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27 / M / outside your window.
Posted 2/27/07 , edited 2/27/07
Please pass on:May you be blessed by love and heart,for life has truly start. May you fall in love with love,blessed with your life. Why is this important you say,because it was filled with love from a friend,do you know how?Because it was written from a friend,who truly cares.^_^Pass this on to the people you really care about. 1-4 if you are a nice person. 5+if you are a GREAT friend.

ok, who started this??? anyone who reads this, dont send it on. its stupid and eventually you will get 15 of them a day. like me.

anyone who got one, feel free to speek your mind right here.

and now i found out theres already a forum on this. if a moderater sees it, please delete it.
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Posted 2/27/07
come on, I saw your post on the previous thread:

we don't need several threads about this

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