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Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
So, what's ur fantsay anbu character?

(Feel free to describe ur anbu.)
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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
Name:Kuroku Rin
Eye Color:Left eye Green and Right eye brown
Hair Length:Flows to knee length
Hair Color:Dark brown with red highlights
Hair style:Low pigtails
Skin Color:White(white like orochimaru's)
Skilled in:Fighting close combat and long range combat. Is good @ healing.
Special traits:Has some werewolf blood in her, so she can temporrely transform into a wolf.
Commonly Used jutsu:Fang over Fang(I didn't mean to use Kiba's jutsu, I just needed something to go with her personality) and transformation.
Quote:"Sometimes man's bestfriend can be their enemy"
the way she Acts Around others:She's a bit quiet but follows orders. Talks to people that are trustworthy.

Yup...I think that's it. Sorry if it's a pain 2 read, but I'm not the best describer........anyways...HOPE U ENJOY!
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/7/09
Username: devil216
Name: Aran Tomoson
Bio: I'm the lest of my clan they were all killed when the village was attacked by Sand Nins. We were a small but strong clan. I trained day and night to get were i'm at. when i went on missions i leaned all the Jutsus that i could. I'm also konwn as the Poison nin. my element is wind and i use a lot of lighting Jutsus. i plan on being known as Jutsu Master when i get stronger.
Other:has 2 swords on can make a sword out of wind

dis is my pet

My Jutsus

1 Poisonous Hand(my hands me come poisonous)
2 Poisonous Somake(like fire ball but with poison)
3 Wind Needles(shoot wind needles)
4 Wind Dragon(trun wind around me into a dragon)
5 Shadow Clone
6 1000 Sword slash(only with the swords of fate)
7 Medical Jutsu - healling jutsu (heals me)
8 Lighting punch(lighting comes around my hand)
9 Lighting kick(lighting comes around my feet)
10 Lighting attack(lighting comes from the sky)
11 Lighting phase(lighting comes around my body[its 4 deference])
12 Lighting affect(i move as fast as lighting 4 10 min)
13 Lighting sword(make a lighting sword)
14 Lighting wave(lighting come in waves [theres 5 waves]{ the waves come on my command}<it's also the same lighting attack but just come in waves>)
15 Lighting shock(when i touch the enemy the get shock)


16 Swords Of Fate(3 demon and 3 angle swords they circle the demon swords point down and the angle swords point up)
17 Sword Of Wind(a dragon that truns into a sword)

Kekkei Gankai

4 Wind Gates(only can use when in Gekkei Genkai)
18 Wind Master(only can use when in Gekkei Genkai and control the wind)
Charka Seals (is not a jutsu I just seal my charka 4 times[does not have to b in gekkei gankai to ues])

Signature Jutsu
19 wind style wind clone

Soulbun(it is the Sharingan and the Byakugan mix into one) it lets me see what my oppenets next move
Full Soulbun(it's the full power of soulbun) it lets me tract my oppenets and see their chakra points

Kunai,Katana,Explosive Tag,Demon Wind Shuriken
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Posted 3/29/09 , edited 3/29/09
Username: Narumii-chan
Name: Nari Kinosaki "blossoming hope"
Eyes:ocean blue
Hair:long dark green hair, tied into 2 pony tails
Pet: Saya; female; green dog with headphones and bandana around neck
Bio: When she turned 5 her mother never returned from a mission. She was taken to a foster family; bringing her dog Saya her father had gotten her for her mother and her before he left, and lived with them, now having a older brother, Kairi and a younger brother, Sukkai. As she grew up she felt like part of the family, but at moments when she would be in a different room; she'd feel like an outsider when see saw them together having fun. She knew her father left the village when she was born; scared to raise her but now she made a plan to meet her father even if he still didn't want her. He didn't have to raise her, just love her like their family does. When she was 9,she escaped one night, leaving a note for her foster family, because she loved them too and didn't belong. After 3 years of searching and fighting with Saya at her side, she finally came to the village; Kohona. She searched and searched and found her father with 3 other kids. One had short pink hair and green eyes; another had spikey blonde hair, blue eyes and whiskers painted on his cheek; the last one had dark blue hair like a bird's butt and black eyes. They seemed to hate one another; the girl hating the blonde haired boy, the black haired boy hating both of them, but the blonde haired boy most and the blonde haired boy hating the black haired boy. She didn't know what had happened to her father. Her mother had always said he was an anbu ready to risk his life for her; he loved her. He left when she was born because he thought he couldn't raise me properly, not protect me from danger. But if he was an anbu then it shouldn't matter because they're the most powerful other than the hokage himself; and then some bad guys like orchimaru. My father was just standing there reading an orange book and watching them fight. He seemed relaxed and then started to giggle. Wow.. i thought i got that from mom; studdenly Saya's tail moved and a leaf broke. Everyone turned in my direction and I panicked so when they threw kunai's at me I fought back; jumping into the tree behind me, Saya behind it. My father thought I was an enemy. So cruel. After fightning for a few minutes staying hidden I was caught by my father and since we were fighting i tried to kick his face; did not work! Man I guess i got my fighting skills from him. He brought me out to the kids and held me down saying "who sent you. what do you want." I was in pain and tears fell from my face. Yea he was strong all right. i only replied "I want my father." and they froze staring at me. I was still in pain and I looked into the bushes. Saya was ok I smiled at her to let her know, to keep her from coming but she came anyway and jumped on top of my father. "Saya no! Leave father alone! Don't hurt him!" I pulled her off and petted her, letting her know I was safe. My father stared at me and then asked. "I-IS your other Kinosaki,Mika?" I smiled my fatehr knew who I was. But a tear escaped my eye; damn I cry everytime someone says her name. "I'm Kinosaki,Nari. Acoording to memories and pictures, you're my father...but i don't know for sure. I mean who doesn't know their fathers name?Hehe, i'm a pathetic daughter." Some trears escaped me. I wanted a real family, one who shares my blood. "Hatake, Kakashi. That's my name." he bent down and hugged me. "Yea i'm your father. But where's your mother?" I could only whisper.."She died." From then on i've lived with my father, writing to my foster family when I can, training with Sakura my best friend and Naruto & Sasuke too. I'm on team 7 and have a goal; to becoem an anbu like my father, Sakura wants to become a medic ninja to protect everyone; i do too...maybe I have 2 goals :3

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