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Name songs you were addicted to...or ARE addicted to..or both =3
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27 / F / London
Posted 7/15/08
From first to last - Afterbirth
From first to last - Ride the wings of pestilence
Gazette - Taion

Outlaw Star (2nd Ending theme) - Tsuki no Le
Tatu - Ludi Invalidi
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20 / F / Byfield
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08
I Have Lots Really:
Over The Rainbow-Angela Zhang
C Dai Tiao-Angela Zhang
Aurora-Angela Zhang
How You Been Lately-S.H.E
Shou Ni Ai Wo-S.H.E
Xia Xue-Fahrenheit
Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue-Fahrenheit ft Hebe Tian
Romantic Party-K one
Hu Si Luan Xiang-K one ft Ivy
Look Into My Eyes-K one
DA DA DA-Cyndi Wang
I Do-Cyndi Wang
Huan Hun Xiao-Cyndi Wang
Rainbow Smile-Cyndi Wang
Tears From Polaris-Nicholas Teo
Im In Love-Angela Zhang
Xin Wo-Fahrenheit ft S.H.E
Can't You Bravely Say You Love Me-Angela Zhang
Bu Tong-Angela Zhang
Zai Shui Yi Fang-Jiro Wang (Solo In OST X-Family)
Wu Yue Tian-S.H.E
Sweet And Sour-S.H.E ft Fahrenheit
Zen Ma Ban-S.H.E
Zhong Hua Gua-S.H.E

That's All Really I Think!

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28 / M / WA
Posted 7/16/08
Its more albums for me

Nocturnal - Black Dahlia Murder
Watershed - Opeth
Character - Dark Tranquility
You Come Before You - Poison the Well
Fortress - Protest The Hero
The Blackening - Machine Head
This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore
Epitaph - Necrophagist
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Posted 7/16/08
hmm... i'll find those songs.
Posted 7/16/08
waahhh~ too much to list but i'll try

the GazettE - $ocial Riot Machine$, Taion, Defective Tragedy, Reila, Shadow VI II I, Silly God Disco, etc
An Cafe - Escapism, Ryusei Rocket, Smile Ichiban Ii Onna, etc.
Miyavi - 21st Century Tokyo Blues, etc.
Girugamesh - Owari to Mirai
Malice Mizer - Au Revoir, etc.
Wonder Girls - some lol
TaeYeon - Manyageh, 7989
YG Family - Fly Gentlemen
Epik High - One, Love Love Love,

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21 / F / Blackhole
Posted 7/16/08
hands down - dashboard confessional
emotionless - good charlotte
stigmatize - the calling
planetarium - ai otsuka
flavor of life - utada hikaru
vindicated - dashboard confessional
how do i breathe - mario
just the girl - the click five
i just wanna live - good charlotte
seven years - saosin
dearest nameless - kingsdown

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30 / F / Brunei
Posted 7/20/08
Manyage - Tae Yeon
Black glasses - Eru
U - SuJu
Timeless - Zhang Li Yin feat. Junsu
Last Farewell - Big Bang

>> There's more though
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25 / M / in front of my co...
Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
Shinhwa-Perfect man,Hey! come on
Big Bang-Lies,LaLaLa
WG-Tell me(rap ver),So hot,Irony
SHINee-Nuna your so pretty,Real
Epik High-One,Fan,Breakdown
A ST'1-1,2,3,4 BACK!
KAT TUN-Keep the faith
Arashi-WISH,Love so sweet
BACK-on-Blaze line,Flower,Chain
LM.C-Boys and girls,88
Orange RANGE-Ikenai taiyo
Crown J-Too much
Andy Lee-Proposal,Love song
SNSD-Kissing you,baby baby
FinKL-Now,for my boyfriend
S.E.S-(coz)i'm your girl

* and the list goes on...* well as you can see i cant take slow songs...practically none of the above are slow allergic to slow songs ><
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28 / M / Seoul
Posted 7/20/08
Sarang ha myun hal soo rok - the Classic OST
Good bye days - YUI
Best I ever had - vertical horizon
Good night - Nell
Holding back the tears - DBSK
The reason - Hoobastank
Dive into yourself - High and Mighty Color
Over you - Chris Daughtry
Hero - Nickelback
Konayuki - Remioromen
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28 / F / UK
Posted 7/20/08
Now addicted to:
DBSK - Why Did I Fall In Love With You?

Was addicted to:
Wonder Girls - Tell Me
Big Bang - Lies
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28 / a LittLe Red Dot...
Posted 7/20/08
hmm... got 1.67Gb of songs... all i used to or currently addicted... Almos all r jap songs... only 2-3 r english and 4 german... haha... German of course is frm Tokio Hotel...
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Posted 7/20/08
I was addicted to the song Lost Without You by Robin Thicke xD
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26 / M / Philippines
Posted 7/20/08
cries in vain - bullet for my valentine
simple and clean - utada hikaru
some will seek forgiveness, others escape - underoath
if you're not the one - daniel beddingfield
the crowing - coheed and cambria
pardon me - incubus
business suits and combat boots - the agonist
just another star - bullet for my valentine
endless a silent whisper - urbandub
the pain of separation - as i lay dying
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26 / F
Posted 7/20/08
i was addicted to summer time- News, Don't u ever stop- Kat tun and some other songs which i forgot..
but now i'm addicted to why did i fall in love with you-DBSK...
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23 / F / CACTUS FARM ©
Posted 7/20/08
wonder girls - so hot
why did i fall in love with you - dbsk
a'st1 - 1 2 3 4 back
jesse mccartney - leavin
crush crush - paramore

use to be addicted to =/ but still love:
replay - shinee
prayer - tae yang
i kissed a girl - katy perry
get up - lexy

xP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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