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A shoujo manga scene in your life?
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Posted 5/30/11
lol no.
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29 / F / Wisconsin
Posted 5/30/11
Well I did feel like i was in a reverse harem once because there were three guys who had feelings for me and they were all complicated it was soo confusing to one point i actually said "I feel like i'm in a reverse harem!" lol
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21 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 5/30/11
I wish >__>...
There was a point this year where I got a love note but nothing ever became of it...
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Posted 5/31/11
well when i was in my last year in high school, i had a friend (well a friend of my friend to be exact) we were never close but he was always near me, talking to me maybe because i always say hi to him, then in no time, i started to like him. and we had our cute sweet moments, but in the end he had a girlfriend and his feelings for me remain a mystery until today. oh and ever since he had a girlfriend, he never talked to me. sad
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Posted 6/1/11
I guess the closest would be the awkward romantic moments that end with both of you bursting out laughing
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Posted 6/1/11
mee too some times but i dont rem any
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Posted 6/1/11
THAT'S WHY I READ SHOUJO MANGA. My life just isn't like that. At all.

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Posted 6/3/11

ricaryx wrote:

ghostly wrote:

many times! When I was in high School for example, I liked on girl, but I was so timid that I decided to ignore my feelings.

Another girl came to be during break or recess, and told me she wanted to be my friend. We talked, somewhat during the week.
And on Friday, she confessed to me outside the school saying that she fell in love with me since long time ago. I was perplexed and surprised, I couldn't respond to that. She told me that she will wait for an answer, that I can call her.

The next week, we were already dating.

Next thing I know, I feel in love (really in love, not just like) with a girl who often arrived at my neighborhood, she didn't have any friends around the neighborhood since she didn't live there. She just visited her relatives.

I approached and became friends. We were friends for months, and one day we both confessed our loves together over the phone.
We dated for two years.

While I was dating her, I started to like someone who was my Japanese classmate. I kissed her and run away. And came back when the class started.

Ahh! Such a long story.
But, surely, I am surprised most of you don't have any experience. I suppose I am not otaku enough?

GUYS!! GIRLS!! You need to get out more!! There is love waiting for you!!

haha that sounded so much like a harem anime. Only it's a true story lol

Shoujo manga scene in my life? Not really. NOT YET. ;)

Woah! Someoen quoted my post from 2008! i am so happy!

ricaryx. Do you want to join my harem? I think there is more room available **Wink** **Wink**

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Posted 7/27/11
Hm... I feel like I'm in one now.

Okay, so I haven't had a crush since I was in middle school. Now I'm in university with a guy I met in college and were close friends. Here's the story:

He's been in the same program for 3 years now, and I had never notices him. Then at our last year, he's friend ask me to join their group, cause I had turn them down before. So half way into our project, I got to know them, found them a bit annoying. Then one of their friends I got to know too pointed out that one of them kept smile at me all the time and believes that he might like me. I was never good noticing these things, so I was like "nah that's impossible", and just left it at that. But the idea of it was still planet in my mind, then it developed and I started to pay more attention to the guy who might like me. Then, one day he confesses to me online that he like me. And I was all denying saying; "why? I'm not pretty", but inside I was gushing. It was then I start to see the connections, how he always try to get me to talk to him (like try to grab my attention when I'm talking to others) and moody. However, our mutual feelings didn't last long. In the end, he said he wants to remain friends. And I was like "jackass", but I still like him to the point I try to talk him out of it. It didn't work, and I must have looked stupid. I acted weird around him for couple of weeks (it's hard to recover from heartache!). A couple of time I believed he did still like me.

For example, his friend and him were playing jokes on me, like they won't let me out from a class after it was done. And I try to out run them (I'm pretty agile), then I got corner. I hope I didn't image, this part, but when I try escaping the guy who "use to like me", manage to grab me *cough* hug me*cough*. I wasn't sure, it was so fast and I just froze, he let go of me of course. I didn't dare to look at him in the face, and I think I was the only one who notice, cause after everything went back to normal. Although, he was quiet for awhile.

Worst part, I'm still not over him when I saw him with another girl I knew he liked. I was shock by the mix of jealous and hurt that surge me. Never ever have I had 2 of those emotions together before.

And here I am, at the same university. Did I mention it's the one he recommend me to go with him? I'm so hopeless.
I hope I'm not being used here. And that in the end, he wanted me there as a friend, not someone to help him out on school. Although, can't be help, I'm always worry about his marks.

*end of ranting*
Posted 11/19/11
hahaha NO
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20 / F / Stalking you.Yes...
Posted 11/20/11
My sister told some guy i liked him in third grade and i got rejected.... does that count?
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30 / F / Austin, Texas
Posted 11/20/11 , edited 11/20/11
I have to say that many events in my life seem to have been straight out of a girly manga.

When I first met my new hubby (actually, he's my second hubby...and hopefully the last one), I fell in love instantly with him; the very first moment I saw him, I already loved him. I was actually on a date with someone else (it was a concert, and the two of them knew each other), but since I wasn't into the first guy in the first place, I asked him for his number. Two weeks later, the day after our first date, I already moved all my things to his place, and we had been together since then.

That felt just like something straight out of a girly manga.

More girly manga moments?

-Back in middle school, I had a crush on this guy but since his mom didn't liked me, she told me to never call him again.

-When I was in college, I was walking around the campus with my skirt stuck into my undies and a really cute guy pointed that out. I asked him out, but he declined.

-When I was in Pensacola for training, I was dating two guys who were friends.

-Some marine guy fell in love with me, and within a month of knowing me, he proposed in the beach (with full dress blues and all).

I guess I could say that all my life is a huge girly manga!!!!
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Posted 11/21/11 , edited 11/21/11
well not exactly like in the mangas but
once when i entered 6th grade, on the first day of school a guy who's a senior (i think he didn;t pass 6th grade for 2 years) asked my phone number when i was walking on the hallway. then i told him i forgot my number and i ran away. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
but i ended up like one of the fujoshis with my pervy friend.
we stalk bishie chef at the hotel in which my friend had her sweet 17th birthday party yesterday.
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31 / F / US
Posted 11/21/11

Can't say that I have lol which sucks because I'd like it if a guy fell in love with me like they fall in love with some of the girls in shoujos xD buuuut at the same time, I don't want the drama.
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23 / F / Washington
Posted 11/22/11
Yes, Happens all the time ahaha.....
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