World Domination RP: "The World's First Rulers" Characters
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Here is where you can post your charachters for World Domination RP: The World's First Ruler, you can only make an Human Charachter in this RP. This RP happens in a "Medival Time" period. But in a diffrent world than ours.The land is diffrent.


Name: *your real and/or secret name*
Age: *your real and/or appered age*
Kingdom: *from which kingdom are you?*
Province: *from which province, from same kingdom, you camed from?*
Village: *from which village, from same province and kingdom, you camed from?*
Status (Role): *What are you in the RP*
Records: *your history... so we know how you join the RP*
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WDRP---The World's First Ruler

Name: Jazen Criuix
Age: 18
Kingdom: Cross
Province: (the kingdom is hidden)
Village: (wouldn't you like to know)
Status: Overlord
Records: It is rumored that Jazen has had some connection with the old Andeor kingdom, but the people of his kingdom know better than to bring it up. Jazen is currently the Overlord of the Cross Kingdom somewhere in the Western Kingdom. He controls a vast army whose reach is farther than what is currently known. Jazen is a blade master with his own unique style, known as the Criuix-Ryu. Jazen's father was a Hellrox noble in the Western Kingdom. His father was a general of the western kingdom armies, who became a noble after conquering the West. Jazen inherited his fathers title and position. The details of Jazen fathers's death are unknown. Some of the old members of the Western Forces who were loyal to Jazen's father continue to be loyal to Jazen now. Through this, Jazen has created a control over the armies of the Western Kingdom minus the new troops loyal to the Hellrox Kingdom.
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Name: Dahlia Nariko
Kingdom: Northern Kingdom, Sharodor
Province: Aharu
Status: Hime
Records: Her current status is heir of the north throne, due to adoption, because sudden attack on north kingdom both successor lost their lives, king and the council decided then to save the throne by adopting maids newborn child and that was Dahlia. As soon as she was strong enough to hold a sword
she were put in regard of Bohan legendary warrior of the north, as he swerve himself to the king he couldn`t refuse his proposal to teach her everything he knows and like that save the land. She returned to the court last year passing the final examination, proving by that, she is strong enough to rule the kingdom.
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Name: Tren Syk
Age: appears 15 is actually 17
Kingdom: Eastern kingdom, Tequekodor
Province: Raikiro
Status: Wanderer, Citizen
Records: Grew up in a village in the eastern kingdom. Has no past generations for when their village was attacked they were slayen. Only lived because she buried herself under dead bodies for protection. Travels all over avoiding trouble and living how pleases, has large twinblades that were given as a gift on travels and is very skilled with them. Wants to play a larger role in life so she seeks out an oppertunity..
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with a mask hidden and heavily armored, whit the sword proof - light steel, mysterious assassin

He is extremely skilled in all sorts of melee combat

Weapons with which he is pretty handy with:
Paired Swords (daisho or two long swords)
Long Sword (claymore, katana)
Short Sword (wakizashi, rapier, sabre, machete, scimitar)
Broadsword (flamberge & no-dachi)
Half-Sword (naginata & yari)
Special Swords
Daggers, knifes (any kind)

on the mount, his trusted horse, Mal jin

Name: Raid Ragnarok, Codename (the name his known off): Razor
Age: 26
Kingdom: The Southern Kingdom, Poloria
Province: The province from which he came from is unknown
Village: Unspecified
Status: Elite Assassin
Records: Born in the cold deserts of distant Polaria, young Ragnarok was trained from his childhood to scavenge, trespass, be ready for the dangers that lurk in the shadows, be ready to kill and rob, he was used to the very low temperatures that Polaria constantly provided. His family was murdered when he was little by the Hellrox's elite guard. Now stand alone, decided not to mourn then to finish of his training. Not much of the things left in Polaria to dig up to. He left on a journey across the whole land. His elite and balanced skills in assassination payed off. One time he made a contract killing to eliminate one of the highest general of the ex-Hellrox's Army. The general held many strategic plans. But because of his death the army of Hellrox's fell for the first time in the history. The Hellrox's Overlord was stunned by this act. He order to hunt, so called Razor, down. They kept him in the solitary prison , outside of fortress, for a few months trying lurk some info out of him and maybe even make him work for them. Young Ragnarok tricked one of the guards and passed their defenses. He is then known as the first man in history who pulled that out all alone. Now his hiding in the shadows, riding on his trusted mount, a horse Mal Jin, across the land, remembering of his fathers tale of an old Cirux blade. He now seeks an opportunity to test it, cause in his life little goals left to finish.

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Name: Arex von Hellrox the 2nd (aka. The Black Prince)
Age: 17
Kingdom: Hellrox
Province: unknown
Village: unknown
Status (Role): Prince / General of the Hellrox Army
Records: A young but brilliant tactician and strategist, the heir incumbent to the throne of the Hellrox kingdom. He and his father do not get along as the Kingdom would have liked, but Arex has the support of the army, which is enough to silence any opposition.

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