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Top 7 Favorite Dramas with a Love Triangle
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Posted 7/7/08

harman101 wrote:

Gaby4ever wrote:

harman101 wrote:

Gaby4ever wrote:

harman101 wrote:

Gaby4ever wrote:

harman101 wrote:

Gaby4ever wrote:

My TOP 7 are:

1. Why Why Love
2. My Girl
3. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ( i love Ikuta Toma hahah)
4. Goong
5. Autumn Tale (the second guy is toooo nice)
6. Hana Yori Dango
7. Meteor Garden

NOTE: these are NOT in order...

and i haven't seen Absolute Boyfriend, Fated to Love You, Bull Fighting, Spring Waltz, Smiling Pasta, and 9 End 2 Outs...... are THEY gooooooooooooooodddddddddd?!?!!??! pleasssssseeeeee tell meeeeeee.....

and can you please put them in order for me.. from the best to the least? so i will know which one i will watch first.....thankkkkk youuuuuu soooo muchhh!!


I so agree w/ u on Autumn Tale.
I've seen Fated To Love You and it is so good. You should watch it.
Smiling Pasta is like Full House, but some things changed.
9 Ends and 2 Outs is good but I don't really recommend it.
I haven't seen Absolute Boyfriend and Bull Fighting yet.
But I don't think I'm going to watch Absolute Boyfriend because I don't like the plot.
Hope that helps.

Hello too..

YAY!! at least i'm not the only one who likes Autumn Tale.. hehe

yeah, i'm also not interested with Absolute Boyfriend... but my classmate told me that i should watch it cause i asked her if it is good and she said yes.. same here, i didn't like the plot because of the robot-thingy hahaha...and it's still in my list for long time... but many people said it's good... right now, i'm still not sure.. and i don't want to waste my time on it... cause what if i won't like it.. lol

ok.. i'm going to watch Fated to Love You...

and.. thanks for the info...

Your welcome.
And happy watching drama to you!

by the way... Have you seen At the Dolphin Bay? if you did.. then, is it good or not? and if you haven't, are you going to watch it or not? hehehe just want to ask.. cause im so bothered with that drama... it's like.. I want to watch it but i don't want to.. lol

I feel the same way about certain dramas. Sorry, I haven't seen or heard
about this drama. But once I'll read the plot, I'll tell if I'm going or might watch it.
Right now I'm so hooked in watching new Korean dramas coming out this year.
On Air
Powerful Opponents

awwww... thank you soo much!!

P.S. I'm writing down the new Korean dramas (2008) that you mentioned above.... eheheh

Btw, u can watch those in

ehehe... thank you...
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Posted 7/7/08
1.devil beside you
2. hana yori dango
3. hana yori dango II
4. goong
5. it started with a kiss
6. they kiss again
7. smiling pasta
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31 / F / marikina
Posted 7/7/08

by: Wallace Hou as wesley, Joe Chen as annabelle and Penny Lin as felicity.

by: Angela Zhang as Marianne, Wallace Huo as Hilton and Ambrous Hsu as Teddy

by: Kim Tae Hee as Allison, Kim Rae Won as Dustin and Lee Jung Jin as Alex

by: Han Eun-young as Joanna, Kim Young-hoon as Anthony and Jung Soo-min as Eugene

by: Eugene Kim Yoo-jin as Aileen, Lee Min Ki as Benjie and Ryu Jin as Francis
Posted 7/7/08
1. hana kimi japan
2. nobuta wo produce
3. goong
4. my name is kim sam soon
5. dalja's spring
6. coffee prince
7. seito shokun!
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Posted 7/7/08
1. My Girl-----> haha.... fave drama eva!! love the love triangle(??) too...
2. MARS -----> the love triangle : qi luo=Ling=tong dao?!?!?! LOL!! sori.. i luv this drama but the triangle with da ye ended so soon.. and plus.. tong dao said he liked ling and his type of girl is qi luo so i guess i should consider that..AS THE WORST TRIANGLE.. HAHA.. but i love this drama and the love team anyway so its my no. 2..
3. Hana Yori Dango----> matsumoto jun's character was like.. WOW.. luv it..
4. Full House-----> rain is so funny... and min hyuk is so nice and sweet..
5. Goong------> Kim Jeong hoon is just the perfect third person in a triangle!!
6. Autumn Tale---> really like tae suhk but i just feel the relationship of the bro and sis was deeper..
7. Hana Kimi----> really loved both versions... just like the characters from the tw version better though..
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Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
1. Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang
2. The Rose
3. Goong
4. Kimi Wa Petto
5. Hana Kimi (Japan)
6. Absolute Boyfriend
7. Witch Yoo- Hee
I left Hana Yori Dango and Fated To Love You off the list because they are just to obviously the best.
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34 / F / Poland
Posted 7/8/08
1.Devil beside you
2.Full House
4.Fated to love you
5.Absolute boyfriend
7. Coffee Prince
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36 / F / Makati City, Phil...
Posted 7/8/08
1. Meteor Garden
2. My Girl
3. Princess Hours
4. Hana Kimi (TW)
5. Full House
6. Corner with Love
7. Lovers in Paris
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30 / F / ~~paradise~~
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08






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Posted 7/8/08
No particular order

1. Snow White
2. My Lucky Star
3. Fated to Love you
4. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
5. Bull Fighting
6. full house
7. absolute boyfriend
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27 / F / New York,USA
Posted 7/8/08
1.Hana yori Dango 1,2
2.Hana kimi both versions
3.why why love
4.devil beside you
5.peach girl (more like a love square)
7.Fated to love you
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28 / M / singapore
Posted 7/8/08
most of the drama i've watch are i dunno which are the top 7 =d
Posted 7/8/08
1. fated to love you
2. smiling pasta
3. devil beside you
4. iswak/tka
5. silence
6. meteor garden
7. mars
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30 / F / Paradise⌒☆
Posted 8/1/09
L0ve Triangles <3
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Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/2/09
1. Snow White

2. Rude Woman

3. 18 Vs. 29

4. Time between dog and wolf



7. Hello my teacher
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