like asking somebody if the color blue has a girlfriend.
Posted 7/3/08
ah!! so much math and theories and science!! gah!!

but seriously, it's almost impossible to go at the lowest speed, unless there are absolutely no frictions, and kinetic energy wasn't stored, then yeah I guess.. ag.. i don't know what i'm talking about any more, I suck at a physical science, don't ask me these questions...
Posted 7/27/08
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