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[SPOILERS] Last Friends: Too Much Drama Going On?
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Posted 4/26/09 , edited 4/26/09
I actually quite like this drama, but I hated all the characters - this is despite me being fans of Eita and Ueno Juri.

It definately has its flaws, but if you think about it, the characters were unique, each had their own story and each had their own hardships. I think Eri's story should have been more developed though.

I really dislike Sosuke - what a narcissist! Self-love, selfish, what a bastard for trying to rape Ruka, and for raping Michiru. I hate how he killed himself, since it is just an easy way out, in fact causing more heartbreak for Michiru too. In fact she is so weak, I just felt like slapping her in the face and going 'wake up!'.

When they were showing scenes at the final ep, as to why she fell in love with him, fair enough that was good - but the violence was rough. The drama portrayed really good scenes at the DV scenes, it was pretty frightening, so much so, that I wanted to kill Soskue. Must say Ryo is a great actor though... but what an evil character lol
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