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Posted 7/4/08 , edited 10/19/08
anyway about the battle arena~!, I am currently making New cards to issue to students, but you have to first get a familar from the familar shelter at the APMA-InformationCentre, after that you will recieve 5 cards {consists of: 1 familar card,1 character card,2 magic cards and 1 weapon card} , to Earn more cards you will have to answer riddles or you can buy them with card tokens....

Before you can battle you must have or apply for a Battle Pass in the principle's office, this is because participants will recieve special badges or prizes after each battle won~! these will be placed on your battle pass also showing the number of battles you've won~!
Every participant will have only 1000 life points which will also be varified on your pass~!
{Please note you must do your own subtraction whenever your attacked so NO CHEATING!}
Only one pair of participants can battle at a time (1 VS 1), unless its a (2 VS 2)~!

There can only be 1 battle at a time so please wait until the previous battle is over before battling~!
Later we will officially open the ~A.P.M.A~Special Battle Arena to avoid the process of having to wait, so for now please be patient~!^^
thankyou for your co-operation,
signed, ~A.P.M.A~ principal fantayangelforever

also either me and the deputy principal will be checking the battle arena forums to make sure theres no cheating!!!
so please have fun and enjoy~!^^

any questions please send a message~! fantayangelforever
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