Is this fanfiction or not
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okay after i saw hana yori dango i wrote a story
all the charcters names i made up everything is different except f4
here is chapter 1,2, and 3 of my story tell me if i's fanfiction or not and ps i didnt finish the anime i watch until the part where she betrayed the guy with the other guy made me sick so i decded not to watch it anymore watch the ending though eveyrthing else i didnt see please tell me wat u think i wrote chapetrs1-36 please tell me if i can publish book or not

Kiko Amara’s Adventures with the F4
By:Mimi Luong
Inspired by: Hana Yori Dango

Chapter 1
“The Trial”

“Why do these students have Rolexes”! “Why do they ride limousines to school”! “And why do they carry pocket full of hundred dollar bills to school”! Oh hi! I’m Kiko Amara, I’m a senior at this school call Takada High. It’s a school for only the richest kids go to, except me. I’m only an average seventeen-year-old senior at this school who likes scary movies, takes judo, has ocean green eyes and always wears a ponytail. However, to them, I’m just another poor, nameless person at this school. I didn’t want to go to this stupid school in the first place, but my loving parents wanted their daughter to have a good education, and the school is only six blocks away. Sike! That’s half the story, their true intentions were for me to date one of these rich guys, and help them pay off the bills! That’s family love for ya! “They’re here”! “The F4s are here’! Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce to you the four richest, most handsome, and most powerful guys at this hell of a school are the F4. The group consists of the funny guy Ken Mio, playboy Ryu Oda, kind D.J. Date, and of course the devil, Mike Taki! Let’s start with their backgrounds, shall we?
Ken features are as followed: white-blinding teeth, brown eyes, short boyish black hair, handsome and from rumor, a four pack. He owns ten restaurants, five Lamborghinis, six mansions, and seven jewelry stores.
Ryu: of all the guys he’s the player, has dark swift, smooth red hair, crimson puppy like eyes (which makes the girls go crazy), he has a six pack, and is very handsome. He owns jets, three airports in Japan, a lot of mansions (even one in Hawaii), and he is the second leader of the 13th generation of the Oda clan a.k.a the yakuza!
D.J.: has a six-pack, Prince Dorian’s short hair from Sailor Moon, but silver, big dashing green eyes, and is smoking hot! He owns five pastry shops, tons of jets, airplanes, and two biggest diamond industries in the world!
Last but not least, Mike: has spiky blond hair, six-pack, and has enchanting dark blue ocean eyes. He owns all the power plants in Japan (which means without him and his Flare Cooperation, this city and many others will have no power!). Of all the guys I hate him the most, because of his wasteful behavior and ignorance. I also can’t believe he even have fans that praise him, saying he’s the best looking of the four. When it’s obvious that it is D.J., and he is nothing more than a spoil brat compare to D.J.’s benevolence.
Suddenly, “Patrick got the red flag”! ”He got the red flag”! Oh almost forgot, the red flag is the F4’s old time hate tradition. Who ever they dislike, they put a red flag in that person’s locker with their F4s’ initials. When this happens, there will be a trial, but one that involves a lot of pleading and tomatoes. The tomatoes are thrown from students that go with the flow, and enjoy seeing other people in pain. You might wonder, what happen to the teachers and the rules? Well Mike, (I call him The Evil One) owns this school and thirteen other schools, but just so happen to go to this one. Even the teachers fear him; Mr. John, my math teacher, even had to lick his shoes one time just to keep his job. Well, here I am behind the mob. Patrick is pleading to Mike for dropping food onto his white shoes yesterday. The other kids are juggling the rotten tomatoes ready to throw them at Patrick. But wait, I see Ken, Mike, and Ryu, but where is D.J.? “Uh, stop thinking about D.J,”! I thought to myself. Anyway, the pleading stop and the punishment began. Looking at Patrick crying as tomatoes’ juices drip from his hair and face was not a pretty sight, but suddenly someone in a soft voice yelled, “Stop”! We all looked, it was D.J. “Stop Mike, he said he was sorry, and you have about a ton of the same designer’s shoes anyway.” “It’s not just shoes, it’s about respect and the boss who would show this loser his place in this school”! “Well, your butler just came, something important is up.” “ What, why didn’t you say so in the first place, let’s go.” The crowd dispersed. That night, I had the worst dream ever! I was the one in the trial and Mike had a torch of flames ready to roast me! I woke up out of fright to another morning.

Chapter 2
“The Red Flag”
“Oh what a beautiful sunny day it is”! It would be a nice day to stay at home, but it’s only Friday, and that means another dreadful day at the hell mouth before the weekends. “Kiko Amara, you better get your butt out of bed or you’ll be late for school”! “Mom, I’m not going to be late it’s only…Ahhhh”! “OMG, it’s 6:48”! I suddenly dashed out of bed, brush me teeth, brush my upside down hair straight, wore my uniform, and didn’t even get a chance to eat breakfast! I ran out of that house and disappeared through the door. “It’s 7:10”! “Oh man, almost there, please don’t close the gate yet, please don’t.” “Yes”! “It’s not closed’! “Whew I made it’! “Wonder who I pushed down the ground when I was running into my class”? “Might have been just another lazy butt that just got out of bed.” “Who cares”! All I care about now is the weekend. Suddenly, “Red flag from the F4’s”! “Red flag”! I was wondering who in the world could have pissed off The Evil One, but that was the wrong question. The horrifying answer was “ The red flag is in the girl section of the west hall, the name is Kiko Amara”!

Chapter 3
“My Knight and Shining Armor”

“Kiko Amara”! “Impossible”! How could it be me, I never offended them nor even have classes with them for them to target me as their victim! “RIIING”! The bell rung, thank goodness, but then, “ I know who Kiko Amara is, it’s her”! Kiki, the evil ringleader of the Violet’s group, pointed me out. I knew she just wanted to take revenge for the comment I said about her brains belonging to a pig last week, which is amazing that she remembers that. I tried to run as fast as I could out of the classroom, but I just froze there as they forcefully carried me to the cafeteria. When I finally awoke from shock, I was in front of the F4. Mike looked extremely angry and dirty too. Then all of a sudden, I remembered as I was running to class, I knock down a lazy bum, who happen to wear white shoes, and have spiky blond hair! OMG, I knocked down, of all people, Mike Taki! I was shivering of fright when Mike said, “Well, well, well, so this was the one who had the guts to knock me onto the floor and ruin my new clothes and shoes’! “I didn’t mean to, I mean I wasn’t looking, I’m sorry, please let me go”! “Let you go, why would I do that, I was getting bored of school until this happened”! Crowd: “Punish her, let’s throw tomatoes at her”! “No, no, I’m feeling quite intrigue with this poor girl, let’s ask her some questions shall.” “ What do you poor people eat”? “Uh, I think the word poor is over extravagated Mike.” “What, did you just call me”? “Mike.” “ How dare you call my name, my name is not for the likes of you to call it so likely.” Crowd: “Punish her, Mike”! “ Yea she doesn’t even know her place”! I was thinking about now that I should have stood up to him, and told him that he was just another rich, useless boy that had no right to judge if I should be punish or not. Sadly, I didn’t and he ended up deciding my punishment. “ Since, you think you can call my name and talk back to me, I think it’s best for you to be knock down a few levels.” “What”? “I want you lick my shoes, and lick’em clean.” “Huh”! “Yea, you heard me, lick’em or else.” “ Or else what”! I wanted to say that to his face, but I didn’t. I closed my eyes and was praying for an angel to save me, when all of a sudden, a voice yelled, “ Yoy, maybe you need to forgive her this one time”! “What, why D.J.’? “ Haven’t we already been through the whole discussion about keeping people at their place”? “Yes we have, but I think you’re only lowering yourself to this girl if you make her lick your shoes.” “Are you trying to lower the value of your shoes too”? “If you let her go this time, it will make you look like the better person, don’t you all agree”? Most people agreed thank goodness, because he bought it! “Fine, I’ll be the better person, but this ain’t over poor girl.” The crowd followed him, Ryu, and Ken out the door. The only person left was D.J and I. His smile glistened so very brightly with his white teeth and his godly body. He held out his hand and pulled me up. I said, “Thank you.” “Why thank me, I said hurtful things about you.” “ Yea, but those words saved me from tomato attacks and licking the shoes. He laughed and said something that surprised me, “ You’re going to be fun Kiko Amara.” Then he walked off leaving me there blushing with the thought” OMG, he knew my name”!

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