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Old People and Drugs
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15 / M / yamaku
Posted 1/11/09

Teresa_Yuuki wrote:

h3ntie wrote:

Teresa_Yuuki wrote:

h3ntie wrote:

juspasby wrote:

pussy is popular in all ages

Not if you're an old man who can't get an erection


Wut viagra? Explain plox

g00gle it, buddy.

Wut google?
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Posted 1/11/09


Posted 1/25/09
they're not pitiful!!!!!!

you are going to end like them!!

they have lived their lives well

and i think nursing homes are stupid!!

they should stay with family!!

i dont like the idea of fuckin nursing homes!

its better if family stays with family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Posted 6/30/10
I'm not surprised about the drug issue. America is a very drug-induced culture. Every time I go to the doctor he/she gives me drugs to get rid of the pain. Then there are side effects, which then you have to take medications to relieve those, etc. Truth is there are actually some natural ways to cure ailments but the medical and drug industries won't allow it to be made public because they aren't patentable or profitable. The Federal Trade Commission has never once sued a pharmaceutical company and the Food and Drug Administration actually allows small amounts of cancer-causing chemicals, such as nitrites, to be used in food products. Remarkable, isn't it?
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48 / F / Center of the Uni...
Posted 6/30/10

mikomiko123 wrote:

I volunteered in a Nursing Home once and met a lot of old people. They were, err... like little children waiting to be fed, led, helped, and bathed. Some of them were in the military, probably CEOs of big companies, but now, they are nothing but old people who can't do anything.

There are many causes of their invalidity and being too dependent. One of them is drugs. Most Americans, with very little pain, directly take pain pills and etc. and do not tolerate a simple ache or whatsoever. Some assumed that the overuse of drugs during their younger era affected their brains and caused this awful side-effect.

Now that you know this, will you continue hastily using drugs (medicine and etc.) if just a simple injury or pain occurs?
What are your opinions?

(Note: This is not a duplicate, this was not in the extended discussion for this thread was created before the existence of the Extended Discussion section.)

(Emphasis Mine)

I'm sorry but your own statement makes this an oversimplification and the borrowing of one situation for another cause. If you don't like the North American dependence on pharmaceuticals then say so. Please don't go borrowing the plight of old people in homes for the aged as proof of the validity of some personal agenda.

I'm a Nurse in home for aged. I feel for the plight of my client population every day. There are a lot of things that need to be done to make things better for them and for ourselves when we reach those ages I'd rate your cause as priority number 12, at best.

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Posted 7/2/10 , edited 7/2/10
-------I am sure it was not until the 1990's that drug companies could advertize there medication On the TV. Do the fear of the snake oil sales men that caused more harm than good. Well cigarette commercials where not allowed and TV net work were losing money. Therefore, the net works and pharmaceutical companies lobbied Congress to change the FCC rules. Now people want to blame corporate America for these problems and the fastback to get medication on the market you can blame all partners involved from government manufacture and consumer. There was a major fallout from doctors prescribing painkillers and mood stabilizer Valium referred as (mothers little helper).Drug addiction and use goes around the world .However where money is better the drug you can buy.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So the late seventies on to 2000, it was very hard to get painkillers. Doctors were taut not to prescribe until last resort and the government looking at how many pain scripts a doctor wrote. They could have their medical license pulled. There been in debate quality of life verse long term of life. Yes, some drug will shorten your life on the other hand; you can live a better life. That should be the patient response abilities what they want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a stupid thing that happen to a friend of mine she had gallbladder problems the where going to use the three hole method to take care of the problem. Well the doctors could not do it they had to cut a large incision to get at it. She was in a lot of pain so they gave morphine to mange pain. She was better in a week or so they let her out. Problem she became addicted to morphine, there was little thought give to what if this happened. She went back to the hospital trying to get help to control withdraw affects. She a label as an addict and nobody wanted to helper her .This is so stupid but the lawyers out there make it hard to correct something like this. Reason the hospital did not want anything to do with it. They did work it out and she was treated but from that, point on she was consider a drug addict because of her insurance that would never go away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When ever you take a drug or even drink water there are risk involved, so there are, minuet some lager but it up to you to decide what best for you. Something to think about you have a class of two hundred doctors graduating from med school. The top student gets his honor and a MD degree number two hundred still gets a MD degree. Which one would you want to work on you? The most important thing you can fire your doctor and if think something not right fire them or at least get a couple of other for the advice the first one. Your body, your life, your choice you have to live with it.
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