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Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
Okay, fans..Lets hear your dreams of Matsujun.

I'll start. This dream was from last night..

I dream we had to rehearse for some reason so we were going to this room and my friend and me but when we got there was other ppl rehearsing so we had to wait outside while we watch the people inside rehearse through the window while my friend kept asking me who is the guy i like and i keep saying "i dont like any guys now." then all of sudden the guy I like was coming out to go somewhere so he open the door and walked out I was looking at him and he suddenly looked back and his face turn red while walking further away then my friend started saying "omg, do you like jun." then i said "no of course not." then she said quit lying then I said "fine he is cute." then while he was walking to the door one of his friends was walking and saw Jun's face was still red so his friend walked up to jun and asked him "why is his face red." and JUn kept looking down and said nothing then his friend kept asking him until Jun looked at me and turned red even more...then his friend said something but jun didn't even answer and his friend kept asking him he got even redder then jun took out a paper from his pocket and said something to him before walking away then his friend walked up to me and said "Jun likes you. I can tell when I mention ur name his face got even redder and redder...then he gave me the letter and said Jun wanted me to give you this letter. then i open it and it says "do you want to go to the dance with me. Tell me ur answer when we meet at the park at 4 PM"

haha..I have alot more dreams.

Now its your turn.

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Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/2/08
Thanks for starting this Connie!!!..:)

Well, remember I told you about maybe a week ago, I had my first Jun dream.. :P

It was such a sweet dream..I told myself I won't forget, but I eventually did..LOL.
Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/17/08 tnx 4 this forum!....

my dream was from i think two weeks ago[still stuck in my brain]

i was in a party with je boys(i wish it was true when i woke up)then the party was in a very big mansion...i was in the big garden when it rained...then i ran towards the small glasshouse...i saw him there he was reading a book...then i asked him why isn't he at the party(imma disturbance)...he told me that his ex was there(i dunno who)...then i sat down on one of the benches inside the glasshouse then he saw me shivering...and then!!!!...he lended me his jacket and sat beside me!!!!!!!!!...kyaaaaa!!!~~~
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Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08
mine was soo sweet.
so when i woke up, i started crying cause it wasn't true
i was at the beach at night, crying for some reason..
and then matsujun came xD i tried moving away cause i was too scared to see him~ (i am a very shy person)
so he sat next to me and was like "whats wrong?" but i was just quietly sobbing.
and then he pulled me into a hug (OMG) and kissed me.
he said, i've always liked you..will you be my girlfriend? i was too shocked to reply..but i just said yes.
so then he got all happy and then walked me home while holding hands

and that is why i cried, because it WASN'T TRUE
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Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
I had a dream the other night that i was at some place with friends and matsujun was there laughing with me and hugging me. He kept smiling at me the whole time . So when i woke up i thought '' nan de?'' I had a great dream of matsujun and i wasnt even thinking of him before i went to sleep XD
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