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Kevin and Xaira

Kevin picks Xaira up in his jeep at noon. Of course she was more than ready to go and she jump right in the jeep. He takes her to the local diner and they shared a huge plate of nachos. After he takes her to the mall. When Xaira walked in, she couldn't believe there was no one there. ''I closed the mall to the public just for you,'' kevin says. He takes her to all her favorite store and buyys a bunch of new clothes that are the most stylish things she could ever see. For dinner he takes her to the most expensive and fanciest place in town and orders her the most expensive thing on the menu. Kevin made sure Xaira is home by cerfew and to finish off gives her an amazing gooodnight kiss.

Joe and Reesa

Joe comes to pick Reesa up bright and early at 9:00 a.m. He slowly walks into her roooom and shouts so she will wake up, ''Hello Beautiful,'' he says. She was stunned to see Joe. Even better he helps her get ready by straightening her hair while she apply herr makeup. He takes her to a private beach. The two played volleyball and he keeps trying to do a bunch of tricks trying to impress her. He packed Reesa the perfect picnic, his favorite, peanut butter and jelly. Than they walked hand in hand down the beach. To finish off the perfect night, together he buys every ticket to the newest movie, but lets face it she wasn't watching the movie. When Joe takes Reesa home he stops her from going in her house by juming in front of her. Before they know it the two are kissing. A year later Reesa and Joe are out together when he gets down on one knee and porposes to her. Of course she said yes.

Nick and Maxenne

The tour bus rolls up to Maxenne's house at 11a.m. Turns out The Jonas' family is staying in town for the night because they are having a super secret show the next day. Nick tells Maxenne to run inside and grab herr bathing suit. Right when she gets back to the hotel they go swimming and hang out in the hot tub.. Before he takes Maxenne out to lunch he lets her go get ready. Kevin drives Maxenne to Nick's favorite restraunt. When she gets back he walks her down to an enormous ballroom with a grand piano in the middle. There he sings to her ''When You Look Me in the Eyes''. Than he sings her the song he wrote completely and totally for her. When Nick is done he turns, looks Maxenne in the eyes and gives her the most passionate kiss ever.

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