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20 / M / Under your bed
Posted 11/25/10
I prefer yaoi smut thank you! Things like Brother by Yuzuha Ougi and Vibrator Factory float my boat.
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21 / F / Under your bed
Posted 12/7/10 , edited 12/7/10
Renai-Shijo Shuji is really something 0__0
They're doing H for like 24/7? XDDD
Anyways, I'm getting interested in reading "smut" these days ;P
My fave smut artist would be Minami Kanan <33
The way she draws the guys are HAWT *0*
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22 / F
Posted 12/7/10
lol I've read too many smut manga to say which one I like da best... hmmm the one I'm waiting for to start back up again though is Gakuen Ouji and Kyo→Dai Dakara nandayo!? seriously I've read almost all the good smuts on mangafox and I'm looking for more ( lol I'm not a pervert I just like when the relationship develops from kissing and hugging to u know) Oh I really like Chiyou yo Hana
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29 / M / New York City
Posted 12/7/10
whats a smut manga? erm lemme google i guess
Posted 12/11/10
Darling wa Namamono ni tsuki ..
It's hella funny !!
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Posted 12/11/10
I defenitely think its Ren-ai shijo its like 24/7 smut in that manga.
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20 / M / Hawaii
Posted 12/12/10
No yaoi for me but i find the stories very interesting then the usual
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19 / F
Posted 12/28/10
I only read YAOI + smut :3
Posted 12/29/10
One series I read is Midnight Secretary and I guess that was kinda smutty... the guy is a vampire and he has sex with women so he can bite them. He seduces his secretary and then ends up falling in love with her.
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Posted 10/31/11 , edited 10/31/11
Uhmmmmmm, op's question is too hard.

Anyhow, I love smut.
Smut is the best ♡

To the person above me, I love midnight secretary.
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27 / F / Austin, Texas
Posted 11/1/11
I read smut manga when I go out of town and I'm away from my man. I mean, they keep me horny!
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28 / F / Hawaii
Posted 4/15/12

haruke wrote:

I read several smut mangas OwO

the best scanlation site is http://www.tenshi-tachi.com/ but sadly its currently down.

but these are some of the titles on the site : Koibana, Tonari no Shugoshin, Romantic Beauty,Osaerarenai, Kimi ni Furetara, Houkago Wedding, Atashi no Mannaka , Ah! Itoshi no Caramel Boy etc..

personally i adore Osaerarenai<333

Oh, Osaerarenai is really good! Every now and then I get into a smut mood but I like ones with good stories and not just blatant rape. But I think I've also gotten a bit desensitized and really picky about what is "good smut". I like stuff that has just a whiff of danger like Osaerarenai because it has flashes of hot kisses, flesh, and suggestive poses without being downright hentai but isn't tame enough that you can't feel like you aren't really enjoying the manga. I like to "feel" the situation and character which is why I really enjoy comedies because I can laugh like I'm there, be scared in horror, cry in tragedies, and blush and smile in romances. I, mean, why bother reading at all if you're not really going to enjoy it?
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36 / F / Glen Allen, Virgi...
Posted 4/16/12
Velvet Kiss. Just finished reading this and it has a great storyline with the nudity (the ending bummed me out a little though).
Posted 9/10/12 , edited 9/10/12
velvet kiss
Akuma no Eros
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34 / F
Posted 9/10/12
The smuttiest one thus far would have to be Kindan Princess by Satuki Satoko. And yes, yaoi is generally quite smutty (not to be confused with shounen-ai) and pretty much anything by Minami Haruka will be...quite something... There's also some pretty interesting yuri smut out there, as well. And if you're really wanting to up your smut level, look for the audio cds to some of these. o...m...g! Headphones on!
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