Most powerful song or mv
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Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08
Right now, the most powerful song I have seen would be 1937 by Machi

The lyrics are very well-written; it emphasizes repentance, but not hatred; pity, forgiveness, but never forgetfulness

Admit your wrongs - the truth cannot be replaced by lies
Apologize - history cannot be changed by forging
Repentence - is the only way to receive dignity..."

And the mv was very powerful, as well, with the masked soldiers, the standing up of the dead in the end, and the lady in the beginning, her words still echo in my head...

Time - no matter how long has passed
The wounds - are still there
The tears - are still flowing
Some people, some things, some histories...
...will never be forgotten..."
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Posted 7/8/08
alice nine rainbow or white prayer or nine head rodeo show
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Posted 7/8/08
To Bid You Farewell by Opeth:

Great poetic lyrics, great soothing acoustic guitars, great soulful vocals. If you do not find this song beautiful in any shape or form, you've got too much shit music stuff in your ears.
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Posted 7/8/08
For me it's Epik High - Fan or Chemistry - Pieces of A dream
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