Alternate Endings [CAUTION: SPOILERS!]
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Posted 7/4/08
well, for starters, i've just finished watching zettai kareshi, so it's fresh in my mind.
i wanted the ending to be like:

night's memory is erased, but he still has the memory chip and riiko obtains it and sees it and is all sad/happy.
but they can bring him back - but he just won't remember anything.
and since night wanted riiko to be with soshi cause he was gonna 'die', they make him a robot dedicated to friendship.
so soshi and riiko get together, but night is like a friend and he stays home to cook for soshi and riiko and they're bff forever and ever.
haha. kinda lame.

any of you want alernate endings?
well, here's your chance to be your own drama writer. :D

if it's a duplicate, deletion is fine.
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Posted 7/4/08
i want night to stay alive and ends up with riko period
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